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  1. Same, but then I realize how expensive it'll be even account for exchange rate I should at least outline one, maybe will be my Christmas gift to myself.
  2. Odd question for Biden, really.
  3. Got it done with Brno Freaking barely too
  4. He posted recently, he made a post with an actress avatar and I thought it was Amentep.
  5. Speaking of nepotism, wonder what Kushner's up to.
  6. Surprised people think Guthrie was bullying Trump, wasn't as if she were aggressive in her questions.
  7. Your point was about the social freedoms, though, not economic ones, no ? Evil regimes are evil regardless of what ideology they espouse (I guess in past it was what amoral superpower they want to suck up to at the time)
  8. Not sure they get twisted. I doubt Pinochet was much better than people see him as now. He's also a good counter example as well. Certainly did want to control what people talk about - maybe reward them with a helicopter trip.
  9. A lot of examples where this is not the case in history, but oh well.
  10. I gave up on the third one, was pretty by the numbers, I found. Maybe I should stop reading fiction
  11. Winter always stealing credit for Russia defeating invaders. Reminds me to get Glantz's books on the Eastern Front - Westerners think he's too pro-Soviet and Russians think he's anti-Russia so the guy must be accurate.
  12. Good to see that guy has videos on things that actually happened instead of Ancient Aliens tier bull****
  13. The rights a private organization has is always in flux.
  14. Well, was more a joke on his personality issues having him turn on people when any setback perceived or otherwise (for a funny example look up Bowden talking about him destroying a fountain pump).
  15. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/barr-unmasking-review-no-charges/2020/10/13/0f63fd2e-0d67-11eb-8074-0e943a91bf08_story.html I guess Trump will want to fire Barr now.
  16. I see you have read The Art of the Deal
  17. Animation of bridge construction - https://gfycat.com/bouncydistantblobfish
  18. Sounds like we need to make Majesty the RPG, where you just sit down and let NPCs do things.
  19. Caught Mortal Kombat : Revenge of Scorpion on TV. Hilarious gratuitous violence, but was better than MK Annihilation, so there is that.
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