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  1. So whenever i try to enter the Brass Citadel this happens. Doesn't happen anywhere else in Nekataka, and it doesn't do it when travelling directly to one of the locations in the Brass Citadel. Im trying to turn in Maia's quest. Im really hoping I can get a fix.
  2. The beta patch fixed my import, so Eder was now the Mayor of Dyrford. But is he still supposed to be a believer in Eothas? There's dialogue that comes up with Xoti and a "Pro-Eothasian" dialogue trigger comes up for Eder. I thought he was supposed to be skeptical now? Just want to make sure his import isn't still bugged. Thanks.
  3. You're thinking about this too much. How am I supposed to know that not completing a sidequest means your main character dies? It's the first time I've ever seen that kind of thing in an RPG.
  4. Oh cool, i did have a gamecomplete.savegame generated. All good then. Thanks for the answer.
  5. Hey Guys, Just finished my second playthrough of Pillars, but i didn't complete White March Part 2. I just didn't have the stamina, and was ready to finish the game. Unfortunately, the result of this is a throwaway slide at the end of the game that says the Watcher died because of some random army that chased after him. Now i really don't feel like going back and finishing that expansion just to get rid of that slide. Does anyone know if i can still import my character even with this endgame slide? I really want to import my character. Thanks.
  6. I thought the bug only got rid of buffs? Are we talking about the double click equipment bug here?
  7. I just don't think the bug is significant enough to warrant a reroll. I mean, sure my death godlike doesn't have the extra damage when enemies have low endurance, but i'm not bloody restarting just because of that. I'm kind of surprised that so many people either stopped playing or rerolled because they lost a little bonus that doesn't really do much.
  8. I was actually already under the impression that the game would be released toward the end of 2014. Guess i wasn't paying attention, lol.
  9. Well i've locked Handmaiden out of any future dialogue because i talked to Visas twice. With KSE, is there any way to edit the numerics to put her back into her talkative, less bitchy state?
  10. I'm with you man. Planescape far out shined the others, with BG2 coming in second (Far behind, however). Unlike most here, i don't have the hamper of nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses to colour my view, as i just played the IE games this year. The story is absolutely masterful. Never have i experienced such fantastic character growth in an RPG. Due to Planescape not allowing you to start off as some random joe-blow, certain character aspects can be referenced within the story with much more reactivity. The companions are fantastic, far, far better written than those i encountered in BG2. The combat is equally as crap as BG imo, so i'm thankful that Obsidian will be creating a brand new combat system. Everything about the game, other than the combat, is really terrific. A very pleasant surprise indeed, especially after being somewhat underwhelmed by the BG games.
  11. That is every single fight with a spell caster in BG2. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I didn't find the fight with Zathrien at all like how you've described it. But you hit the nail on the head for the vast majority of BG2 fights.
  12. - the PC for that price runs games on minimal settings, and even that badly Pc on minimal settings is how a console runs games. If you bought a PC back when this gen consoles launched, they'd still be able to play games with console quality today. The whole "PCs gotta be upgraded every 6 months" thing is an enormous ****ing fallacy.
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