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Looking to complete my second solo POTD  run as an Arcane Knight build that consists of Gold Pact / Blood Mage. My main question is regarding stats. Do stats hard / soft cap at 20 or 25?  As it will impact the build. (First solo POTD run was with Powerottis Doom Fist build which was amazing)

Stat Spread including taking into consideration Berath's Blessings

8 might + 2 BB = 10

11 con + 2 BB +2 from Girdle of Mortal Protection = 15

16 Dex +2 BB + 2 Fire Thrower Gloves = 20

18 perception + 2 BB + 1 from Serpents Crown = 20/21 (20 w/o Serps Crown

15 int + 2 BB + 2 Charm of Bones + 1 Thaos Helm / Serps Crown = 20

10 Resolve + 2 BB = 12 (wanted to get 15 Resolve for higher resistance to Arcane Dampener

1 floating stat point from location choice which has not been allocated yet.

This is all under the assumption that I should be aiming for 20 to top off my stats but if I am wrong and stats don't hard cap at 20 and I should push as high as possible should I then dump resolve and max int / dex with starting stats? 

Any info you professionals can provide will be GREATLY appreciated. 


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The floor and ceiling for attributes are 1 and 35. You can't go lower than 1 and not higher than 35.

Everything in between is not regimented (except by stacking rules of course).


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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