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  1. Separate or tooltips for NEW content. It's not like anyone here NEEDS a tutorial, but there are kids out there who are just getting into RPGs. Then there are the new mechanics, which may take time to discover on your own.
  2. *brofist* I still remember the guard closing his window as it got dark, but not going to sleep. Clear transition between night and day, I still remember the sun setting in QfG 4. Or how you could use magic in the town and break into buildings without worry. Or how the dangerous monsters came out. Etc. It was REALLY well done. Speaking of which, I hate to advertise - mods can delete this if they feel it's inappropriate, but I think it's on-topic enough here, and I clearly have nothing to do with the project personally: http://www.kickstart...e-to-redemption The creators of QfG are
  3. I am here because of PS:Ts story, wit, and interesting points. It's the only reason I am here. I read a lot and I absolutely disagree that there are many books out there that match the writing level. That being said, the combat adds to the story.
  4. There is also that whole practicality thing, where you are driving to the gym and warming up for 3 exercises. That was the intention, though you might be overestimating how much I care about insulting you. You made sarcastic remarks, I did in response, etc. Anyway, I am going to stop arguing with you now. Note that I don't say that in the sense of "I am the adult, I am going to stop, kid." Obviously I started this, so I am stopping. I will post in the thread if anything interesting comes up.
  5. I personally think my tone is warranted in terms of stressing point. Obviously you and OP disagree, and it can be safely assumed that most do, since otherwise you wouldn't stick up for OP despite me not addressing you specifically. So, technically I should apologize to OP, but I shan't. Fitness is generally mostly about free time and money (as well as current fitness level, genetics, and number of pre-existing injuries), so I agree with you there. I find it hilarious when people try to make it out to be some huge accomplishment and challenge of will when given those few factors.
  6. There is nothing to add to what I said originally. Seven days a week is only realistic for a pure bw routine, usually with one day off anyway. Or, if you are doing a 4-day+ split, which applies to very few people. As far as training logs - you are welcome to keep one, but as far as fitocracy goes - it's a waste of time, a way to pat yourself on the back, publicly, for something that becomes a habit over time anyway, and generally just a way for people to feel they are a part of a community. In most cases, it becomes counter-productive, if anything - kind of like study groups. This isn'
  7. That's what I say when I disagree with someone for emotional reason but know they are right.
  8. 1. Know people. (and have the requirements, your college degree might even mean something in this case!) 2. Make successful independent games.
  9. This thread is hilarious. "Make a few rich and powerful families richer and more powerful." If you think the US has more social mobility than Russia (especially Russia a decade or two ago, but even now), you are absolutely delusional. As far as Russia emulating China - haha. Also, you think the US doesn't monitor internet use? They matter more than China. In terms of education quality, technology, land, and resources. Also, there are skirmishes on the Chinese / Russian border, where patrols take potshots at each other, as China is eyeing Russian land due to their populatio
  10. I recommend that you also cut sleep back to 6 hours, cut all protein from your diet, and do ballistic stretches before warming up. You know, for maximum effect. Oh, and run with 20 pound weights on your ankles. Yea bro, imo everyone should have a fitness blog. "Today I did 5 push ups and ran a mile, I want you all to know." --- What happened?
  11. I am very much against this. I can't even begin to explain how pretentious it looks in most settings where it was implemented. Usually a blatant slap in the face like "look, we have a wizard, in a factory, because this world has both technology and magic, get it? get it? lol we are so clever! SOOOOO cleverrrr"
  12. Wrong. Muscle memory and CNS adaptation become embedded essentially forever. CNS adaptation does not go away, even in complete amnesiacs. Whereas magic, in these games is not a purely mechanical procedure. Also, ligament and muscle strength remains, even if all memory is lost. Finally, if you lumber around like an idiot, that's still better than rambling random **** (spell attempts) that have absolutely no effect. Boom shaka-laka. | Granted, BUT! In the real world, physical training is still far more accessible than "arcane" training. First, let me defend your point somewhat for the sa
  13. I see what you are saying, and I appreciate it, but I, personally, don't think it would work. Also, I did look at your examples (where you drew, not only the jrpg ones).
  14. Osvir, your examples honestly make me cringe. There is a time and a place for over-the-top emotions. Games like these are not it. Also, you can't argue that they are not over the top, imo. They always are, and make the characters seem played-out as hell. I will admit it, even though it might be a faux pas here - I read some manga. It's meant to be overly dramatic and it doesn't bother you because you realize that fact. However, imagine those emotions in real life - they are cringe worthy.
  15. I like when someone more eloquent than me agrees with me and I can stop debating, because they got it covered - thank you Wirdjos. I guess this is just a testament to the fact that Obsidian should let the wizard of the party do the talking. @Everyone: I see the error of my ways and shall definitely pick up BG2 at some point. There is an optimal way to play life though. Hellfire missiles from an A10 launched by a 120 lb female officer take out 200 lb, expert marksmen armed with Dragunovs and PKs. Take a step back for a second and forget D&D. Think of a world with magic in it
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