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  1. I didn't test if those Fireballs from the necklace also can trigger Evoker's "double cast". But of course that's 8 additional Fireballs which is a lot. Warlock can be big fun. I personally wouldn't pick Evoker because the loss of Transmutation ans Conjuration is too much of a sacrifice for me. But of course the potential double cast should work well with Blood Thirst. Small tipp: if you wear Rekvu's Fractured Casque (for example to be able to use the Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry - or just because you hate getting interrupted) you can cast Slicken onto yourself (e.g. while surrounded by enemies). Last time I did this it turned out that I was also immune to Slicken's effects. That's pretty handy.
  2. Ha - clever! Very safe and laid-back solo approach. One thing though: the combo of Smoke Veil + Brilliant Tactician doesn't do anything for you if you end the fight with Smoke Veil, correct? In that case your resource pools should get a reset.
  3. Don't forget that Evokers get increased Power Levels (+2) for evocation spells. For stuff like missiles that's pretty good. I a whole party I rarely have to use Blood Sacrifice (after gettig some more spell tiers). I seldomly use all my spells up - especially with the Fractured Casque + Vaporous Wizardry combo which would give me 3 spell uses per tier. If one doesn't have a reason to circumvent Empower (like doing a no-rest run) then Empower is a pretty great mechanic for all evocation spells, too. Particularly if you also spend some ability points on those empower-related passives at PL7. The biggest annoyance is indeed the loss of some really good spells. I generally don't like that "balancing" approach on Wizards. Should have given them a PL malus for some schools of magic in exchange for +2 PL boost for one school. Completely cutting two schools takes away so much potential fun. See Transmuter + Draconic Fury and so on...
  4. What is "bash"? "Deleterious Alacrity of Motion" will make you immune to engagement. It's a fast cast. Your movement will also be very fast then. It's a safe way to get out of trouble. Just don't forget that it damages you over time. So after casting it get some healing (Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon or a fellow party member's healing ability). You don't even need to learn it, just bring a grimoire with it and put it in the trinket slot. You can always pick somebody else for conversation. Sometimes - in encounters that follow a scripted sequence - your main character will stand in front. You can't do anything about that. The game is ignoring or messing up formations somtimes. You'll have to use an escape ability like "Alacrity" or "Dimensional Shift". Or cast some self-buffs like Spiritshield, Mirrored Images and Iron Skin to survive. A quarterstaff+modal or a large shield with dagger+modal or with a hatchet in the second weapon slot also helps a lot. As soon as you switch to that weapon slot you will enjoy the higher defenses.
  5. I just consoled it into my game and shot it with a lvl-20 char wielding the Red Hand (with Double Tap) and it didn't explode. Tried several times. So I guess the answer is no. Either its level is too high (above 20) or it got some immunity against this effect. It is a vessel though. Yuu can hit it with vessel-only abilities like Screaming Souls or Light of Pure Zeal.
  6. No, not at all. You can only cast the spells that are in the active grimoire you carry. If you have more grimoires in your quick slots you can have a broader portfolio of spells. Imagine you have a grimoire active with only ice spells - and suddenly you meet an ice troll: oops. But you have a second grimoire with fire spells in your quick slot: hooray! Swap your grimoires from ice to fire (there's some cooldown which can be shortened with a talent) and you are able to melt the ice troll. How many spells per rest you can cast doen't change at all. Grimoires "only" give you a bigger selection of spells to choose from during an encounter. You can write grimoires yourself. So you can taylor yourself the perfect grimoire/spell selection to be prepared for anything. That - and the retraining/learning "trick" I mentioned above which makes it possible to learn all wizard spells in the game. The whole grimoire mechanic is very powerful. No other caster class will have that big of a portfolio of effects because of it. And it only costs money (which is plenty after a while).
  7. If you completely free him: I don't think so. But iirc if you make that compromise (dragon can go but he leaves enough essence for the Watershapers) he will not help you later and thus you should be able to fight the Guardian of Ukaizo. I did that apporach some time ago and several other (completed and non-completed) playthroughs have passed, so I may be wrong. The needed dialogue checks for achieving that compromise can be found here: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Shadow_Under_Neketaka
  8. If you retrain (before that) you can simply write all the spells you currently know into grimoires. Then retrain, but cancel the level-up process and re-learn all the spells you wrote down first. Then level up: you will only be presented spells you don't know yet. That way your spell portfolio grows like crazy. Unique spells will not be forgotten during retraining, so don't worry. Write down a nice collection of grimoires (e.g. one for fire damage, one for CC and so on) and put them into your trinket slot and quick slots. Now you are prepared for everything. Only costs money.
  9. Ah. Too bad. What does get affected (besides poison consumables)? Stuff like Cobra Strike maybe?
  10. I didn't test that but I guess it should work. For example Plague of Insects or Venombloom should get +1 from Mask of the Grotto Deep (or Nature Godlike), +2 from Spidersilk Robes, +3 from Spine of Thicket Green and +1 from Ancient - so +7 PL.
  11. Yes. Especially stuff like Power Level and Accuracy and PEN damage based on MIG will chance while the spell is still ticking/pulsing.
  12. How come? Her Animal Companion is even immune to engagement. You can retreat the bird at any time. As I asked: wouldn't Vengeful Grief + Revive Companion be a good thing? The bonus might last ('cause it has a 15 sec base duration) even though the malus is gone because the AC is back up again? If you have a SC Paladin in the party: even more so... Edit: nope... Vengeful Grief gets removed as soon as you revive your companion.
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