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  1. Very true my genius level glue sommelier - but if one believed that the expansions follow the completion of the main game this wouldn't be a perceived problem, would it?
  2. Spelltongue is very good with high attack speed (Alacrity) and self buffs. Also prolongs healing over time effects (like Lay on Hands and so on). Makes a good tanking weapon if you can hit quickly.
  3. I wouldn't be able to understand a thing - but a Klingon localisation of Deadfire would be hilariously cool.
  4. @Noqn Yeah, looks decent enough. Maybe: "Distilled from the dissolved brains of Vithrack Luminaries and infused with the relentless essence of an Adra Animat, this concoction fills the user with marvellous insights and inexhaustible perseverance." ?
  5. German: "Trank der Erleuchtung" This is the literal translation (which works well in this case) and also fits the sun emblem. If you need a German translation for the decription text later just poke me!
  6. If I remember the modding tutorial for items correctly you need a 100x100 pixel version for dragging and the smaller 42x42 px version for the actual inventory. The icons have a small invisible border - or margin: the flask does not reach the edges of the image. If that's not right then please let me know. I don't know whether the original icons for potions use the whole space or also have a small margin so I just guessed.
  7. Watch out when using Blood Sacrifice with 10 wounds. Not only will it scale with the +10 MIG (+30% dmg) but also the +5% received dmg per wound (+50%). Combined with high PL you might one-shoot yourself. Better spend some wounds before (like hitting Thunderous Blows several times or so to get rid of them quickly). You will get wound back from Blood Sacrifice anyway. By the way: seld damage doesn't cancel Dance of Death/Enduring Dance. Deleterious Alacrity can be a nice wound generator: not too high self dmg but steady. But also here: the more wounds you have the more ouch and the fa
  8. I tried it myself with Strand of Favor - but I got told that Cabalist's Gameson with Arcane Extension also works. Hope that wasn't wrong. It should work like so: If you have a buff with a duration that doesn't get cleared after combat ends, you enter your inventory and equip the item, unequip, equip again, unequip, equip... and so on. No need to leave the inventory screen, just keep clicking for equip/unequip and so on. After a good amount of those clicks you can leave the inventory screen and check the duration of your buff(s) which all should be pretty high now.
  9. It is an option of course. Plate is very good in the early game, ok in the mid game but just not an optimal choice for the late game. You can totally stick to plate for aesthetical reasons. You will be a bit slower then but it's not a big deal.
  10. Maybe the 14 points are already the higher value and it was 12 before...? Can't rermember. Sorry, it's been a very long time since I played PoE and a lot of details start to become fuzzy. If you want to obliterate your enemies with weapons I would recommend Citzal's Spirit Lance, Weapon Focus, Two Handed Style, Veteran's Recovery, Apprentice's Sneak Attack, Savage Attack etc. You self buffs should make you tanky enough at some point. Use Chillfog + Combusting Wounds on enemies and poke them with the Lance at high speed (Alacrity + Gauntlets of Swift Action). I would then switch to padded
  11. Here's a quick icon for the potion: I put a sun on it because "enlighten" By the way: the correct term would be Enlightenment.
  12. Cool. Speaking of cheese: maybe I missed it (might well be), but did we talk about the Strand of Favor/Cabalist's Gambeson/Ooblit cheese where you just equip/unequip/equip those items out of combat and buffs (which don't clear out of combat) will gain absurd durations via stacking (because the bonus duration doesn't get removed when unequipping - and the bonus uses the current duration as base)? Is it even fixable via mods?
  13. I don't know how your Wizard looks like but there's not that much you can do. Depends on the role the Wizard should fulfill: is he supposed to be a tanky fronliner (Bilestomper) or more like a flanking dps powerhouse (using Citzal's Spirit Lance etc.). Besides the gear that helps you with that role you pick up special items that give you some melee-ish stuff like Gridle of the Driving Wave (Knockdown) and pick up Veteran's Recovery and Runner's Wounding Shot to make your playstyle a bit more interesting. If you want to make a Bilstomer like Wizard who can shower himself and enemies with
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