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  1. I don't play him purely ranged though. The range of blunderbusses makes it nearly impossible to not get engaged on a regular basis. And Aloth's armor really isn't very good in terms of AR - but totally sufficient if you don't plan to tank all the time.
  2. For Hunter's Fang etc. you can also use a melee weapon in the main hand and Blunderbuss in offhand and gain a lot of stacks with one single shot. So no need to go melee. Hunter's Fang stacks are very nice to have for St. Omaku's Mercy/Veilpiercer.
  3. Scout with St. Omaku's Mercy or Veilpiercer is maybe one of the best in terms of dps. You want very high ACC and some crit conversion + Driving Flight in order to trigger the 0 recovery enchantments as often as possible. Barbarian/Ranger with Frenzy/Bloodlust/Bloodthirst or single class Ranger are also not bad with both of those bows. Paladin/Ranger or Paladin/Rogue can also be great: good mix of sturdyness yet good damage. But I think overall what you're looking for is a Scout. Essence Interrupter and Aamina's Legacy are also very good bows by the way. They are better against enemies with high defenses or pierce/slash resistances (without the modal) while the first two I mentioned shine against low defense mobs. The modal of Hunting Bows can be pretty great against low defense mobs as well though.
  4. They provide you the spells that are in them without learning. The more grimoires you have in the trinket + quick slots the bigger your selection of spells you can cast. You just have to switch to the grimoire the spell is in. With this mechanic you could pick only passive abilities at lvl-up as a wizard and still cast all sorts of spells from the grimoires.
  5. Yeah, everything was powerful with the old "Set to their Purpose". Strong healing + Blood Sacrifice is good though. What I didn't check: do the -2-AR debuffs of Expose Vulnerability and Hel-Hyraf/Shield Cracks stack? I guess not... but if that would be a great combo for a Loremaster to cast I guess.
  6. Actually Pallegina is a potentially sturdier companion as a Herald - as long as you pick the right abilites (as is always the case).
  7. Hmmm - I don't see particularly great synergy effects with Loremasters in general... Well - maybe Alacrity + Sure-Handed Ila + Mith Fyr + Kalakoth's Minor Blights is nice. It's easy to maintain both chants with a Troubadour. Or using the Bloodmage for endless fast-buffing and the Troubadour's Brisk Recitation with Ancient Memory for dishing out invocations non-stop while healing the Blood Sacrifice? No idea if that's cool - I didn't really play Loremasters much... But at least you'll have plenty of refillable resources.
  8. Of course it is a matter of taste and/or perspective. I was speaking about what I think the average player feels. And my assumption is that winning faster feels more powerful to most players than winning more slowly (but more reliably) once you lose only occasionally. This can get shifted a lot by certain circumstances - for example playing Trial of Iron.
  9. Of course the +20% dmg bonus from sharp is an advantage - it's just not higher base damage. Keep in mind that you have to hit several times to build up the 20-30% lash of Crave Calling while a weapon like Modwyr will have its lash from the first hit on. If you have long fights with a lot of hits then Grave Calling will have the higher average lash - in shorter fights the average lash will be lower. With Stalker's Link we shouldn't forget the +5 ACC. Magran's Favor has Bleeding Cuts and a 15% burning lash and good burn DoT on crit. Against non-slash resistant foes it may be the weapon with the highest dmg per hit? Bleeding Cuts stacking and all... Can it beat Stalker's Patience, @Kaylon? The raw lash DoT of Stalker's Patience it pretty strong... All in all I guess the differences in Riposte dmg output are marginal on average (considering resistances/immunities). Also keep in mind which weapon can be obtained when. And one can use all of those and pick the right one based on the enemy you are facing. I value Cadhu Scalth over Wintertide Bulwark because the DR - like underpenetration or grazes - is a very potent factor for survival (since damage reduction effects go through double inversion most of times) and the Deflection bonus can be higher than the Bulwark's (not only on average - Bulwark has to build up it's bonus in every fight - but absolutely, too). But mostly the setup I described above (Reckless Brigandine etc.) looks nice with Cadhu Scalth but horrible with the Bulwark. Bulwark kind of forces you to use the other frost items - optically I mean.
  10. Grave Calling doesn't have higher base damage than Modwyr. It just has a +20% additive bonus from "sharp". All heavy one handed weapons have the same base damage. I would value Modwyr over Stalker's Patience and Grave Calling because of dual damage. Spears are pierce-only and sabres slash-only. If you like to switch weapons that's no big deal though. Additive dmg bonuses like sharp or Mohora Taga are less potent than lashes (be it Modwyr, Grave Calling or Stalker's Patience which has a raw DoT lash). Because those are multiplicative. Also good Riposte weapons are Battle Axes. Bleeding Cuts works kind of similar to Stalker's Patience but the DoT does stack. They usually pay for this with +50% recovery but this doesn't matter for Riposte. Plus is that every Battle Axe has this and you don't have to pick up a unique first. Same thing as with spears and sabres: only one dmg type. A great Riposte weapon although it hasn't particularly high dmg per hit: Kapana Taga. Used it several times on Swashbuckler Edér with Cadhu Scalth, Reckless Brigandine, Mob Stance and Entonia Signet as well as White Which Mask.
  11. There are no power levels in PoE so I guess it's Deadfire. Your actual power level is rel. easy to determine: check which ability tier you can pick. For example if you are able to pick PL 7 abilities bit not PL 8 abilities you are at PL 7. All other effects except Prestige are just temporary and you can see them under active effects. Prestige usually means you get from PL 9 to PL 10.
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