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  1. Hello everybody First off, awesome to get some patches to my favourite game! Now to the question, will the patches (stat changes, class changes u name it) come in effect even on my old saves? I hope so, im in the middle of my 2nd playthrough and i dont want to start over again hehe!! Thanks for any answers, im sure this has been asked before so bear with me if its annoying.
  2. Wow really? I guess i should expect such a system from a modern game. That is awesome news indeed, thanks! :D
  3. Hello everyone! So i just finished my first playthrough of the game, wow. Now i'm wondering, if i move all my save files to a different disk to save them for a possible later time (if i want to jump back onto this playthrough for whatever reason) can i then put them back in (moving the new ones out at the same time) and continue playing on my old playthrough or will they become corrupted? I hope somebody out there has done this so i can get an answer :D thanks!
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