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  1. The Empower mechanic will be gone completely. Blood Sacrifice only gives you back Wizard spell uses. It can indirectly give something to the second class, like giving Wounds for a non-Shattered-Pillar/non-Forbidden-Fist Monk, Heating Up/On the Edge for a Streetfighter or Blooded for a Barbarian - all through the self damage of Blood Sacrifice which can be nice synergies, esp. the Monk one. But in general the second classes' resources don't gain anything from Blood Sacrifice directly.
  2. There is this very rare bug where enchanted items lose their enchantments. I don't know what the cause is, I guess save game corruption. In over 5K of hours I had that only once I believe. Before unbinding/rebinding and leveling it up again I would use the console to test if this actually works: save the game, open console, type "iroll20s", then unbind the dagger and rebind it. Then type "levelupsoulbind <player_name> dagger_soulbound_marux_amanth". Instead of typing out everything you can just lead with the first 2 or 3 letters and then use the tab key for autocomplete. Saves tons of time and frustrating typos. Player name starts with "player_" for example so just type "play" and hit tab and it will complete the name properly. Do that leveling command several times until the dagger is fully upgraded again (after each time the tooltip/description of the weapon will pop up like during the real process when you level up a soulbind). Then you can see if that fixed it. If it did you can reload and go through the process "properly" - if not then trying it would be a huge waste of time. If rebinding doesn't work: You can get a non-bugged dagger again via exporting a non-bugged dagger from another save game und importing it into the current one (achievements stay, costs lots of money, you have to level it up again) or the lazy way via console: "iroll20s" and then "giveitem dagger_soulbound_marux_amanth". And then level up the soulbind via console as described above until it is like it used to be. This will of course disable achievements. But it takes almost no time and will fix the problem.
  3. I'll always be here (I mean as long as I'm able to). Checking in at least once a day. I'm just not playing the game atm (really squeezed everthing out of it I guess), there are very few new players who come here and ask something - and also nothing new was coming for Friends of Eora™ during the last months*, so not much to talk about. * although I get some weird PoE3 vibes from Twitter the last days...
  4. I think tehre are some in the build list that mention that they are good with AI, but I don't remember a specific one. But for example: Edér as tank is very straightforward and easy to set up with AI. If you build Aloth into an "Blast-Wizard" with an implement (wand/rod/scepter) and the Blast talent (and other implement-related abilities and talents) and let him use auto-attacks with the summoned weapon "Kalakoth Minor Blights" mostly he will also be quite easy to manage with AI. Same can be true if you skill him to be a melee wizard from the second row with a Pike, the goal would be to get Citzal's Spirit Lance at some point and use melee attacks with that mostly. That way you can turn a normally very micro-heavy class into a relatively low-maintenace class which runs well with the AI. Once can do the same with Druid (see Hiravias) if you focus on the Spiritshift instead of spellcasting. That way those classes can be useful and yet low-maintenance in not-so-difficult fights - but when you need the full arsenal of spells you can still switch to direct control and have more impact when you need it.
  5. In general everything that relies on active abilities needs more micromanagement: all per-rest casters (Druid, Wizard, Priest), Cipher, Monk and Chanter if focused on invocations. Ranger if the Animal Companion is involved a lot. Also fragile classes tend to eed more attention - like glasscannon Rogues or Barbabrians, especially in the early game. Classes that rely more on passive abilities and have restricted per-encounter resources are usually easier to manage via AI settings. Those are Fighter, Paladin, Ranger (if Animal Companion is neglected), (sturdy) Rogue, (beefy) Barbarian, Chanter (if focused on chants). I think in general the classes which are easiest to run successfully on AI are Fighter and Paladin tanks, tanky Chanters with Dragon Thrashed as main "weapon" as well as Rangers with bows who use their Animal Companion as bodyguard and not much else. Defensive-minded shield Rogues also work very well on AI, as do sturdy Rogues wit reach weapons (pike and quarterstaff) or even ranged Rogues. Barbarian is the same, only that ranged Barb doesn't make much sense. Everything that needs fine adjustments (placing and timing of spells or other abilities) and every character who needs attention because of squishyness and the risk of getting knocked out is detrimental to the success of steering by AI. There are exceptions - for example it's totally possible to build a Monk who runs beautifully on AI alone (see a build like "Fulmineo Prondroni" in the build list in this subforum - a Monk specifically build to run on AI) - but that needs some deeper knowledge of the classes and their abilities I'd say.
