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  1. Everytime I try to load a game via continue my games crashes. I've tried each individual save twice. Playing on Xbox one. It starts the loading wheel then immediately takes me to the home screen. I'm guessing I have to start over? Anyone have an idea why this is happening? I don't want to play for 18 days in game to start over every time. I power cycled the console to clear the cache and still nothing.
  2. Finally got done working and got to play the demo. Not sure if this is a craftable object, but what about a slingshot of sorts? (If this is already an option and I haven't unlocked it my bad.) Could even include different craftable ammo types: sticky/sap bombs to trap insects, shotgun/cone spray (for the annoying gnats in groups), distraction flares/bait, or pheromones to lure bugs to each other to battle or enrage. Could probably think of a few more, but wanted to get back into the demo. Loving this game btw
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