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  1. Just a quick note to say that this character works very well. Very powerful and fun from start to finish (POTD solo Run on V5.0). The small changes i have compared to the starting build: - I use the grog pet to avoid engagement (very useful on this build) - For the armor, I prefer devil of caroc breastplate (not really original but so powerful) - When there is only one target left, I switch to Scordeo's Trophy (with Opening Barrage enchantment) Thanks again Dorftek!
  2. Ok i have finally found the solution. Citrix application was the problem. Uninstall it and it works...
  3. Hello Since i have changed my system ssd (with a cloning of disk), poe2 doesn't just want to start anymore. I use the steam version and i have already try a full re-installation. Any ideas ? Attached dump files... Thanks 2019-10-27_181144.7z
  4. Very good initiative ! Until POE2 is finished and P:K is playable, I thought I would do another run I have already finished the game in POTD solo/multi but never in TOI/No Reload It remains to find a fun and original idea ...
  5. Seems logical to remove big dungeons if you remove any attrition system. A big step in the wrong direction in my book. In deadfire too many areas seem small and empty.
  6. In 1.2 Deleterious Alacrity of Motion has 3 effects: * Swift for 45.0 sec * -3 Health lost * +15% Action Speed It seems that I never have 3 effects at the same time. Most often I have the Swift inspiration or the health lost. I did some test and I never had the boost of action speed... Playing a Monk/Wzard.
  7. Lot of good things in this thread. A few things that I did not see : - When selling pile of items, please set the number to the max. - Druid - Please remove the recovery after spiritshift. - I don't know how you could manage it, but solo and boarding combat are incompatible. Perhaps adjust the number of opponents ? - Please remove the need to click X times to search a place on the map. That's so stupid. I will ALWAYS do complete and thorough search ! - It will surely come with the DLC, but please add good items. Almost every build i see use the same armour/weapons (hello devil of caroc). And we should not be able to get the best items straight from the start...
  8. @whiskiz The problem i have with per encounter is that you play all the fights to the max. With this system, we always apply the same 2 or 3 strategy (depending on the circumstances). If Obs want this to remain viable, they must force us to improvise more. Anyway i don't think they will re-introduce per rest. Let's see how they handle useless injuries... If they force us to go anywhere for remove them, it will a per-rest-if-you-fail system Lets resume : we agree that the current injury system is useless and that fights must be more interesting. We agree then ! Again, the difficulty is so low now that it is difficult to form an opinion. Lets see how they balance everything and we'll talk again.
  9. Have to stop my current run. Blasting a poor dragon without a scratch was too much for me I'm going to do a solo while waiting for the patch
  10. Please could you stop thinking that per rest has only disadvantages and that we (and i don't say i represent the majority) love it only because we are used to it (being old school, nostalgic etc...) For me it adds tension and strategic layer (remember the pit in caed nua with the drake behind ?). I like to take the risk of making one more fight knowing that my character is wounded or that I do not have the good spells in reserve. I have done many POTD runs and yes, sometimes, i have to go back in town for camping supplies. And yes, sometimes, it annoyed me to do it. But i still prefer it over the DF system. It's another step away from the type of game I prefer. My point of view. That being said, seeing that you can kill a dragon without even a scratch, it seems complicated to judge the game actually. Another problem is there is no big dungeon. I could be convinced by the per encounter system IF : - each fight became interesting (boosting IA and giving more possibilities to the opponents, diversify fights in terms of quantity and quality, perhaps adding randomize elements in there). - the injury system is changed (actually it is meaningless). I saw good suggestions on this thread (having to go to a specific place to treat wounds or make them more costly to remove, put the characters on the bench of substitutes etc...) I agree with you that obsidian should decide. The half-baked actual state is just plainly bad.
  11. Removing sleep management is another step away from the definition of the ROLE playing game in my opinion. We already had the removal of weight, the wear of the material etc... Then there will probably be the removal of the personal inventory (which here is really useless in the current state). You have the right to not like this "realistic" side of this kind of game but it's not my case. Obidian should have gone to the bottom of his mind and not introduce the system of empowerment and injury. The problem now is that the fighting has no consequences. We press the magic button and we're gone again. We could hope for a "realistic" mode but it would probably be too much work.
  12. Good post. I could add that boarding fights are a mess for me (tactically). If you dont have some good tanks, you could be overwhelmed in seconds. Too bad for those who like to play CC with glass canon characters. I dont know how it can be managed in solo... I love the pirate universe but the ship fight is THE big problem of the game for me.
  13. The game is more beautiful and more complex. ++ Beautiful graphics and nice environment that change for the classical fantasy. ++ Good audios and dialogs are really good ++ Good writing and i love the Italian/pirate flavor + Finally we could hide quests already done ! Wow ! + Nice first dungeon (Fort Deadlight) + Some bugs (characters that cant move etc...) but nothing game breaking = Recovery times is perhaps too long. But with multi classing there is much more things to follow. Not sure about it. = The crafting icon location seems odd. I would have expected to find it in the inventory. = Auto-health/Rest : For my first run, i play in classic difficulty and honestly i have never rest once. We will have to see what it will give at a higher level. -- Ship fight : I find it absolutely boring and not fun (as it was in the beta). There is the alternative of boarding directly but this is a mess to due to the high number of ennemies and positionning (and I do not even want to think about soloing the game). I'm a little scared every time I have to go to sea and for a game based on sea explorations, it's a problem. -- Weapon Proficiencies : I hate the fact that you are forced to choose them before event you know what you will do with your character. And a lot of them are bad. Well, nothing new from the beta.... - Abilities icons : with all the work done on the game, i'm really surprised that Obsidian could not draw twenty additional icons ("Defensive abilties ? Put a shield icon !") - Leveling : As it has been already said multiple times during the beta, some leveling choices are really poor (+10 will or +10 for or a spell i will never use ?) - Grimoire switch : The wizard if fun to play and the per encounter switch makes him more powerful OK. But the grimoire switch is cumbersome (1) you have to remember the content, 2) keeping a grimoire just for one or two spells that you do not have seems a constraint) - Walking soul intro : As it has been said by many, it needs to be optional
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