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  1. Also just got the new Zelda Skyward Sword. The button controls are not that good
  2. I don't think Ansel will work since it's all AMD parts
  3. Preordered one this morning, the 512gb NVME one. That space is still way too small but hope you can upgrade it eventually
  4. Yeah just preordered the dumb thing (been on a console binge lately). Walmart was out of white so I got the blue red one
  5. I know no one posts here anymore, but I had to mark the occasion
  6. 3rd Person mod is out! A bit buggy but so is the rest of this game https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/669
  7. Got the restored content mod working as well https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1801-mobile-restored-content-mod-mtslrcm/
  8. Time for a Cyberpunk break! KOTOR 2 (Obsidian’s first game and the reason I joined this forum 16.5 years ago) finally released on mobile! Here’s gameplay on the IPhone 12 Pro Max
  9. I'm tempted to try this on my Xbox One S to see how much of a disaster it is
  10. Yeah it’s just like dlss but for higher resolution output. It seems browsers have gotten more stable after the last 4 years. Last time before I tried to upload 16K images of doom (which I obtained via hot sampling) and chrome would just crash when trying to view it
  11. No resizing would just make it blurry. I'm using Nvidia AI upsampling for the mega large shots, from a base resolution of 10K
  12. Here's 27K, the upload starting to get a bit grainy at 100% zoom, didn't look like this before upload
  13. So easy to cheese this game with crafting exploits. Already got $2 Million eddies
  14. Here's a test. Lets see if I can post Cyberpunk images in 16K without causing browser crashes
  15. Took me 6 hours to get through act 1 the first time, and 3 hours on my second character. Act 2 you get the whole city, and everything’s ultra populated since there’s no more lockdown
  16. Finally got the iconic Quadra (car from the preview trailers)
  17. Fixed the HDR issue on the XB Series X version by turning the midtones down to 1, and raising the max nits to 1000
  18. Will run on low or medium 1080p. I do know someone with a GTX 970 though and it runs pretty bad on that
  19. The real city is huge once you get past act 1. Feels next gen
  20. Colors are perfect on the PC, however on the Series X colors are really grey and washed out, tweaking the hdr doesn't seem to do anything...
  21. I'm playing ultra everything, but the raytracing doesn't even reflect your character, so it's like screen space reflections regardless. Kinda disappointing Also doubled down and got it on the Xbox Series X, since I was curious how it would run on its velocity ssd. It won't be getting raytracing until next year though
  22. Yeah screeenshots are fuzzy due to all that DLSS probably
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