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  1. Cloak of poverty - the effect is good but to have it you need to stay poor, which is really hard in this game. Ring of the Solitary Wanderer - the effect is good, but it's only ever useful in actual solo. 20 meters is too much a distance to bother with this if you have a party. Some other items with similar constraint for activation have like 5 meters distance to trigger I think. Personally don't like any items with limited amount of charges to cast something. So Necklace of Fireballs, Missile Gloves etc. Same story with per rest casts, even though they can be really good.
  2. I apologize for bumping this thread after 1 year, but I just found out that "CP: keywords" mod breaks bonus elemental damage on Sun and Moon's auto attacks. I have current version of the mod and after disabling it in the mod manager and restarting the game, bonus damage works fine. @MaxQuest are there plans to implement the changes discussed above that would fix this problem ?
  3. Can you insert newly created action sets in behavior editor at the desired position in the list ? Or at least move them by several positions at once ? Or do I really have to click "Move up", scroll up towards the new position action set is in now(since after previous click list position auto scrolls to the bottom), and then keep repeating those two steps until I reach the desired position somewhere in the middle or beginning of the list ?
  4. It's an actual torture to have to drag portraits of all four of them one by one. I'm baffled that there seems to be no obvious way to do it. I would have expected something like shift+click on portrait to assign a single crew member. Holding ctrl you can select 4 members, but you can't assign all of them this way. Any way to do it ? Some other hotkey maybe ?
  5. Using console command, mod, save editing, anything. Can I see a specific number for current reputation value with, for example, Huana ? Those zero to five/zero to minus five bars on rep screen is not enough.
  6. I've updated the mod to version 1.1. What's different: Direct approval changes: Added display of 722 direct approval changes throughout the game. Those happen without topic triggers when two characters interact with each other, mostly in direct companion dialogue. User-friendly topic names: Changed technical topic names("Pro-Humor", "Pro-Duty" etc) to the exact names they have in the game("Lighthearted", "Dutiful"). You can see an example of how both of those look on the mod page's latest screenshots.
  7. Yeah, I've recently played WotR and Bg3 with similar mods and now found myself unable to play without it. Had to make this mod to remedy the absence and actually play PoE2.
  8. Come check it out! https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/743 From a few hours of playing, everything seems to be fine. Still, if you find any problems, please report them on the mod page.
  9. Sorry, didn't mean to spook anyone, I thought telling that the file can be opened in a simple text editor would be enough. Probably should have renamed to .txt before uploading. Player_Debug is a label game uses for player char here, oddly enough. So if you filter by "speaker" == "Player_Debug", you get all entries where you, the player char, can get rep from your companions. If speaker is one of the companions, that companion will be the one who gets rep from other companions who like this topic.
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