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  1. Swords are a good option. Modwyr is a top 5 weapon, and Watcher's Blade has +20% raw lash. The modal is the best in the game IMO if you don't need deflection and you can ignore immunities by targeting other defense.
  2. Thanks to @Powerotti for the template. The Boomer is named as such because he hits enemies so hard they literally explode. The combination of an extremely high crit chance with tons of crit and damage multipliers will make most of your hits crit, and finishing enemies with Barbaric Smash will pretty much guarantee a crit (150~200 damage each blow) making enemies go boom. So you better like seeing the kill cam trigger, because you will be seeing it a lot. After my first playthrough I tried this one again but with more optimized stats and Berath's Blessings, and even not using the most minmax character possible, because I was playing an Aumaua to continue my PoE1 story, this build is by far the strongest one I tried. It got so strong in fact that I was unable to play other DPS character because they felt underwhelming in comparison. It is very simple to play: Open fights with Rakhan boots in such a way that you get in the middle of the enemies to get flanked, then use crippling strike and finish with Smash. Very few enemies in the game can survive this and after downing a few enemies the rest will have taken enough Carnage damage so that you can finish them off right away with Smash. All of your Barbarian resources are pretty much to reactivate Frenzy. When flanked, always activate weapon modals that increase damage, it'll barely reduce your attack speed. This is specially strong with Axes. This build on later levels has very high survivability as a combination of around 700 HP (With Berath's Bless), AR of 16 with Pallegina using Aura + Shining Bulwark, healing every time you down an enemy or crit and damage reduction. Very high HP means that when you get bloodied, you will be bloodied for a long time before needing to heal. Extremely high PEN too, because of Frenzy + Crits. Difficulty: PotD v. 5.0 Solo: No - low deflection and healing that depends on crits make it too dangerous. Also, self-inflicting damage. Class: Berserker/Streetfighter Race: Human or Orlan Background: Deadfire Archipelago or White that Wends Party: Herald Pallegina, Scout Maia, Wizard Aloth and Priest Xoti. Import from PoE1: Gift from the Machine + Sacrifice Devil of Caroc Attributes: Might - 11 (10 if Orlan) Constitution - 18 base Dexterity - 18 base Perception - 18 base Intellect - 10 base Resolve - 4 base Equipment: Head: Thaos' Headdress - Combo with Persistent Distraction Back: Champion's Cape - Import a character to get it or ask someone for a save Neck: Precognition or Charm of Bones Armor: Devil of Caroc Breastplate - Enchant with Devil's due and Mechanical Mind Waist: The Undying Burden Hands: Hylea's Talons - More damage, why not? Rings: Ring of Prosperity's Fortune and Voidward - Crits and protection against Frenzy Boots: Rakhan Field Boots - Per encounter ability that works as teleport + full attack + AoE debuff Pet: Abraham Weapon: Modwyr + Magran's Favor - +40% attack speed, 20% lash on each, DoT, per encounter ability and immunity to confused. Also, always keep Half-Sword on, since your deflection sucks anyway, for permanent +2 PEN. Switch to Grave Calling or Stalker's Patience when fighting vessels or enemies with low piercing defense. Food: Captain's Banquet or Mohorā Wraps Prostitute bonus: Konstanten Abilities: Barbarian: Thick skinned, Blood Storm, Bloodlust, Bloody slaughter, Blooded, Barbaric Smash, Interrupting blows, Unflinching, Blood Thirst, Brute Force. - The only downside here is not using One Stands Alone, since you want to get Flanked as much as possible, so the fewer enemies needed the better. Rogue: Escape, Crippling Strike, Confounding Blind, Dirty fighting, Devastating Blow, Persistent Distraction, Deep Wounds, Deathblows. - Confounding Blind is used against bosses and enemies with very high deflection. Crippling Strike is enough against the rest. Other: Two Weapon style, Improved critical, Uncanny Luck, Tough.