  6. It applies to the recovery of the main weapon (which makes this enchantment very worthwhile). If the shield has bash the enchantment still applies to the recovery of the main weapon - but I do not recall if it also applies to the bash of te shield itself. I'm relatively sure it did not, but not 100% sure. Sorry, it's been a long time I played PoE and my memory about some of the mechanics started to fade.
  7. I wasn't clear, sorry. I meant that one of the things I like about Insect Swarm in general is that it's not tagged with poison - compared to some other DoT spells that have this drawback, like Plague of Insects (not Autumn's Decay). Another thing I forgot when comparing Insect Swarm vs. Autum's Decay directly is that Insect Swarm is foe-only - while Autumn's Decay might also hit your allies.
  8. I haven't checked the code, but I guess that the duration for the wounding DoT wasn't actually set. So the DoT ability may inherit its duration from the parent ability - which is Boar Spiritshift of the Shifter subclass (it's a different ability than the "normal" Boar Spiritshift which is shared among the other subclasses - except Fury of course). But again: I'm just taking a guess here. The hint is that the base duration of the DoT is the same as the base duration of the Spiritshift. Anyway - it's brutal, especially with a Helwalker (+MIG, +INT) who boosts the already huge damage-over-time like nothing else. Also prolongs the Spiritshift duration of course - as another bonus. What I like about Insect Swarm (besides the raw damage and that it's not tagged as poison) is the complete removal of Concentration on the targets. What I like about Autumn's Decay is that its AoE scales better and that it does target Reflex instead of Fortitude. Most Druid DoTs target Fortitude and it's great to have some alternative.
  9. If you used Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming with the Brawler then Sun & Moon will work better that expected - because every crit with an individual flail head has the chance to trigger a Swift Flurry and/or Heartbeat Drumming attack with both(!) flail heads again. This naturally leads to a lot higher chances for crit chains. Same happens with all weapons which have multiple melee weapon attack rolls per strike (Saru Sichr, Wicked Beast, Mohora Tanga...)
  10. Gatecrashers only have a "passive" Knockdown effect. The push effect of them is only 1/rest. I don't know what that means.
  11. Carage got nerfed pretty hard in that regard. Unlike Carnage, WotEP's cone-shaped area of attack (AoE) does transport all attack effects (focus generation, SHattered Pillar's wound generation, all CC effects like stun for example, push effects from Knockdown or Force of Anguish and so on, dmg bonuses from weapon quality or stuff like Sneak Attack etc). Also every attack roll in that cone-shaped AoE can trigger another AoE attack IF your attack ability has its own AoE. Example: Clear Out (Fighter) has a cone-shaped AoE attack - and every attack roll from the cone ot WotEP will trigger a cone from Clear Out. AoE times AoE if you will... Same with Heart of Fury (Barbarian), Whirling Strikes (Ranger), Whispers of the Wind (Monk)... Soul Annihilation works a bit wonkily with AoE weapons: the first hit will get all the raw SA-damage, the next enemy will get close to nothing, the enemy after that will get a bit more again and so on. It's not predictable which enemy will get how much raw damage (besides the initial target) but it's pretty decent nonetheless. Citzal's Spirit Lance does the same and so do Serafen's blunderbusses "Hand Mortar" and "Fire in the Hole" (those two don't work with Soul Annihilation of course because they are ranged weapons). Citzal's Spirit Lance + Soul Annihilation is a very good combination. That's what makes a Wizard/Soulblade a surprisingly good melee character (besides the great self buffs and the fact that).
  12. Never experienced that. Maybe because I'm playing so CC-heavy, no idea. I didn't even see him use HoF once.
  13. Unfortunately one cannot really push enemies down something - because on the maps there are no real elevations. The things I did with push effects: Force of Anguish + Carnage (Monk/Barb) : push the victim into its own Carnage proc. It receives the normal weapon damage + Carnage dmg. Llengrath's Warding Staff + Carnage (Wiz/Barb) : same thing basically Force of Anguish + Arterial Strike (Monk/Rogue) : obvious Llengrath's Warding Staff + Essential Phantom (wiz/whatever) : playing tennis with an enemy (as the ball) - if you concentrate on one enemy it's hard for them to get up. Spearcaster's Knockback (50%) + Arterial Strike (Arcane Archer/Rogue) : like with Red Hand - but less reliable Force of Anguish + Warding Staff didn't seem to do anything special despite the double push it should create. I didn't try the Staff with Clear Out.
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