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  1. I was kinda making PoE, PoE2, and (the) PoE3 (of my dreams) analogous with creation, fall, and atonement. It was working for me at the time with the "purpose and meaning...would come to naught" given Eothas' designs for disruption.
  2. I was looking for news for a PoE3 and found this speech from 1981 instead: https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/bruce-r-mcconkie/three-pillars-eternity/ "The three pillars of eternity, the three events, preeminent and transcendent above all others, are the creation, the fall, and the atonement. These three are the foundations upon which all things rest. Without any one of them all things would lose their purpose and meaning, and the plans and designs of Deity would come to naught." I think Eothas is aware, so I thought I'd share.
  3. The game's not perfect. So what? There are problems, but how many things did this game get right? There are lots of parts to this game. Lots of parts that are spot on too. And obviously you enjoyed it because you didn't just finish the game once but are commenting about another play-though.
  4. Which are great. Thank you for the instructions. I ended up using paint.net and paint 3D. One question, though: where can I find the background that you use?
  5. Thanks, Heukalyptus, for the reply. Have you used this? I ask because when Ascended, focus is at zero. Or is it a condition that is worded as such but is really intended specifically for being ascended? Also, do you (or anyone) know if the mod will work mid-game?
  6. I've tried a few things and have searched to no avail--how do I program the AI to take advantage of the ascendant subclass?
  7. Nearing the end of another play-through and am using the The Healing Wall build on this page--thank you Climhazzard and TheMetaphysician! This character will be a staple for me here on out.
  8. I couldn't agree more. I think this game is pretty amazing. The sheer number of everything in multiple categories is staggering--classes and subclasses to multiclass, armors, weapons, consumables, wizard spells, cipher spells, druid spells, chanter spells, priest spells, types of bonuses or maluses, character voices, interactions, alignments and reputations, and many more without even mentioning how all of these things react with each other. The depth of the themes are worthy of adult consideration. The fact that you can't kill the god at the end I appreciate so much, and I can't help but thin
  9. The (PotD) SSS challenges were all tough but doable except for one: I never beat the constructs. Even destroying the thing in the middle right off, I was wiped out after 2-3 rounds of them every time. They were so much more difficult than any of the other challenges that I thought it was a bug.
  10. In a couple of decades, a few Obsidian expatiates will start a company to finally release PoE3 based on the secret, but shelved plans no one can bare to look at right now.
  11. I increasingly wonder if they can play their cards right. The comments from people who praise this games seem to be of a different caliber than those from the unimpressed. Anyone not seeing how brilliant this game is probably will not take the time with a third installment to do so either. I imagine that it is difficult for a lot of people to appreciate that the narrative that drives the game-play in Deadfire is not a straight forward kill the big bad. The philosophical and religious musings, I bet, get clicked through without much thought, leaving little story to guide random tasks. Still, I
  12. Thank you, all, for enlightening me. I had no idea how complicated this would be. Bit overwhelming, so my brain splinters with possibilities. But a sassy, solo assassin with Wael's scepter seems suitable. What difficulty do any of you think would be appropriate for a solo, pure assassin. The game I'm finishing is expert PotD with all of the companions.
  13. I'm close to finishing my first play-through with an Assassin/Paladin and am thinking about starting again. I almost always play rogues and want to play another assassin, but I really want to focus more on stealth, assassinate, invisibility--which has been a disappointment with my current game. I've been reading these forum and doing a lot a searches for build tips, but I think I'm missing something key. Can anyone help me with: 1. How does salvation of time create unlimited invisibility? No, I haven't play tested this, but the description say that SoT adds 10 second of beneficial ef
  14. I didn't see this until today, but thanks for the consideration, and thanks for being modders!
  15. I still think that multiclassing subclasses would be great. A Streetfighter/Assassin could be fun. It doubt that it solves the power balance problem between single- and multi-class characters, but maybe if all characters had to choose two classes it would. Purist could choose Rogue/Rogue or whatever.
  16. Would something as simple as giving single-class characters an additional ability or talent every third or fourth level make it more balanced?
  17. When playing PoE, can anyone comment on how the ultra wide screen will allow you to open the convo/combat log up to the top without getting in the way of the action?
  18. I played through all the NWN 1 & 2 releases several times. NWN2's stories were much better, but my favorite module was for NWN1. I appreciate the improvements that were made to NWN2, but I was disappointed with the difficulty of the toolset. I would still love to tell stories via crpg but don't have the time or energy for learning a complicated toolset. I did much better with the NWN1 toolset but the angular graphics always bugged me.
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