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  1. So i went into creative mode and there was a bee stinger spear but there obviously no bees in regular mode? Was the spear an accident in creative or am i just not finding the bees?
  2. So a lot of content i see shows some changes to the pond (im not sure if this is confirmed or anything) but it leads me to ask what is the plan for updates and peoples previous builds when and if the map has structural changes. Like for instance, a youtuber showed a giant bird bath type structure coming to the middle back of the pond area it seemed. What if i had a large base i spent hours and hours of play time making and then it all of sudden had a structural update spawn in the middle of it? Or, are you guys planning to do kind of what mindcraft does where you have to start a whole new save
  3. yeah i went back a few auto saves just to get some of my build back after this started happening. Another thing that it may be is the sheer mass of what im building.
  4. Yeah i go back saves, but i have just built an enormous gladiator arena addition to my base and im about 6-7 hours into it with ALOT of materials in use, and i cant delete blue prints that i pre-laid because it will destroy everything i placed already. im just donnt have to leave some stuff in blue prints till they fix it.
  5. Since the newest patch when i delete any kind of blue print at all that is attached to already built structures, it is destroying everything it touches. Its also not what is the base structure, its been doing it for any and all blue prints, even when the blue print is added after building previous structure.
  6. It seems since the patch anyone who is joined in my game can no longer see my blueprints, lay their own blueprints and when i walk on to new buildings i built that they cant see blueprints of, i disappear completely from their game.
  7. After the patch my brother can now at least see my game but he still cant create a lobby nor join mine.
  8. Lost my lady bug armor that i left on my manikin after relog
  9. You have listed that one of the issues with difficulty settings changing from what we select is just visual. But i tested it and its not just visiual at least for me. Unless im mistaken friendly fire shouldnt be able to happen in mild. And that is what me and my friends started our game on, and what it says on save files. however in lobby it says medium and doesnt allow us to change, and friendly fire is definitely enabled.
  10. Im not sure if they have a timer or not, and i dont think they do because they glow for as long as im logged on. but as soon as i log out and reload in game they are all no longer glowing.
  11. My friend lagged out of multiplayer game on pc and when they reloaded their entire inventory was gone. which kind of sucks because the armor and weapons we had were all late game tier 2.
  12. Yeah, the larva spawn rate is a known issue they listed. I am build in the middle of the map and my base gets absolutely wrecked by swarms of 12-20+ at a time and more and more frequent the longer i play. quite frustrating especially because base walls are also bugged and the larva can phase threw them.
  13. So i have posted about BURG.L disappearing and i have an update to that as i explored the issue some more. It appears that the game reset the tutorial quests. and in turn reset the whole explosion to get to BURG.L. I went back to the very starting area near the brief case that has 4 slots for people and it restarted the tutorial audio for my character. He then reran all the beginning dialog for the first time seeing things, and for finding the first dome with the machine to analyze materials. Im guessing i cant just rerun the starting quests because im not able to re-analyze pebble like it has
  14. PC Single player it appears like the main quest line has reset itself. the door to BURG.L is closed and there is no longer any purple explosion stuff around. And the lights that you press on the middle platform for the lasers is back to flashing yellow for the first light, but you cant press it. I am like 40 days into the game and the thing i did right before i went back to see him was complete a quest he gave me to kill 5 soldier ants.
  15. No matter how i seem to build it bugs can get into my base by just walking at the wall a bit and then they phase through. This wasnt really a big deal when it was just some worker ants. But apparently the longer you play this game the more larva attack your base and more frequently. I am at the point at almost 40 days in game that i cant even leave my base anymore. Because they all phase in through my traps and walls and wreak absolute havoc on everything inside.
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