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Found 3 results

  1. I get that lil-fist was used a little too much on bosses and needed to be nerfed, but nerfing every aspect of it now makes it useless. It's so weak, I can't ever see a reason to use it. Punching does less damage so it takes longer for it to do meaningful attack damage, and the reset upon taken damage makes it near impossible to get the hit counter high enough for meaningful attack damage. One of these changes alone is a significant set back to lil-fist users, but both! It already receives a full reset after you are no longer being targeted, why does it need another full reset to worry about. Wouldn't it have been better to attack the source of the problem and made bosses resistant to lil-fist or punching. But I digress. First Idea: Change the new counter system; 3 approaches here. Instead of a full reset to the hit counter, why not have the count lose a set number per attack received. Every time I receive a hit, my hit counter decrease by ten. Have the decrement proportional to the damage received. The harder I get hit, the more my hit counter tanks. That way a player doesn't have to constantly have to fight to keep their hit counter alive by perfectly blocking every attack around them. Instead it would be more about trying to maintain a high hit count throughout the fight. Don't decrement or reset the hit counter at all during the fight, but instead have a limit on how high the hit counter can get and have it increase with each level of lil-fist. Like a max of 20, 40, 60 for each level of lil-fist. Second Idea: Gauntlets; Change nothing about the new lil-fist balancing and instead add something new. A problem with lil-fist is that it can't be scaled like other attack specific mutations can through the different tiers of the game. Take chopper for example: there is a tier 1, 2, and 3 axe, so as you fight stronger insects there is stronger axes to pair with chopper. Now what if chopper only applied to the tier 1 axe, making it mildly useful against weaker insects but useless against stronger opponents. Lil-fist doesn't have a specific weapon to scale through the tiers of the game with, that's kind of the point. Gauntlets could change that. They don't take away from the over-all scheme of lil-fist, it's still punching, and it gives the ability to hot-swap between punching and and another attack method. Make it a two-handed weapon, and give it boxing like animations. The different tier idea: Tier 1: Plant fiber wrist wrap. recipe: a couple of fiber bandages, crude rope, and mite fuzz model: plant fiber wrapping around the fist and wrists, similar to how boxers have their hands wrapped, with the crude rope going over the knuckles and red tuffs of mite fuzz sticking out from underneath. rough photoshop of idea Tier 2: Insect gloves. recipe: some berry leather, silk rope, and some tier 2 beetle part. model: black or purple boxing gloves with silk rope around the wrists and beetle parts plating the impact area. Tier 3: Ox Beetle Gauntlets, recipe: two ox beetle horns, lint, pupa leather. model: basically if you use the horns as punching gloves
  2. Grounded offers a plethora of craft able items and weapons, including hammers, blades, axes, spears, and more. Although there are many options to choose from when deciding your loadout, it doesn’t feel as though there is much diversity between them. I find most weapons feel repetitive and often just feel like reskins with small variations in stats, so I would like to suggest an entirely new category of weapon. My suggestion for a weapon is a flexible weapon such as a real life meteor hammer, rope dart, or chain blade, there are possibilities for new movesets and combos as well as unique customization options for players, this weapon could be obtained as a boss item and there can be varying styles with different functions, these functions could be a defense based weapon where you can spin the weapon and absorb incoming damage but it has a lower damage output and takes time to spin up, as well as a crowd control variation that can bind enemies so your coop partner can deal damage with low risk (the binding effect would have a cooldown much like the stun effect and the user wouldn’t be able to attack while binding). Flexible weapons could also inflict different damage types based on what is attached at the end, the bladed version could be crafted with mandibles or something similar to the mantis claw and inflict slashing damage. This would also fit the assassin style of the mantis due to chain blades historical use by assassins in feudal Japan. There would also be a version crafted with a blunt object such as the black ox horn that would inflict busting damage and serve as a meteor hammer, as well as a rope dart variation crafted with a fang or needle that would inflict stabbing damage. I think this would be an exciting way to make gameplay and combat more complex and interesting for players and diversify the available play styles. Below I have attached photos of the real life counterparts these weapons can be modeled after. rope dart: Chain blade: Meteor hammer: Please consider my request as there are many possible implications and balances to make this a viable weapon choice.
  3. This will probably not happen but if you could then please think about adding keyboard and mouse support to Xbox. When me and my friends are playing grounded we can do all the actions with the keyboard but the mouse isn’t responsive in the title screen or game. Also another thing that I think would be cool is adding mosquitos to the game and the weapon you could make from killing them would be a mosquito lance. Just an ideahopefully you see this but probably not. -Damien
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