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Save games weirdness



This nightmare has only started occuring in the last 2 days and wont seem to go away.


I loaded an old save game from March 2016 (where i was near the end of WM1) and completed the first DLC...  I exited the game and later went to play more and only a hand full of old saves were showing up.  I exited and restarted and a different set of saves were showing up....  I exited steam, restarted my pc and it worked to get the latest saves... then I exited the game and went to play it again and the same thing happens except occationally it wont recognize any saves.


I verified the integrity of files, ran as admit, deleted the "TempSaveData" and "loadedSave" files and even finally went in and delated all but about 8 saves to see if that would help.  Now the "continue" and "load" buttons are grayed out at start every time.  I have put over 100 hrs in the game and really want to finish it before the sequel comes out (yes I am a backer of PoE2). 


Please help!!!


I have included my "TempSaveData" file zipped... I attempted to include the "loaded save" data but it is 567 kb unzipped and it will not let me.


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This is a very, very weird bug and after trying to fix it for a few days i found a way to fix it for my system:The way i resolved it was to delete everytthing in the appdata directory [C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\Obsidian Entertainment and C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity (made backup of loadedsave.zip) folder and delete all saves but the most recently modified one in the user/saved games/pillars of eternity folder, then started the game once and placed the backup of loadedsave.zip

and it now works like it used to. I reccomend you make a backup of all your saves just in case the most recently modified one is the one corrupted.Also ive noticed that skipping the logos at the start of the game with LMB 9/10 times resulted in the game not recognising my save files, try the space bar instead.Beyond this I have no idea what is there to be done.
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