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  1. [10/04/2021] Updated to include the following: Additional bug reports Getting stuck in "Block" mode when using mouse and keyboard. Can switch to a ranged weapon and be fine, but switching back to any melee weapon is still stuck in a block position - Only seems to trigger during combat. Once it has triggered, using hotkeys to switch between tools is very unresponsive as well. End up stuck in block, unable to do anything during combat - Game breaking. Insects have suddenly started to get 'stuck' a LOT more often since the most recent update. 0.8.1. Ladybugs, wolfs, ants
  2. [30/03/2021] Updated to include additional info on sections 2-6, particularly section 4. Added section 7.
  3. This post will cover the below areas and will be updated from time-to-time. Big props to the devs thus far, I absolutely love this game and cannot wait for full release. Creatures Base Building Armor/Weapons/Gear Gameplay Balancing UI Adjustments Misc. Bug Fixes 1. Creatures First and foremost, I believe all creatures should have 3 items each within their drops (barring aphids, and the other tiny critters), and the drops should be random for most (similar to ladybugs not always dropping a head). This makes it more challenging to farm for
  4. List of Bugs identified (following recent patch) Dew Collector - Spawns water once but then never again. Insect Spawning inside Solid Objects - The longer I play, the more bugs I notice are 'stuck' inside objects, such as rocks, or tree branches, it's starting to become an issue.. A bug respawn upon sleeping would be good to resolve this? Insects Teleporting through Walls (Note: I have not noticed this since the Larvae spawning on base fix, but I suspect it is still an issue just now less frequent) Spiders and the Lab - Frequent for spiders to get stuck in the entrance
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