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  1. there are few companies i will preorder from, obsidian is one of them. hopefully i can throw money at them before i deploy and end up incognito for about a year.
  2. it would seem that more rpg games nowadays will throw a themed timed quest at you (come quick, we're about to die) and not actually have the game reflect this in any way. you can walk away and return when you've gotten 10 levels and 50k gp of gear and walk through the quest doing better or the same as if you rushed to do the quest. it is great to ride in and save everyone in the nick of time, but if the game just uses that as a narrative then the writing is lazy and disconnected. balancing things to ensure a challenge when this happens makes things worse, as you will be expected to take you
  3. after thinking about it, the best way to do the 'timed' aspect of chapter 2 of BG2 (getting money to rescue imoen) should be to simply have the game track how much money you have gained vs. how much you need. if you get say double the amount needed before running off to save her then you have to deal with some consequences, triple the amount and things get pretty bad, so on and so forth.
  4. don't sell them short, you get the manual and the game. wouldn't want it said that we were exaggerating the situation. i never played wastelands 1, so my expectations were based on fallout 1, 2, and tactics. i'd say the game was worth the $20 buck it was listed for. if they get around to balancing things to closer reflect the fallout games (the early ones, not 3+) it might be worth more.
  5. That is true but then why are they part of the regular retail version? Digital Deluxe I understand, but regular? And then going back and actually removing the wallpapers from my crappy KS version after they were initially part of it? And that wasn't really the issue, I was prepared to pay for the digital deluxe upgrade and I did....only to find I don't actually have the digital deluxe....that I'm still missing chunks of content. Arguing technicalities is not the way to keep my loyalty. After they said GOG would fix the issue I pledged $50 more but now I'm losing my patience. so inxile tol
  6. one to wonderland, one to a perpetual action movie, one to a locker in a female orcish locker room, and the last to a glory hole in a giant's male bathroom. you confiscate it from a mad wizard in the first chapter, the big one leads to your new stronghold (the portal the wizard felt was useless).
  7. i think it would be nice if at the beginning of each chapter something happens at your stronghold to kick off the chapter. the end of each chapter could be you doing something at your stronghold (preparing for something, or even just reaching your stronghold). that way you don't have silly stuff happening while you are out that needs a message to reach you (via butt nut, telepathy, highly skilled yet complacent messenger, palantir, etc.). it would make extra chapters via DLC, sequels, and mods far more seamless as well. that isn't to say random stuff shouldn't happen in the middle of the c
  8. i think being able to control your companions back at the stronghold would be the best solution to any sort of random pressing issues (the huns invade, hulk rampages through our lands, the ferengi show up with a once in a life time offer). though i think any sort of issues like this should be worked into the storyline so you don't have timing conflicts.
  9. that is realistic, but could get hilariously bad: at camp you look at your messages after a long and grueling dungeon crawl taking several months. "there is an army approaching, it looks like a tough fight, you should come home when you can." "the enemy is at the gates, things are worse than predicted. we need you NOW!" "we managed to hold them at the courtyard, but we are unable to reach our stores. we won't survive for much longer, where are you?" "your castle if mine, its people put to the sword. i await your return so that we may do battle, knowing that you were too late, HAHAHAHA.
  10. the problem with this is that they are changing the typical reward structure already. you don't go executing every defenseless monster you see, and the random animals too just in case they give something useful. if they stuck to the typical method where you get exp for killing monsters, and generally the harder to monster to kill the more you got (though maybe you get more for side quests than plot quests or less, you don't know), then it would be fine to not have it displayed anywhere (and then you'd go to the wiki or game faq or whatever to find out what is the optimal path), as long as it
  11. that's a good system except it encourages min-maxing a lot, so I would make it so picking a detrimental perk unlocks less points than picking the opposite positive perk costs points not if it is done right let me use fallout as an example if you take the smart, you get +1 to your intelligence and 1 point bonus to all int based skills, but you may not have less than 8 int so 2 stat points at character creation go to int even if you dont want to if you take dumb, your max int is locked at 4 with all the resulting consequences in the game (not even implants can get it higher and the fact th
  12. i think primejunta stepped into the flaw with the perk/penalty system, that simply self balancing won't help. in fact it the core issue with them being balanced. regardless of separate or combined you have to have penalties that are always penalties, and perks simply have to be 'not OP' in order to have the system be balanced. if you do that, then the amount you pick don't matter, nor if they are separate or combined. example: good natured - 15 pts. - gain 5 pts to 4 non combat skills. thus you lose 15 pts. you would be spending on some skill you would be normally spending points o
  13. i'll start companion, then do adventurer's hall, then i'll probably mix and match. though the first playthrough will be a putting the game through its paces sort of thing, the second one will be to see what kind of range it has (replayability, non typical stuff, etc.), after that i'll play with a theme or something like that, personalizing the experience.
  14. i like dwarves, and i like monks, i generally don't play a dwarven monk, as they tend to be unviable. so i am going to put the diversity to the test, as not only is that combination weak usually, but agile combatants that win by smarts will put the tactical aspect of the combat system through its paces as well.
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