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  1. Are you fellas working on making it resolve? The cross platform save that is. Thanks for the assistance. Yeap okay this is solve. Moving manually actually work. 1. Disable cloud sync. (make sure both machine have it disable). Change it in 1 should update the other. But just make sure. 2. copy the save files and there's a slight different structure to the save game. 3. In windows -> %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity -> put the save files directly without a "Saved Games" Folder. 4. In mac -> There's a folder Saved Games and put the files inside. Thanks Once again.
  2. Hi all, So recently I just built a pc and I was moving some of my games save files. I tried moving the save files from Mac to my windows side of things. Below are steps that I took. Confirmed its the latest save files. Cloud enable / sync perfectly. Manually moving from mac to windows via thumbdrive. The load option is always disable. Is there any way around this? Many thanks! Is this something that is broken? I recall people saying prior to V2 which i assume just comes out, it was working fine you to move it manually.
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