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  1. So you are mad at these people spreading lies about the game's content and the only thing you can think of is threatening Obsidian? I said "if" it's patched out. I'm not threatening anything, I am saying exactly what ill do. If these are lies then my entire comment is irrelevant and I'll just continue to enjoy the game, pretty simple. I'm not mad at anyone.
  2. If this is patched out or changed in any way I will stop playing this game and will use every possible avenue to get a refund while simultaneously discouraging every possible person in my field of influence (I'm a writer by day, so it's a rather large field) to never touch another Obsidian product. This. Is. Ridiculous. Are people b**ching more about this game than the others...or are we just hearing about it more?
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd agree, the combat is better, and I have 100's (literally) of hours is DA:O. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Man, you're killin' it with the retorts, really got us IE fans on the ropes...
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd agree, the combat is better, and I have 100's (literally) of hours is DA:O. Truly, as others have said, this game wasn't made for you. The things you complain about are features that fans like others and myself want. We WANT the combat like this. We grew up on and enjoyed games like Baldurs gate. If they changed the combat it'd no longer be the spiritual successor to the CRPG's we know and love. There are plenty of other games out there, go play one and have fun. Obsidian won't be changing the combat for you, as the majority of us love it.
  5. I haven't been this pleased with a game in a long time. Hours just flew by as I was playing it today and I didn't really accomplish much in the game, which speaks volumes. There's so much to do and see and read. I enjoy the combat, it's a throw back to the games I grew up with. I love the deep conversation trees and the lore. While so many RPGs have started to dumb down in those arenas in order to go mass market and appeal to the more casual crowd, Pillars has come along and really filled the gap for me (along with Wasteland 2 and Divinity). Did the game come out of the gate perfect? No, it didn't. I had to restart after 13 hours due to the double click to equip bug. But, honestly, it was no big deal to me, I was happy to go back and experience this world again. Yeah, it sucks that Obsidian missed that, and I'm not excusing it. But for me, after the AAA games that dropped at the end of 2014...unfinished and buggy as all hell...after Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series and its rampant bugs...after waiting months for Wasteland 2 to become playable...this was no big thing. Obsidian did a pretty remarkable job and released, as far as I can tell, a thorough patch addressing the major issues within a week. Sure, they'll be balancing classes and stuff for the next few months, but I'm a happy camper and can't wait to see what else this world has to offer.
  6. How on gods green earth do I use potions? I put one in my quick bar. I can't pre buff with it because it says I must be in combat. I can't use it in combat because I click on it and nothing happens. What am I missing? Is this a bug of some sort I'm unaware of? A potion or two would really help against these ogres in the Endless Paths...
  7. I'm in battle...it's supposed to heal me...the wearer, according to the description. But, it's also healing my enemy. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Keep bug? I just got there, what's this bug? Sorry I meant the Raedric's Hold bug when doing the Lord of a barren land quest. There have been a lot of reports of people either getting stuck in the hold unable to get out or unable to get back in and although there is a workaround of deleting certain files some people have continued to have problems going other places afterwards so i just havn't done that quest in the first place as it doesn't seem to stop you from advancing the main story. Hopefully Obsidian will release a fix before I finish the game got'cha, thanks for filling me in. I've not been to Raedric's Hold nor Defiance Bay yet, I've just entered the Endless Paths dungeon and wondering how far I have to take it before I can claim the keep. If it makes you feel any better I had zero issue with Raedric's hold. I actually did that before going to the keep. Just make a save before going in. You don't have to mess with endless path's too much before the keep is in your possession.
  9. Yeah, I'm of the same mind as mentioned above, a little buff loss hardly ruins the game. No more double clicking from here on out. But I just got my keep and started down the Endless Paths, I'm not rerolling over this.
  10. I know a lot of people have been affected by the inventory bug, including myself. I'm not sure if my human Paladin lost anything. I was able to restore my party members by dismissing them and then recruiting them again. I'm 14 hours in....I'm not starting over and I'm too caught up in the game to stop playing, so screw it. I'm only level 4. I'll drag and drop from here on out, I figure the game can't be crippled too much. Who's pushing on? Who's waiting out a patch?
  11. So I'm sure everyone has heard about the inventory bug...where if you double click something it knocks your stats out...passive or what have you. Well, it does knock my Paladins buff out, but I can simply just reapply it. What I don't know is if there are certain racial abilities I'm missing now. I don't remember what I used to have so I don't know if something is missing. Can someone help me break it down and figure out if something should be there that isn't. I'm a Human Wayfarer Paladin from the Savannah. Is there an ability that comes with that that I'm now missing? Is there a way I can check the passive abilities I should have and see if theyre active on my characters? I can reapply Zealous Endurance, no problem, but if there is other stuff that should be there that I can't get back I need to know so I can start this over (I'm 13 hours in so I'm praying there is good news). If I'm correct, I can just dismiss and recruit my other characters to make sure they're good (I did that with my fighter, he didn't lose his inventory so I'm clear on that bug). Any help is appreciated. If this sounds panicked, well, it's because I am. I keep 8 save files, but they're deep now, so there's no going back without restarting. Thanks again.
  12. I can't see the badge progress directly from the inventory, however if I go manually to my badges in progress I can see the progress just fine. Tried that? Can you tell me how to manually do that? I've never had to.
  13. Happy the achievements are up. Still can't see badge progress with the cards for some reason and am therefore unable to make a badge.
  14. If I buy it from Prima's website do I have access to it right now? Is it locked until tomorrow? They don't say. This question probably applies to nonbackers since it seems backers are still waiting for their goods. Has anyone purchased it? Just looking for some reading material to hold me over till tomorrow and 9.99 isn't a bad price.
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