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  1. Hi! In the game I'm playing, right next to my base is a "Escarabajo bombardero" (bombardier beetle) that we have tried to kill in a thousand different ways, but its life reappears full as soon as we stop attacking (when its red eyes disappear). We have not attacked more big bugs so I do not know if it happens in all of them or only in this particular one. The small insects die with 3 hits without problems but of course, with them the attack is constant. We have tried to reset the insects with the option you have to return them to their origin in the game and things doesn't change, this
  2. Yesterday we finally did it. I tell you how we did it. If your friend doesn't have the "Grounded windows 10" folder: On your friend's pc: - Create it next to the "Grounded Windows 10 Exported" folder. - Your friend has to export a game of his own that will appear in the "Grounded Windows 10 Exported" folder with a long series of numbers and letters. - Copy that entire folder into "Grounded Windows 10" folder. - Inside that folder you have copied you will have other that starts with ID- and a series of numbers, those are the saved games. On your pc: - Now on your com
  3. I do it on my own pc but when I tried it on my friend's one it hasn't worked. What you have to do is, with the game closed, put the main folder of the saved game that you have exported in C / Users / (your user) / saved games / grounded windows 10 I have tried cause i want my friend could continue in my game even Im not there but is impossible, Ive opened a post here too. Hope they read us.
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