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  1. I didn't see this until today, but thanks for the consideration, and thanks for being modders!
  2. I still think that multiclassing subclasses would be great. A Streetfighter/Assassin could be fun. It doubt that it solves the power balance problem between single- and multi-class characters, but maybe if all characters had to choose two classes it would. Purist could choose Rogue/Rogue or whatever.
  3. Would something as simple as giving single-class characters an additional ability or talent every third or fourth level make it more balanced?
  4. When playing PoE, can anyone comment on how the ultra wide screen will allow you to open the convo/combat log up to the top without getting in the way of the action?
  5. I played through all the NWN 1 & 2 releases several times. NWN2's stories were much better, but my favorite module was for NWN1. I appreciate the improvements that were made to NWN2, but I was disappointed with the difficulty of the toolset. I would still love to tell stories via crpg but don't have the time or energy for learning a complicated toolset. I did much better with the NWN1 toolset but the angular graphics always bugged me.
  6. I haven't seen it mentioned but am curious to about how the game handles ultrawide screen monitors. It would be nice to have all the info on the sides out of the way of the action. Anyone use an ultrawide with PE or know anything about it?
  7. I always build fairly balanced characters. I'll have an attribute or two that are above average but nothing extreme. Now what would be cool is if my high dex buckswasher (aka rogue/fighter) actually appeared to be a very agile person as opposed to a brute.
  8. What would be cool is a spiritual successor to NWN, complete with super-easy toolset, taking place in Eora.
  9. Episodes would be cool. The survey I took today should have mentioned episodes for DLC. I guess it did mention smaller content, but I wasn't thinking episodes at the time. A few years ago when I was enthralled the with NWN module "A Dance with Rogues," I started designing my own campaign of 25-30 stand alone modules that would have told a bigger story when taken together. I'd still love to play something like that.
  10. I'd love to choose my multiclass name as well. In case I go the Rogue/Fighter route, I'm sure my character would not be a Swashbuckler. A Fighter/Rogue might be but not the other way around. A sneaky, two-dagger wielding figure appearing out of thin air is no swashbuckler.
  11. That sucks. I was already looking forward to being extra roguish! Scroll way down to see subclasses: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire?update=480#updates Rogue Assassin - From stealth or invisibility, weapon attacks have bonus damage, Penetration, and Accuracy. All incoming damage is increased. Streetfighter - Sneak Attack and crit damage increases when Flanked or Bloodied (<50% Health). Recovery is slower when neither Flanked nor Bloodied. Trickster - Gains access to Illusion spells from the wizard list. Sneak Attack deals less damage. I think a Streetfighter/Assassin would be great to play too. The Shadowdancer might be good. It seems better than DnD Shadowdancers. I've played Rogue/Monk characters a lot and love them, but I'm not a huge fan of Pillar's monk.
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