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  1. Hay guys I just wonted to let yall know on grounded in multiplayer the bow crashes a lot when u use it and the arrow crashes were u can't pick them back up either and the second is then u fight a stickbug on multiplayer and it sprays u the spray stay on your screen and kills u and third is when u die in your building your bag is going through the building and can't pick it back up and the last thing I have seen is the blue berry's when u shoot with a bow it crashes and the berry's wont fall off the tree and when my friend shoots it it falls but i try to hit it to get the berry's and it wont le
  2. Hay guys awesome game so far on the multiplayer when I join in a game it is real glitch and a lot of stuff will lag out or freeze up will yall work on it when I play by my self everything work awesome and I am playing on xbox
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