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  1. After recently finishing Deadfire with my imported save I'm thinking about a possible triple crown playthrough. In my original save I'd sacrificed the Devil of Caroc and had not gotten the Gift from the machine. On this new playthrough I would like to have both a blood sacrifice and the gift. Preferably Maneha since she gives +1 MIG. Is there a way to craft the story in the beginning to get these? If not, would anyone share an endgame save with these features?
  2. Now I'm not sure. It was one of the builds for inifinite assassinte that I devised, the other being multi with tactician and exploiting Smoke Cloud to make everyone distracted and trigger Brilliant. The Mindstalker one seemed better because there is no RNG involved with enemies being immune or having very high defenses.
  3. Both multis have very powerful builds that will work on PotD upscaled. You don't need to trade power for flavor here, just have both.
  4. Assassin/Ascendant seems broken OP by endgame. Start combat by shooting a mythical arquebus point blank, twice -> reach Ascendant status -> cast Ancestor's Memory -> invis and Assassinate again -> repeat Probably what I'll try on a next playthrough.
  5. Just killed the bitch. It is the worst fight in the entire game. I could smell my PC frying when she died and activated the remaining sigils. The game became a slideshow.
  6. Well technically when you find sigils, totems and other inanimate enemy types combat does not start when you approach them. What I didn't like was Auranic immortality that is not explained as an active effect and cannot be circumvented, even when Marux Amanth does not list any exception. To me if using all sigils is an ability (and it is) it should be a viable strategy to not let her use it.
  7. Hi all, I've been having a world of trouble against Sigilmaster Auranic, mostly due to my MC Marauder, which is great for killing Auranic himself, but basically does nothing against the sigils. My main strategy was to equip Scordeo's Edge and Slayer's Claw and stunlock him with interrupts. It worked... until he decided to activate all of the sigils at once. The bizarre thing is that using all the sigils is an active ability, and my MC was interrupting him, this with him at 0 health, but he wouldn't die before activating it. Then only AFTER he activates all the sigils he can be killed
  8. Thanks, Now I understand the fight but still have problems with assigning party members. My MC DPS is the source of 90% of my damage, and he and Aloth pretty much kill the Oracle by themselves, Aloth debuffing with paralyze. But since they are killing the Oracle, they can't kill the minions, and Eder, Pallegina and my Priest are not damage dealers. The minions also constantly ignore Eder and Pallegina.
  9. I reached the ending fight of FS yesterday, and although it does not seem nightmarishly difficult, there are some elements that I do not understand about the Oracle and there is absolutely no info about him on the wiki. I've killed him a couple of times, but I died to his minions, which there are plenty of. How do they spawn? Does it have to do with HP remaining? What do the targetable objects in the arena do? I did destroy some, but nothing happened. I believe that the Hindsight buff the Oracle has is linked to his immunity to flanking. Can I turn it off (without arcane dampere
  10. Fast travel, at least through the maps you've already been to. I'm pretty sure some 20% of my Deadfire playtime was spent sailing.
  11. That's surprising. The only megaboss I've killed so far was specifically Hauani o Whe and as boring as it was, once I figured out the padrons and got one more DPS I did manage to kill it without much trouble, other than using some healing potions since Eder had to go to the other side of the screen to tank of one the blobs once it separated. Granted, I used chanter summons as bait. In SSS however, regardless of how long challenges were, if I did not do something specific at the very beginning it was a sure loss. The Nagas for example. If I didn't at least destroy the totems immedia
  12. I "did". As I said, some of the challenges are simply not possible depending on your party. The Shades might be the worst example, but it is not doable with a DPS MC like mine. One needs a party built for such and encounter, and I don't think this is good design.
  13. I thought PotD in POE1 to be way more manageable, since enemies only got a fixed bump when upscaled whereas in POE2 they scale to your level, or in bosses cases, up to 2 or 3 levels above you, even if at level 20. By level 16 in POE1 I could destroy everything, which to me is not a problem if you minmax and go after the best gear. In POE2 I think I just managed to reach the end of the DLC BECAUSE I minmax and have the best gear. With like a flavour character the DLC is impossible. Hell, maybe even the main game is. If that happened, maybe Obsidian should've tried a midd
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