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  1. If I wanted to do that, Id turn my game system off, and play D&D with a group of friends.
  2. Normally, I'd say i completely disagree to the idea of mounts. Don't get me wrong, mounts would be really cool, and I'd love to be riding around on a Spider, or even a Soldier ant. The problem with that though, is that this game seems to be trying to keep the insects as accurate to real life as possible. And something you need to know about bugs in real life is, that they are not tamable at all. Their brains just don't work that way. They are wired completely differently from birds or mammals or other social creatures. They simply cannot make the association of pet/master or make that child/pa
  3. Maybe also ropes for a quick & easy way down from high places. Or possibly throwable rope nets crafted with woven fibers and webbing(and maybe some pebblets or quartzite, as the anchor), to temporarily slow down large bugs, and immobilize smaller ones. Just an idea.
  4. Sorry, but i'd prefer to know for sure, rather than make assumptions. I've never been a big fan of guessing games. oh, and @tecknotot, You forgot to add Uncrackable(and various other set bonuses) to your list.
  5. I agree with this very much. Any set bonuses, perks, etc. should clearly specify what exactly it is providing. All good games(or at least, all the ones i've ever played) explain the mechanics/buffs/debuffs/etc. for you one way or another. There is no good reason for the descriptions to be vague like this.
  6. I play this game on XBox One, and I have encountered an issue involving a bombardier beetle near the big flat rock near the northwest corner of the map (or, at least as far northwest as I've been so far). I was looking around for a way to get onto the rock, because i heard it's a good place for a base, when i got the "Threat Detected" notification. I saw nothing nearby, until the poison started spraying at me out of nowhere. I dodged several hits, but still didn't see the bug, so i was eventually killed. Are there supposed to be invisible Bombardiers, or is this glitch gonna be fixed soon
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