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  1. Here's a test. Lets see if I can post Cyberpunk images in 16K without causing browser crashes
  2. Took me 6 hours to get through act 1 the first time, and 3 hours on my second character. Act 2 you get the whole city, and everything’s ultra populated since there’s no more lockdown
  3. Finally got the iconic Quadra (car from the preview trailers)
  4. Fixed the HDR issue on the XB Series X version by turning the midtones down to 1, and raising the max nits to 1000
  5. Will run on low or medium 1080p. I do know someone with a GTX 970 though and it runs pretty bad on that
  6. The real city is huge once you get past act 1. Feels next gen
  7. Colors are perfect on the PC, however on the Series X colors are really grey and washed out, tweaking the hdr doesn't seem to do anything...
  8. I'm playing ultra everything, but the raytracing doesn't even reflect your character, so it's like screen space reflections regardless. Kinda disappointing Also doubled down and got it on the Xbox Series X, since I was curious how it would run on its velocity ssd. It won't be getting raytracing until next year though
  9. Yeah screeenshots are fuzzy due to all that DLSS probably
  10. So psyched to actually be playing this finally
  11. 6900XT beating the 3090 in most games... Is this the year I go red??
  12. Dang was holding out for the 3090, but the new reviews are a bit of a let down. DLSS 8K is not 8K resolution, its most likely 5K with AI sharpening. One benefit I see though is the 24gb VRAM being able to crank games to 16K+ without crashing, for large screenshots without stitching things together
  13. Haha it wasn't me, it was these guys using bots https://twitter.com/BounceAlerts
  14. I think the 3090 replaces the Titan X in this series, has the extra price premium and the VRAM
  15. Some reviews are up on the 3080. Seems like a 4K champ https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-review
  16. Jet Set Radio, first cel-shaded game. Impressed me 20 years ago, looked like an actual cartoon
  17. Starlancer - Early predecessor to Freelancer and Star Citizen
  18. 9.9.99 - 9.9.20 Dreamcast was the first next gen console after PSX and N64! It then was Sega’s last console. It is now old enough to drink! I’ll post some old emulated games here soon
  19. Wondering if 8700K will bottleneck a 3090 card
  20. https://www.twitch.tv/nvidia Livestream
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