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  1. the low level skeleton/phantom summons are a poor representation of the quality of summons chanters get later. they are good cannon fodder, but that's it. it's not until you get ogres that you get your first taste of tanky summons. and while animated weapons get all the love, a single-class chanter can summon a dragon which as i've mentioned in other threads in the past can literally facetank megabosses without dying (it doesn't hurt that what helps it against dorudugan is that it has fire immunity). the only time i've ever come close to losing a dragon was against a belranga that ha
  2. like i said, engagement is not terribly hard to come by, and that's the main mechanism (otherwise there's no "aggro" in the sense of generating and managing threat like in a MMORPG). a fighter can get 2-3 engagement extremely easily (defensive stance, or any other stance plus a shield and hold the line), but other characters can get 2-3 engagement as well with a shield and other items (or a chanter chant, if we're counting only persistent effects). if an enemy breaks engagement to do something else, a chanter has summons to body-block or re-engage them without having to do an attack roll. i've
  3. a shield and some deliberately selected gear (and the silver knight chant if you want) will give you plenty of engagement. you don't typically need more than three. a herald can also summon animated weapons, who can also tank for you (especially with the silver knight chant). the ability to close distance doesn't matter after the first moments of combat. a fighter's constant recovery eventually ends (and can be cleansed/suppressed away). i don't know what "on-demand CC" is (isn't all CC on-demand?), but whatever the fighter gets is no match for infinite CC. remember that a
  4. yes. i think it'd be harder to time the mule kick properly (i don't quite know how delaying your turn works especially when it come to cast times), but you would halt any currently active action. unfortunately, in turn-based, the enemy might just rev up their action on the immediate next turn, so you'd have to keep it up.
  5. mule kick doesn't interrupt per se. however, it will knock up dorudugan and cause it to require to stand back up again, even though normally prone (which is an interrupt) is prevented by concentration or interrupt immunity. the same thing is true for monk's knock up ability. this also works on the oracle and the memory hoarder in FS (who are interrupt immune). edit - unlike a true interrupt, knock up alone won't waste the enemy's resource when properly done during their action. however, you can mess up AI scripting a bit to buy yourself more time because enemies don't always try the same actio
  6. whatever you do, i highly recommend supplementing your build with hel-hyraf/the shield breaks invocation and geting animancy cat. the combined benefits of the two will have it so that even the summons that you have that don't scale will still be relevant as enemies get tougher armor. (magran spells will also love having enemies subjected to the shield breaks for its own damage purposes)
  7. yeah - i agree with as you mentioned upthread, they spent alot of the "budget" on the instakill effect, but in practice it's so slow to build up phrases and the cast time is so slow that it's much harder to use opportunistically as an instakill spell than any other instakill spell, and the aoe is janky enough that unlike death ring it is surprisingly hard to get more than one instakill (and even on potd when i can have more than one instakill by the time cast time completes i might have already killed one of the other targets). so making it more reactive and worthwhile to use an instakill spel
  8. is boil their flesh an instakill spell with an ok failure mode, or a damage spell that can also instakill? right now it's mediocre at both. i think i would prefer it to be an instakill spell with an ok failure mode, which means i would prefer to have a fast cast time like that, but not really worry about buffing the raw damage (maybe the corrode damage).
  9. hey, as someone who used the corpse explosion invocation alot, i think you're understating how good the ability is. just give it an auto-hit on the corpse and the rest will take care of itself. it has huge aoe (way better than thrice), better overall damage than thrice (so long as you're targeting a corpse you have a decent chance to hit), and can be upgraded to provide a very long debuff. on potd, in which i used the corpse invocation to good effect, having to roll to hit the corpse acted like a damage nerf, e.g. a 75% chance to hit is effectively the same as a -25% multiplicative damage
  10. i think the main downside is that you will always have the forbidden fist curse on yourself for a full round regardless of how good your resolve or low your intellect. on the plus side, i think the +50% hostile debuff bonus on enfeebled will make it really easy to hit critical rounding thresholds.
  11. i think @Kaylonor some such with more solo experience is a better person to answer. in my experience, megabosses are highly technical fights. so "tanking" in the general sense does not make sense to me. you can certainly tank with like a salvation-of-time/barring-deaths-door combo, but it's not exactly the same kind of tanking you'd do in the rest of the game. put another way - with the right setup you don't even need a tank at all (whispers of the wind + ajamuuts' stalking cloak will absolutely wreck hauane o whe). they're just all super technical puzzles rather than conventional fights.
  12. somewhat of a trick question, because deflection won't help you beat all the megabosses. hauane o whe is immortal if you can't disintegrate or cc/dps enough. sigilmaster auranic can cleanse your buffs and one of the totems unerringly hits you (no attack roll). you also face a lot of dangerous dlc and megaboss attacks that don't target deflection. i'm sure potd solo experts can chime in more, but i don't think deflection is the end-all be-all here. but i think on potd accuracy tops out at around 150. if you can get to a deflection of 225, you're all but guaranteed to be safe (from p
  13. you're right. i originally had hatchet in there, but i forgot that conqueror stance is active and changed the hatchet to be a dagger. i'll edit the post. it's not meant to be a super optimized, just the best i could do in a few minutes.
