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Loading any game save causes crash.

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Everytime I try to load a game via continue my games crashes. I've tried each individual save twice.

Playing on Xbox one. It starts the loading wheel then immediately takes me to the home screen. I'm guessing I have to start over? 

Anyone have an idea why this is happening? I don't want to play for 18 days in game to start over every time.

I power cycled the console to clear the cache and still nothing.

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You have to try and reload every save, you will eventauly find a save that works. I save every 5 minutes manualy. This is a pain because after 85 saves you cannot add more until you delete the old ones and delleting really old saves is it own special pain.


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Hey all,

Hopefully these work! It should be known that these sort of saves when in bulk appear to sometimes lead to crashes and/or long load times, so if you notice some of those issues occurring that may be another workaround to check.

I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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