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  1. I noticed someone edited the wiki to mention this. This is just a bug with how the status effects for this item are shown in the UI. Lunar Heart will always be shown in the character sheet (even for non-Godlike characters), but otherwise the amulet functions fine and will apply the correct enchantment to the wearer without issues. The correct status effects (if any) are shown in the area next to the portrait in the bottom left and in the combat log (as mentioned earlier). Look at the StatusEffectManager on the associated character via ToggleObjectHierarchy to see the correct effects there too.
  2. As a Beguiler Cipher, Soul Whip gives 0.25 Focus per point of damage dealt to enemies and a +10% bonus to damage with weapons (half of a regular Cipher). If attacking a Sneak Attack vulnerable target (i.e. one that is Flanked or suffering from a Mind or Body Affliction), the full/regular bonus of +20% and 0.5 Focus should be given. I've tested this, and the Focus bonus works for targets with Flanked or Body/Mind Affliction keyword status effects, but the damage multiplier does not apply to those with Mind Afflictions. After checking the statuseffects bundle, the AttackTargetFilter for a Beguil
  3. During Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, the vendors in the temple (Caretta, Cook Corrin, Winge, and Neale) should offer a series of discounts based on the player's reputation with either of the Seeker/Slayer/Survivor factions - 5% for Good1, 10% for Good2, and 15% for Good3. However, the conditional logic for this in lax1_factions.gamedatabundle is such that the rate for first condition (5% discount depending on if the player has a Good 1 reputation with Seeker/Slayer/Survivor) will be selected even if the conditions that follow are met. This means that 5% is the highest discount achievable, regardle
  4. Suuuuper minor... For the quest "A Vote of No Confidence", addendum 10002 in the string table has an extra space at the start of the line "Castol will probably have...". This is just barely noticeable in-game.
  5. In the quest "Lost Dues in Good Faith", addendum 1 for the first objective (string table ID 200002): The bold tags around the last word "armoire" are closed with </a> (should be </b>).
  6. In the quest "Family Pride", addendum 3 for the first objective (string table ID 20003): The bold tags around the word "Bardattos" aren't closed on the right hand side, causing all the text following it to be bold until the words "Zili Valera".
  7. The description for Slender Jim's Pet Party Wide Effect uses the non-american variant "Defence", where the rest of the game (to my knowledge) uses "Defenses". Not a typo, but it's good to be consistent.
  8. Weapon proficiency "Rushed Reload" shows as "Rapid Shot" in character sheet. Weapon proficiency "Savage Attack" shows as "Rending Smash" in character sheet. This might be a bug rather than a typo.
  9. The first level soulbound upgrade requirement to The Weyc's Wand (in The Forgotten Sanctum) reads "Find and read the Memories of Heldr in the Archives", should probably be "Memoirs of Heldr", instead (an item called "Memories of Heldr" doesn't exist)
  10. Thanks for the additions (and for your huge contributions to the game!) I'm going to try to keep this page updated regularly, and the wiki page as often as is needed. I will also be adding the backers usernames, unless otherwise specified - hope this is okay!
  11. I'm putting together an article over on the wiki (https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_II:_Deadfire_backer_created_content) which aims to list all of the backer-created (or at least backer-inspired) content that was added to the game as a result of the Fig campaign. While I have some of this already - since they can be inferred by their debug names, a lot of it I have no clue about and could really use some help on. If you backed one of the below tiers, or know any information regarding (perhaps the devs have a list?), please leave a reply below, it would be much app
  12. At the end of the quest "The Man of Chimes", while speaking to Captain Tatzatl, his first philosophical question begins with "A woman is with child" when it should be "A woman is with *a* child", as per the voiceover.
  13. Upon completion of "A Matter of Import", speaking to Fleet Master Okaya as she's giving you the next quest "Overgrowth". The line "You may have noticed the outsize coral in the harbor" should replace "outsize" with "outsized", as the voiceover says the latter.
  14. For the quest "Bounty - Dhwrgas the Ascetic", the location south of Crookspur is incorrectly spelled "Silent Dhrwgas" (rw vs wr).
  15. Under "Additional Effects" for the pet Socrates, should list "Socrates: +20..." instead of "Bernhard: +20..."
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