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  1. I always liked the way it was handled in STALKER. Gear is the only place you can find stats, and the difference in raw damage between the best and worst guns isn't huge. Throw in artifacts augmentations to spice up gameplay and add variety but avoid lazy "+50% bullet resistance" nonsense. Sadly, even STALKER had exoskeletons that made you substantially resistant to gunfire, while providing next to no protection from anomalies... because reasons. Skill upgrades can be limited to non-combat stuff for all I care. Never been a fan of contrivances like drunk aiming in Deus Ex or VATS, or the o
  2. Heh. I don't think you mislabeled anything. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck... However, you may have underestimated the proclivity of some Americans for condescendingly explaining how it's actually an American duck, not at all like the ducks anywhere else in the world, by quoting some 200-year old legal language that doesn't explicitly mention ducks. And only to finally concede that functionally... it is a duck. I mean, the argument that the President isn't a HoS because of the limited scope of the office's powers is silly because HoS elsewhere are basically ceremonial fig
  3. Some people check the news while having their breakfast. I browse these forums. The general gaming forum is fun and I get most of my gaming news from there... it's sort of a curated news site commentated by people I know not to be bots, hype bandwagoneers or 12-year olds. And I enjoy reading random stuff here in WoT -- learned a lot over the years. It's nowhere near as hectic as other online communities, but it's not dead by any means. Obs being one of the few -if not the only- devs whose games I've consistently enjoyed over the years is another reason, obviously, though I don't really pa
  4. Yes, it's a bit of a feedback loop. The very dissatisfaction that arises from the sorry state of politics keeps driving people to cynicism and political extremes, which only exacerbates current problems with politics. Much as with the Social Security issues discussed previously, deep reforms are needed but those are impossible in the current climate of polarization -- even if there was someone with the political capital and will to undertake them. And as you said, in the so-called post-truth era, getting the other guy to agree that the day after today will be tomorrow is one hell of an accompl
  5. Yep. I'm thinking it would be much harder to "interfere" in US elections if sizable fractions of the US population weren't susceptible to the idea that their rulers are literal demon-worshipping paedophiles. But crying that big bad Vlad stole the election is much easier than working on fixing the underlying problems that make US internal stability so fragile.
  6. Because it's a system based on nothing but trust. Trust that the future will be at least as good as the present, and that's a notion that is under increasing scrutiny. As long as there are millions of people still paying into it, it won't collapse today, perhaps. But you aren't contributing into a big government savings program that will pay you your own money back and then some. You are paying for today's pensions, and trust that people still can and want to pay for your retirement in a few decades. Yet facts like increasing life expectancy and lower birth rates pose very real concerns. The U
  7. I seriously doubt that the relationship between you and your children was one of equals looking for common ground to build a mutually beneficial agreement on. That's how trade deals are supposed to work, even if in reality they may be more like a parent-children relationship with one side holding disproportionate power. Still, you'd have to argue that the agreement would be intrinsically good for all participants, which is frankly one hell of a tall order, for the analogy to work. If something is widely not well regarded, that alone is indeed sufficient reason to avoid going ahead with it
  8. It is, from a certain perspective. But that's the thing with moral relativism. Note that the complaint isn't that it couldn't work, but rather that it's "too evil" -- so much so that it threatens the suspension of disbelief. And yet there is no dearth of real-world counterparts of Caesar's Legion that have successfully convinced thousands that their values provide a solid foundation for building a -in their eyes- better society. That may seem abhorrent to us in our urban, Western, Judeo-Christian mindset but, after a nuclear holocaust and a century or two of contemplating the irradiated remain
  9. Odds are you won't be allowed to choose because you are far from alone in thinking that way, and pop immunization would need to reach 60-70% to start making this thing go away. Here, mistrust in these fast-tracked vaccines hovers around 43%, whereas trust in vaccines in general is fairly high.
  10. ME3 combat was fairly good, but it took them 3 games to get there. And then Andromeda wasn't as good. I'd expect a Bioware Souls-like to be downright terrible gameplay-wise. Several first few iterations, at least. A SWTOR 2 is never going to happen, but if DA4 and the new ME aren't bombs, we may yet see a KotOR 3.
