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  1. Quick question, does the burn damage from the fire godlikes passive improve with gear like ring or focused flame or stuff that increases fire abilities power levels?
  2. Yeah its a shame, can't imagine the games still getting patched at this point but maybe they can do something for it in the community patch (if they haven't already, I'm still playing vanilla)
  3. Ok this is good news, I was kinda bummed about the idea not working because its really cool thematically so thank you. Sound like good ideas but I have a weird thing against using consumables and per rest abilities, just rubs me the wrong way. The riposte idea sounds good, seems like it'd synergise well with chill fog (not when I'm standing inside it obv) but if the positioning works out that they're affected by it and I'm not with my defensive buffs up it should trigger fairly regularly. I'll definitely give it a go.
  4. Playing a wood elf FF/BM sage, throwing down binding web to get hobbled, but when hobbled expires I'm not gaining a wound or any healing, anyone know why this might be the case? Edit: did some testing, tried it with chill fog, when wearing defiant apparel (resistance to perception afflictions) I didnt receive a wound/healing but when I took the item off and tried it again I did gain the wound/healing. So I guess it must be intended, FF wound gain doesn't proc on hostile effects expiring if you have resistance to them, whether through racial bonus or gear. Kind of annoying and limits the creativity of this build but there you go.
  5. Awesome thanks for this, I dont play with community patch so not sure how crucial that is but I'll try incorporate as much of this as I can
  6. Feels a bit squishy for melee which is what I'm trying to do though, 30 deflection from mirrored image is cool but I lose 10 of that for being flanked and another 15 if my attackers bloodied so full mirrored image bonus for only +5 deflection with less than 50% hp on a spellblade sounds kinda suicidal Are there any nice synergies with this build?
  7. Originally I had a plan to play a pale elf with perception resistance gear and fight inside chillfog but blinded downgraded to disoriented isn't that great, the -50% recovery offsets the bonus from streetfighter (although the 50% bonus to weapon damage is still nice I guess). I had an idea to play melee/blunderbuss but the distracted affliction doesn't last very long and full attacks from melee don't seem to trigger gunshots in that range so I'd have to alternate targetting different enemies to keep the bonus going (I don't want to play duel shottys). Is there any other potential here? Any clever ways to inflict flanked with the wizard kit? Any other synergies that make this worthwhile?
  8. Trickster / black jacket swashbuckler Whatever race you like, athletics / intimidates good but all the same whatever skills you like, max res/per/int. Gladiator sword / tuotilos palm Fire in the hole / hand mortar Other weapons slots can be used to dps or debuff (two handed for dps, or pike / morningstar / club / flail for debuff) Between mirrored image, vigorous defence, outward spikes and riposte you'll be passively dealing damage while tanking with really high deflection Then you can switch to the aoe shotguns to deal arterial strike and gouging strike in an aoe to a group of enemies, particularly if they're surrounding you Speaking of enemies surrounding you, once they are you can cast ryngrims repulsive visage to cc them and also provoke disengagement attacks when they try to run The reason why I pick black jacket is to have the utility to switch between any weapon set with 0 recovery time, so in between my riposte tanking when I'm about to actively attack I switch up to something else, attack, then switch back to sword and shield for tank mode, you also have a couple of options with fighter stances This build kinda has as much or as little micro as you want, but if you want even less you can go with unbroken or devoted and not worry about switching weapon sets This is in my top 3 for fun builds I reckon, but its probably the one with the least amount of micro
  9. Anyone have experience with this build? I've seen people post about sage builds but rarely with these subclasses. Stats seem pretty straight forward, high res/per/con and low might/dex/int. Playing as a wood elf because I don't want to play as an orlan or nature godlike, athletics/intimidate skills. Any tips for this? Spell combos? Equipment? Thanks in advance.
  10. Sage is generally considered very good for that combo you want because of citzals spiritual lance, because it hits as an aoe it grants more chances for proccing crits, and also allows you to do some melee monk abilities as aoes I think (I'm one level off being able to try this for myself). Currently running a blood mage / forbidden fist sage and so far lots of fun, very versatile and strong. Otherwise ravager and shadowdancer make for great monk multiclasses, forbidden fist / trickster is one of the most fun builds I've played. I dropped my ravager because I built it incorrectly and have been thinking about trying it again, but it'd be solid with vanilla monk or nalpazca, just watch out for iron wheel overlapping with frenzy bonuses.
  11. Bit late to the party but could you please elaborate on why forbidden fist / blood mage is good? I'd really like to play it because I hate not choosing a sub class but vanilla monk looks a lot better to me, what am I missing?
  12. These were the basic ideas I had in mind. I think I always overlook this option because I only play multiclasses, at least for my main, they just seem more flavorful thematically. I think I also get stuck in the mindset of wanting synergies to be contained within individual characters. Both obviously limit me in a tactical sense. My last shot at a party synergy character was my black jacket swashbuckler that used weapon modals to debuff enemy defenses but didn't end up liking it. But yep what you're saying definitely makes sense.
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