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  1. One X is where it’s at, more games in 4K HDR
  2. Just backed the Pimax 8K X VR Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimax8kvr/pimax-the-worlds-first-8k-vr-headset Has nearly twice the viewing angle as Oculus/Vive for true peripheral vision, and 2x 4K screens (1 for each eye). Will require a next gen gpu though...
  3. I play VR everyday. Google Earth is awesome now with the street view update. New Retro Arcade lets me customize and play/live in an arcade from the late 80s. H3VR lets me customize and shoot any gun I want. Robo-Recall lets me rip robots heads off. Alien Isolation /w vr hack makes me crap my pants (especially while wearing my Sennheisers /w 600ohm amp; holy crap that xeno will actually kill me). Project Cars 2 lets me race expensive cars on realistically rainy tracks. Lone Echo let’s me feel like I’m weightless in an interactive space station, good story too (probably the best vr space experience right now) And I can watch movies with friends in a realistic scale theatre with Big Screen. Currently waiting for Fallout 4 VR
  4. I'm down for an iPhone X, time to upgrade from my 2 yr old iPhone 6s+
  5. Steam streaming is better than any other game streaming out there (including nvidia gamestream and xbox streaming), absolutely no stutters with Steam streaming
  6. I'm currently building the biggest computer I ever built, a 1600lb server rack beast.
  7. 9-9-99 (US release) to 9-9-17 Dreamcast old enough to vote, still waiting for sequel console
  8. It had its 10 years; onto the new
  9. The 570x case was unfortunately rushed to the market late last year with an unfinished PSU cover that showed all the fugly excess wires. So my coworkers machined and painted a custom shroud end for me
  10. Try loosening your CPU cooler slightly? If your cooler is on too tight it could crush the pins and make the dimm slots not work correctly. Happened to me before
  11. How many sticks you running? I had to pull out two sticks and downgrade to 32 GB so I can run them at 3200. Overclocking 4 sticks of 64GB is too hard on the memory controller and led to bsods and overclocking boot failures
  12. R600 was similar 10 years ago. Overhyped, was to be faster than the 8800 GTX. Was going to kick Nvidia's ass and make them drive down their prices. Complications arose and then finally released as a budget card HD 2900 XT and was slower than even the 8800 GT
  13. Put some rgb led strips in my glass tower, now it's all rave party mode
  14. I've noticed that same jumping temp behavior on two different 7700K systems and even my 6700K, but if it's shutting down then then try another cooler or reapply thermal paste
  15. I'd go with the Samsung 960 M.2 they're pretty good The new x299 boards can run those m.2 drives in RAID 0, which is pretty crazy
  16. Also making an effort to eliminate all mechanical hard disk storage, for a fully solid state system. Currently starting out with NVME boot drive and dual 1tb SSDs for games and storage. It will still take awhile to match the mass storage space I once had with HDDs
  17. And Titan X Pascal just sold for $950. Was originally going to use it until Volta released, but unloading it for a faster and cheaper 1080ti (with a radiator to boot) would actually make me some money back. So yeah more power, more money
  18. Was debating upgrading my 6700K to 7700K, but after building a few 7700K systems for Disney at work, stress testing them showed them being a little too hot for my liking. I just got the 1080 Ti Seahawk X, which comes pre-overclocked at about 2ghz. The aio rad is nice as it doesn't throttle under load. Now I'm trying to sell my Titan X Pascal Some pics of the Corsair 570x glass case with the old Titan X installed
  19. So should I switch my z170 to an x99 so I can stuff 128GB RAM? Or should I wait until DDR4 32GB sticks come out?
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