  14. i haven't really tied to max out deflection before, but if you're ignoring magic possibly a human/orlan fighter/paladin gets you up there. d = deflection, a = all defenses, r = resolve 22 base + 10r (20 starting resolve) + 3d * 19 level + 15a deep faith + 5d superior deflection + 22d mythic large shield + 6d weaponandshield style + 10d conqueror stance <50% health (active) + 10?d casita samelia's legacy + 2d ring of minor deflection + 2d*n entonia signet ring + 7d cloak of greater deflection + 20a refreshing defense (active) + 5r some resolve inspiration (active) + 2r token o
  15. off the top of my head: Deflection bonuses paladin deep faith: up to +15 fighter: +5 innate, only +2 for multiclass fighter superior deflection: +5 fighter conqueror stance: +10 (active) barbarian: -5 innate, only -3 for multiclass large shield: up to +22 (+12 +mythic 10) weapon and shield style: +6 wizard's double: +40 (active) dagger modal: +10 (active) qstaff modal: +20 (active) mirror image: up to +30 (active) llengrath's: +10 (active) arcane veil: +50 (active, veil-pierce vulnerable) escape: +50 (active)
  16. i did this with whispers of the wind post-5.0 and ajamuut's works just fine with that. is WotW just implemented differently?
  17. IIRC there are four "tracks" of rewards in SSS after critical story points. In no particular order: empowering your spirit friend getting an item to let you upgrade to legendary returning souls to the island doing something else to the souls the first three you can "stack" up to four times (four empowers, four item upgrades, up to +8 galawain bonus IIRC), whereas i think the fourth one is a little weirder. ISTR that i tried to do something with the souls the first time once and i couldn't and had to choose one of the others. i don't evne know how you get rymrgand's
  18. i almost always play vanilla. as for Insect Swarm, that exist solely to give something to the druid at tier two casting, which is why it's marked optional. Outside of beast fights, at level 7+ you basically have a tier two spell cast that's not used for anything (since aside from hold beasts you only have woodskin which is not exactly something you always need to double-up on). Insect Swarm has good utility (blocking concentration) and benefits from the ancient's +1 PL, so I picked it up. To be honest, the only time I've ever played solo is for the ultimate, so I have no idea. I
  19. i tried calculating this but there are so many moving parts that I think it is very hard to say. I would say just go for whatever playstyle you prefer; if you're not going to use the pet, rogue is probably better choice.
  20. sorry i can't answer the tb-question, but it is always worth summoning the pet. it's a significant amount of DPS that the ranger needs to have, because that's how the ranger is balanced. (much like a rogue is balanced around having sneak attack damage, a ranger is balanced around having a persistent friend doing damage.) the cost of summoning the pet is meant to balance out the fact that you no longer suffer from bonded grief.
  21. i am purely speculating, but i strongly suspect that because obsidian is owned by microsoft now, they are going to be an xbox game pass exclusive shop as much as possible (barring past publishing deals they have to honor, like with poe1).
  22. to be clear, rymrgand is about entropy and decay, not destruction: thematically it seems to be all plugged into the (real-life) theory of the heat death of the universe. to that end, fire seems very counter to that - fire is thematically is linked to industry and creation (this theme is stronger in poe1 with abydon and magran), whereas ice is more thematically linked into everything slowly getting to a point where no more work can ever be done again. while his portfolio doesn't explicitly exclude fire, it's not a coincidence that basically everything related to rymrgand in both poe1 and
  23. I deliberately chose not to pick it up simply because I was trying to go for something different (i got a little bored of always equipping it on tekehu) but for those with less desire to be a contrarian, lance of the midwood stag would be extremely good for this build for precisely those reasons. later on you could start with weyc's wand (empower) and then switch to lance of midwood stag for the rest of the fight for a total of +5 PL. earlier in the game i tend to be pretty aggressive with poison use. later in the game, it's much more targeted and deliberate because of act
  24. If you've followed my postings on this forum, you probably know that I play priests a lot, and have been trying to find a way to play basically every priest subclass and multiclass option. Universalist has been really hard for me to square up into a good satisfying option, but I finally had a breakthrough while watching some WarCraft 3 streams. A keeper of the grove! While this build isn't the most powerful or synergistic universalist you could build, I found it to be quite a bit of fun and can really carry you in the early-mid game due to the strength of its summons and buffs
  25. <putting on my best boeroer impression> whispers has an upgrade that lets you get free attacks if enemies miss against you. that already is pretty good. a fighter with its innately higher deflection, in conqueror stance, with superior deflection, and good resolve and gear could already get you into decent enemy-miss range. if you multiclass with wael/wizard/trickster you could cast some spells to spike up your deflection even higher. whispers also interacts specially with clear out. Every single enemy in clear out range triggers a whispers attack... and because whispers itself has a
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