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  1. After doing a hard reset of the xbox by holding down the poer button for 10 seconds , the game is now working.
  2. After starting Grounded and hitting a button on controller, it says it logging in then , it just goes right back to press any key. The PC version is working. I have tried resetting the XBox from thje controller. Are you have login issue3s on your licensning server? What can I do I cannot plax on the XBox.
  3. I wasn;t getting the update., so I restarted my XBox. Now the update is downloading.
  4. You have to try and reload every save, you will eventauly find a save that works. I save every 5 minutes manualy. This is a pain because after 85 saves you cannot add more until you delete the old ones and delleting really old saves is it own special pain.
  5. Same thing happening here onm xbox.. Loosing up to an hour of game play and it's taking me up to 45 minutes to launch the game as i have to find wich save works. The sames that lock up, cause the xbox to lock up as well. I can't lunch other apps and have bto do a reset to get it working.
  6. I have the same problemon xbox. I can replicate it if I try to load the saves on PC. For me auto saves alsao fail. I have to save many times every few minutes, then spend 45 minutes trying to find a save that works. Also the saves that cause infinite load screen force me to reset my xbox to get it working aggain.
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