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  1. Your welcome. Hopefully a solution can be found. I keep finding bugs in the game that's forcing me to restart the game with new game.. I can't advance cause of some issue. Thank you also. This is for the PC. I'm not sure if the same goes with the xbox one.
  2. I loaded auto save even data that was like several minutes ago and I'm still having this trouble. Like I said I think this is an isolated issue cause it don't do it anywhere else except on top of that hill area. I try on new game and see if it does it again but this getting really annoying with the constant game restarts..
  3. Hey guy's so having a problem in grounded. My grass planks are falling through the ground when I set it down. It don't do it with the weed steams but only the grass planks. This is seems to be an isolated area that this is happening. Check the video to see what I mean. I keep finding glitches and bugs that forces me to restart a game. This getting tiring. I love the game but I don't want to keep starting over just to play. This like the 3 time I had to start a new game. https://youtu.be/UBGpHbQjl1o?t=10164
  4. Ok so many this had already been brought up but this is kind of annoying when you chop some grass down. Do you like leave the stems along or do you chop it to allow newer grass blades to grow but the only problem with this I see is that when you chop the stem stubs out you spawn many plant fibers. I try to pick up as many as I can then I end up trashing it all. But this come to be a chore more a less. Why not give the ability to disappear over time. Like maybe it goes from grass fiber to dry grass then eventually finally disappearing instead cluttering the ground with it. Hard to walk around w
  5. Please include a fix for the game controllers to not respond on PC. It so annoying that you force to switch back and forth between mouse and keyboard and gamepad during gameplay. It works ok but when you enter to save. the controller will allow you to save but to exit with pushing the B button it won't exit. Cause of that the crafting. inventory the controller don't work again. Also the game controller don't work while your viewing your storage. I do a video here to show you guys what I mean.
  6. So I was watching this youtube video of something fighting a wolf spider and strange bug or glitch happened and the arrow grew like really big. What would of happened if the spider glitched and that grew instead. That might be very bad. A spider the size of a dog chasing you.
  7. This game is great but this game could use a role playing element to eat. Example. We're fighting to survive. Well there are insects that take some time to kill. Why not give the ability to level to raise our health for instance. That way we can withstand some damage from larger insects or have a chance to get away better cause them spiders are some freaky creatures. Which is great. Really want to see more insects such as visible worms. Centipedes. Scorpions. Even larger spiders and more dangerous spiders such a black widows or brown recluse. Also how cool would it be to see a massive daddy lo
  8. So I tried the game, My only issue is that the controller fails to work when you go into your inventory menu. When you exit out of options. Your force to use the keyboard and mouse which I rather use my xbox controller. Please fix this problem
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