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  1. Not only women, men are also not attractive. Only Pelham and Ellie are interesting..
  2. I just hope to see attractive companions (and romanceable) Most developers have a terrible tendency to make companions with awful designs, ugly men or ugly women
  3. Yep, like CP2077 100% first person, promises a very robust character customization (can even customize your genitals ) Rumors third person mode in Avowed..
  4. I wish it was possible to play with a Necromancer, I miss Necromancers in current RPG games. It would also be nice to be able to choose a permanent Familiar (Wizard) Imp
  5. I wish the game had a robust character creation/customization, not extremely limited again Many customization options for face, body, skin/fur, clothes/armor, color sliders etc.. New races/Godlikes and variations Example, if I want to play with an "evil" character, I want to be able to create a dark look/appearance. Thoughts?
  6. - very advanced character creation tool I'll be happy if it's true. I hope to see robust character creation/customization and many classes
  7. Character creation? Classes? I expect a game with character creation/customization, classes (necromancy PLS!), great enemy/bosses variety, Immersive open world, 80+ hours singleplayer, unique NPCs with routines (no generic/cloned NPCs)
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