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Supression bug - Drugs

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Playing as a Drug addicted monk, but noticed that my buffs didn't stack as expected. 

While using Quick Strikes you gain the quick buff which in turn suppress my Taru Taru Chew dexterity bonus.


Is this really working as intended? If so please reconsider or make a compromise.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

1. Use any drug that boost a stat.

2. Now use any buff related to step 1 stat increase.

3. This drug effect is now suppressed if buff is higher than the drug effect.



For example Half drug bonus applies while suppressed.

Or give Nalpazca subclass a special trait that allows drugs to stack with buffs.


What I'd like to see if this is working as intended (If this is not a bug)

Change it so that drugs stack but with half bonus for all classes.

For Nalpazca allow full stack alternatively make us spend one passive point on it.

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Hello Nakami,


Thank you for posting! I will get this bugged for drugs for the devs to look into. We want to make sure Drug Monk is a fun experience! 





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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