  11. I guess I'm in the same boat as Lexx. I'll be keeping an eye on it, and probably get it when it's discounted. Even if it's just a bunch of upscaled textures and post processing filters à la ReShade, it may be worth it to play through once more. The bundled DLCs are a plus as well. And just to cover the cynicism quota: I fully expect it to be full of old bugs and introduce new ones, as per the time-honored Bioware custom. As always, I'll wait 6-12 months before considering a purchase.
  12. Orange man undoubtedly enjoyed the cult of personality being built around him. But he did not mean to tear up the Constitution. He didn't intend to remake society from the ground up, or favor violence as the ultimate political tool. A reactionary, racist populist with a penchant for abusing executive power? Sure, and that's bad enough. Not an actual potential Führer though and, memes aside, I doubt that any more than a very marginal fraction of his supporters would seriously endorse Trump taking up absolute power for life. I expect the American left to go back to sleep for the most part o
  13. That was an excerpt from the blog entry. It was missing this bit: "Meanwhile here at BioWare, a veteran team has been hard at work envisioning the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe. We are in early stages on the project and can't say any more just yet, but we’re looking forward to sharing our vision for where we'll be going next." I wonder if this means that DLC for the original versions will finally stop being absurdly expensive compared to the games themselves?
  14. Yes, but it's Macron, so you can bet that it's the result of the surge in popularty of National Rally (while his own is in free fall) rather than a genuine intention of "strengthening" anything other than his own position. France really is a bit of a mess currently and the outlook isn't good.
  15. I get what you're saying but... that kinda runs in the face of process standardization practices. Inefficiency and obsolescence aren't generally considered factors contributing to a system's security -- rather the opposite. Further, and I may be wrong, it looks to me that you wouldn't need to run a massive nation-wide fraud campaign to disrupt the election anyway. Seems that targeting a few select districts would be enough.
  16. Oof. Imagine a bank wanting to disassociate itself from you because you are hurting their image in the post-2008 world.
  17. A bit of a digression but... that's actually not how American "democracy" (but muh republic) works. Everyone's vote isn't worth the same (and indeed, in some states depending on what you vote, your vote may be worth **** all), due to the Electoral College and winner-takes-all setup they have going over there. I know this isn't exactly where you were going with that, but I'm not sure that a different way of assigning non-uniform and/or non-universal suffrage value would produce better results. An inherent risk of democracy is that it may collapse because those tasked with maintaining it ei
  18. No, I mean, really. Statistical inference is great and all, but is there any actual evidence that Trump's rallies have (indirectly) killed 700 people? There isn't, and the paper's authors are the first to admit it. This is all purely mathematical modeling. Of course, it may be possible to argue that the Trump Administration has to accept part of the blame for the failure to conduct effective contact tracing programs. But that's a more complex story, not to mention nowhere near as attention-grabbing as "TRUMP KILLED ELEVENTY BILLION!!1". Nuance is for chumps, and you can't very well f
  19. Heh. You can't possibly expect a poorly educated illegal immigrant teenager from a Muslim country to know that freedom of religion actually leads to less people dying than the alternative by many orders of magnitude, but that's exactly how it is. Euros don't live in secular states because of a whim. It is the practical application of the lessons learned during the unimaginably bloody Wars of Religion and Thirty Years' War, next to which the ISIS thing looks like a ****ing Sunday picnic. They literally do not know what they are pushing for. Remove the secular safeguards that prevent religi
  20. "Invitation"? "Advice"? "Urge to give up"? Perhaps you can clarify. Are those actual bans on activities? Is there any penalty for not observing restrictions? I get that government trust levels in Sweden are rather high and so maybe simply "invitations" and polite requests are enough to make people change their behavior, but the way that's worded is really weird to me if those are actual rules people don't get to use their own discretion about.
  21. Yeah, I was thinking icepick. That works too and I don't have to go to the hardware store. Thanks!
  22. Going through my thankfully small backlog, I've been thinking of trying to get into DA Inquisition, for the story. But every video and review I watch keeps reminding me of the impression that I got and led me to uninstall after two hours -- that it feels like a single player MMO. I have neither the time nor the energy for that, as I'm already busy with one MMO. Help?
  23. You expect something worse than a teacher being beheaded in broad daylight by a teenager to happen in the next few days? Heh, I hope not. It is 2020, though.
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