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  1. As Bob Marley said “The day you stop racing, is the day you win the race.”. Sadly my management disagrees with this philosophy. Pft.
  2. Or it is for styles of games that suit it, like 4X games or wargames (well, if people still make those). Situations where it's not due to you not being a l337 m3nt4t rather than just far too much stuff going on, so if it's real time you'll slow the pace down so much that it might as well be turn based. BRD is the most boring slog they ever made, fitting the most boring slog of a raid is in there too The more recent dungeons are a lot better than old ones I find, fights actually have some sort of mechanics now (that the player base still outsources thinking to mods to deal with)
  3. It's like saying you liked Blaze and having everyone come by to tell you Bruce was better. Really forgot how high Tarja can go, haven't listened to Nightwish in ages.
  4. If you can read Cyrillic, then that probably summoned Cthulhu
  5. So an entire show of him getting tossed around to show how badass the antagonist is ?
  6. I always find the cutscenes funny when Kelso or Ortega are asking others for help when I as a Division agent might as well be a one man army. Still prefer NYC as the setting - I think the expansion takes us back there to police Keener, finally.
  7. Nah, RA 3 was fun, the SP was sort of weird with the AI backup. But was just teasing it for the fact they chose actresses with admirable assets. Then again, that IS the Westwood way
  8. Shame Outer Worlds is not on GOG, now...
  9. Once it's weaponized, we'll know it's legit.
  10. That debate was terrible to watch. Funniest part was one moderator prematurely thinking it had ended .
  11. Is some reference to that laughable excuse for a sport called "baseball" I think...
  12. Given most people on social media act like they are intellectually disabled, that's not that surprise. Happens when kids don't get the edgelord slapped out of them.
  13. I am tempted to try 4, maybe I can find it on sale for $2 or something, can't be THAT bad really. Also have to finish the RA3 expansion (wonder how much T&A they added in that one).
  14. Yep, was fun to troll Classic people pretending the game required anything more than time and endurance rather than any skill. I miss vanilla for the way the world was, but that can never be done by an expansion due to the fact it would be an expansion. I never really raided that much, so class balance and stuff I am not aware of. Not trying to say WoTLK was bad or anything, I liked TBC better by not by much.
  15. Well, now people do. I guess the WoTLK babies are now "veterans" so it's their turn to grouse about how great things were (and probably expound about the glories of classic and a vanilla they never were in :P )
  16. Well, if it's the US, it's not quite bombing and invasions so much as political interference or the legacy thereof.
  17. Seems to be a pretty popular opinion, would be otherwise if you said Pandaria (that was a fun expansion, though). TBC was the best for me, even if the world was so, so ugly.
  18. Beat the GDI campaign in C&C 3, that last mission was a PITA. Well until the AI sort of just gave up and I Mammoth tank rushed them into oblivion. Not a bad singe player campaign, not as good as the earlier C&C games' had, though. Billy Dee Williams as the bad GDI politician was pretty funny though.
  19. So the NSF's forming, we have a dangerous illness spreading...
  20. Hey, it's good stuff! Found this one, too short though
  21. LHS' stuff is better but this was pretty catchy.
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