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[FIX] Eccea's Arcane Blaster Infinite Reload

bug fix cheat

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Not sure if this is the right place for it, but I feel like this is where people go when they have problems, so putting solutions here seems natural.


Press ~ to open the console and type 'Iroll20s' to enable cheats.

Press ~ again and type 'removestatuseffect <character> Fractured_Bullet_SE_ProjectileMultX3'

Press ~ and type 'Iroll20s' to disable cheats.


For <character>, the PC is 'Player_<YOURNAME>'. Not sure about companions. Try their name, or 'Companion_<NAME>'. So for Xoti, 'Companion_Xoti'.


You might have to use Fractured_Bullet_SE_ProjectileMultX2 instead, but X3 is what did it for me.


Fair warning, this will probably disable achievements for that save game..Anyways, that fix worked for me. A temporary fix until it's patched. Don't equip Eccea's (Cursed) Arcane Blaster again until it's fixed. If you accidentally do, you know how to fix it now.

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Hi sortajan,


Thanks for the post with the fix! This issue is being worked on so it wont require it for a future patch :)





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