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  1. Looks like what I expected it to look like, slightly better I guess. Some people were expecting them in the GTA V engine for some reason, though.
  2. As Amentep said, fair assumption to say this was a POV shot and they were close in. Sounds like the usual situation when it comes to safety, over time it becomes - "It never happens".
  3. https://www.thestandard.com.hk/breaking-news/section/4/181833/Sleepy-Hong-Kong-residents-get-5-hour-"Sleeping-Bus-Tour" "The 76-kilometer, five-hour ride on a regular double-decker bus around the territory is meant to appeal to people who are easily lulled to sleep by long rides. It was inspired by the tendency of tired commuters to fall asleep on public transit."
  4. Playing D2 Nightmare a bit to keep up with my buddy, the Summoner was funny - not even a fight, wandered through that awful level forever and found him, poked him once with charged strike and he keeled over. Duriel was fun, he spent his time failing to kill my Valkyrie while I poked him to death.
  5. Well if it were debris in the barrel, could still injure multiple people with one shot, like a shotgun, no ?
  6. Our codebase has a lot of typos, odd as UK developers wrote it all. I added something, failed to compile only for me to realize the variable was not thisHierarchy but it was thisHirarchey
  7. Yah, On War. I still have it here somewhere, I keep it around to look sophisticated...to myself, I guess.
  8. Think the worst prose I had to deal with was Joyce and maybe Jack London's Sea Wolf. Hardest read was Clausewitz though.
  9. Fair enough. Just hope you don't like Joyce.
  10. That is in line with what I've heard (sifting through new Dune fans zealously gushing is annoying). That and it's empty, as if the world is just the relevant characters and no one else. Well, hopefully you found it boring for reasons other than "no action scenes". Still recall Herbert or Anderson faffing on about how the original books needed action - "they blew Arrakis and that was off screen". Pft.
  11. I get mine done in under 25, key is to write the list in a good path for the store. I'd be tempted to have them get my groceries for me, but never ever will I let another person pick my avocados and mangoes.
  12. Went to buy a light bulb, had to deal with some antimasker yelling that I am a slave to China and need to wake up. I guess I disappointed him with my lack of reaction, though. And I got the wrong damn temperature bulb too, maybe he'll be back at the store when I go to change it.
  13. Ah, I was worried she murdered you or something as you weren't posting. Well, then again, maybe she did and is using GD's account to keep up appearances. Hm..
  14. God created PCs to test the faithful
  15. Well obviously it works for some, never really saw the fun in it, as a kid or as an adult. Latter is more tedious, I have to say, having to spend the money to get said candy, then waste my night sitting outside handing it out. Only interesting moment was one year with some single dad + starving student + award winning filmmaker + indie rocker guy coming to beg me for food. One good thing, at least that guy's not turned his house into a garish shrine for a sporting corporation. I mean this is just sad.
  16. He posted the truth about the COVID vaccines
  17. I forget mine, probably Super Mario Bros on the NES, did spend a fair amount of time in consoles, had a Genesis but last touched it in 1996. Other than that, mostly PC, playing 80s MPS flight sims, at least had the manuals for that. Had Populous 2, not only would that cause my 386 to hard lock maybe 40% of the time, I had no manual so no clue what I was doing.
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