  3. I just tried what you suggested, but the game tags the character as being created with Cheats, so I can't import him.
  4. Hi guys, I was just finishing the SSS challenges in my current playthrough, and realized that there is a Cape version of the champion's helmet that is only rewarded to godlike watchers (thanks, Obsidian). Availeable Capes are overall very underwhelming for my build (Berserker/Streetfighter), and pretty much any DPS build. But the Champion's one gives +3% damage and action speed per enemy engaged, which is pretty good for streetfighter. The only way I would be able to get it would be by starting a new playthrough with a godlike build, making my way to SSS (at least around lvl 16) and beating the game's hardest fights again... or someone here could export a character with the cape if they have it. Is it possible? Another possibility is for someone to give me a save file with the cape, so I can export it myself. Help me complete my build, that cape slot has been filled with a mediocre Cloak of greater protection througout the entire game!
  5. Yeah maybe I wasn't clear enough. I'm talking legit without the fight lasting for half an hour+ with Grog and hit n run. It aint. fun anyways, this way or in 2 minutes using Scordeo's Edge
  6. I tried an Assassin/Bleakwaler build, and got surprised by how underwhelming it was. Yes, it could one shot any enemy early game, but after your resources were exhausted it was just a weaker Maia. Also, enemies later on would have enough HP not to be killed with assassinate. Even using the best setup for assassinate in the game (Dragon's Dowry with +30% lash and FoD) and critin the damage will cap around 250. With that if you follow this build many enemies and bosses would give you trouble later on.
  7. My current (second) playthrough: Marauder/Streetfighter MC for DPS that doubles as a tank Pallegina Herald as tank and support Aloth pure Wizard for CC Xoti pure Priest for support Maia Scout for DPS and picking off annoying distant enemies In my original playthrough I had both Eder and Pallegina as tanks and no Maia. My current party is so much more effective, since I discovered that I can use the Marauder's high HP to tank even with low deflection, also synergizes amazingly with streetfighter. I remember in my original playthrough Eder standing still doing nothing as my MC had to go around the battle killing all enemies. Now he has Maia to do that much faster and no idle companions.
  8. I'd say none of them are cheap except for Dorudugan, but the Blob also required infinite resources. A way to give brilliant to your Priest is a must. The easiest method using only companions is to bring Seraphen along and cast Ancestor's memory on Xoti, then you can keep using Salvation of Time to keep the buff forever. For Belranga you'll need a good tank and everyone eat shark soups. The way I did was to keep distracting her with summons and attack when her deflection is very low and abuse on crit effects like knockdown and paralyze. For Silgilmaster you'll need everyone to eat Captain's banquet and someone with Llengrath's reflection and maelstrom scrolls to destroys the sigils quickly. After the lightning and Chaotic orb ones are destroyed, it is an easy fight. For the blob just bring Seraphen or your Cipher MC and use the Ancestor Memory + SoT combo, keep everyone together using ranged weapons and constantly healing. Then when it is at very low health cast every accuracy buff you have and empower Disintegrate against it, and it will not split. Dorudugan is stupid. I hate it, there is no way to kill him legit. Just use Ancestor's memory + SoT then can BDD on a frontliner using Scordeo's edge and keep using SoT when the zero recovery triggers. The most boring fight in the game. Also, your frontliner need to have at least one injury and be using Rekvu's Helmet which makes you immune to interrupt. To get an injury without hurting yourself, go to the Outcast's Respite and drink from magic water.
  9. Thanks for the great answer. I'm not thinking about blessing myself to level 4 because it makes me feel less invested in my character. There is some value on starting with a weak ass lvl 1 and getting to lvl 20, at least to me. Maybe I was dumb to do Poko Kohara at level 8 the first time then, though I think it was the recommended level, which is kinda ludicrous considering the extremely hard encounters there (2 drakes, giant, banshee, skeletons, Pwgra). I remember almost dropping the game back then.
  10. Hi guys, I finished the game for the first time around 1 year ago. Loved it and is probably the game I want to replay the most. Problem is, I played on PotD upscaled, and having finished a 100% playthrough, I couldn't change the difficulty or the game would feel to easy. But I remember the beginning being brutal, specially for martial classes, and the game only really became fun once my build started to come together, and that was around lvl 8. So is there a guide for levelling fast without getting into hard quests early (Cornett's call, Poko Kohara etc)?
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