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Found 3 results

  1. I haven't been able to find any lists of items/abilities, etc that give certain immunities, resistances, or stackable effects, which I always prefer to refer to before planning a new run, and try out new fun builds. So I made my own list based off of own extensive excel notes, and some wiki details. I've only completed 6 playthroughs so am no means familiar with all the abilities and classes, especially since I multiclass most of the time, so if any of the abilities listed are off or mistakenly listed, please let me know. Firstly, the exceedingly strong immunities, that prevent adverse status effects and afflictions, and prevents your own inspirations from being removed by debuffs. And resistances to afflictions, that downgrade an affliction by a tier, which is exceedingly useful to have partywide resistances to prevent the corresponding strong Tier 3 afflictions, while shrugging off annoying Tier 1 afflictions. Immunity to Engagement / being engaged by enemies: Grog (pet) also prevents any engagement Magnificent Escape Cape (cape, <50% hp, 1/encounter) Escape, etc (Rogue/Priest of Skaen abilities) Deleterious alacrity of motion, etc (Wizard spells) Wild sprint (Barbarian ability) Potion of invisibility (potion) Immunity to Disengagement attack: (disengagement attacks still proc but turn into miss) Gipon Prudensco (light armor) Nomad's brigandine (heavy armor) Immunity to Flanked: Gipon Prudensco (light armor) Squid's escape (weapon - rapier) Kapana Taga (weapon - club) Immunity to Push/pull: Horns of the Aurochs (helm) Upright Captains belt (belt) Immunity to Interrupt: Rekvu's Fractured Casque (helm) Immunity to Reflex attacks: Eder's Saint's War Armor (medium armor) Immunity to fire damage: Rekvu's scorched cloak (cloak), fire damage heals instead Immunity to disease/poison: Spider silk robe (cloth armor) Righteous soul (paladin passive) Khapa tea (food/drink) Antidote (potion) Purge of toxins (druid ability) Immunity to Might afflictions: Effigy's Husk (cloth armor) Shark soup (food) Immunity to Constitution afflictions: Rekvu's Stained Grasps (gloves, while injured) Bardatto's Luxury (weapon - mace, >50% hp) Shark soup (food) Immunity to Dexterity afflictions: Spider silk robe (cloth armor) Sandals of the water lily (boots) Shark soup (food) Form of the Delemgan (druid ability) AOE Shatter their shackles... (chanter invocation) AOE Immunity to Perception afflictions: Effigy's Husk (cloth armor) Captain's banquet (food) Slippery mind (rogue passive, <50% health) Immunity to Intellect afflictions: Modwyr (weapon - sword) Captain's banquet (food) Slippery mind (rogue passive, <50% health) Immunity to Resolve afflictions: Cap of the laughingstock (helm, applies to all including enemies) Captain's banquet (food) Effort (weapon - greatsword, <25% health) Slippery mind (rogue passive, <50% health) Rejoice my comrades... (chanter invocation) Resistance to Might afflictions: Coastal aumaua (race) Boots of the Stone (boots) Garari Cuirass (light armor) Magnera's Chain (medium armor) Unflinching (barb passive, >50% health) Body Control (fighter passive) Potion of the resilient body (potion) Seven men.. (Chanter phrase) AOE Resistance to Constitution afflictions: Mountain dwarf (race) Devil of Caroc's breastplate (medium armor) Iron gut (paladin passive) One dozen.. (chanter phrase) AOE Unflinching (barb passive, >50% health) Potion of the resilient body (potion) Resistance to Dexterity afflictions: Wood elf (race) Gwyn's bridal garter (belt) Engwithan bracers (gloves) Cipher's shackle (necklace) Boots of the white (boots) Lucero (pet) Unflinching (barb passive, >50% health) Unstoppable (fighter passive) Seven men.. (Chanter phrase) AOE Resistance to Perception afflictions: Defiant Apparel (helm, while not flanked) Blinky (pet) Ring of mule's wit (ring) Eder's Saint's War Armor (medium armor) Clear head (paladin passive) They shielded.. (Chanter phrase) AOE Svef (drug) Resistance to Intellect afflictions: Devil of Caroc's breastplate (medium armor) Ring of mule's wit (ring) Mental fortress (paladin passive) They shielded.. (Chanter phrase) AOE Svef (drug) Potion of the focused mind (potion) Resistance to Resolve afflictions: Wild orlan (race) Horns of the bleak mother (helm) Wahaki Tua (necklace) Eviee (pet) Ring of mule's wit (ring) One dozen.. (chanter phrase) AOE Fearless (fighter passive) Svef (drug) Potion of the focused mind (potion) Next are the defensive buffs that may be useful for min/maxing or planning builds. Note all active effects/abilities do not stack, including chants, modals, food, etc. Although some such as Crit to hit %, etc sometimes do stack. And some %s are for all effects, while some are specific to certain weapons, styles or other conditions, which I have listed. However, all passive skills, equipment enchantments and abilities do stack. Refer to this for more details: Stacking Rules - Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Walkthrough & Guide - GameFAQs (gamespot.com). Incoming Crit to Hit : Critical Defense (fighter passive) - 10%-25% chance (25% in community patch) Potion of Insubstantial Form (potion), 25% chance Nerian's Ward (medium shield), 15% chance Girdle of mortal protection (belt), 15% chance Robies of the Weyc (cloth armor) - 10% chance Swift Hunter's Garb (light armor) - 10% chance Bonnie, etc (pets), 10% chance, party effect Incoming Hit to Graze : Llengrath's displace image (wizard/trickster/priest of wael ability), 30% chance Deflection or reflex targeting only Potion of Insubstantial Form (potion), 25% chance Pale Hide (light armor) - 20% chance Nomad's Brigandine (heavy armor) - 20% chance No allies within 4m Garari Cuirass (light armor) - 15% chance Nerian's Ward (medium shield), 15% chance Helm of the Falcon (helm), 15% chance against Ranged Against ranged weap only Robies of the Weyc (cloth armor) - 10% chance Swordsman's bracers (gloves) - 10% chance Fleshmender (light armor) - 5% chance Bonnie, etc (pets), 5% chance, self Chauncy, etc (pets), 5% chance, party effect Incoming Graze to Miss: Potion of Insubstantial Form (potion), 25% chance Wintertide Bulwark (large shield) - 20% chance while afflicted Nerian's Ward (medium shield), 15% chance Robies of the Weyc (cloth armor) - 10% chance Helm of the White Void (helm), 10% chance Enemies Engaged / increased engagements: Defender stance (fighter modal) +3 engagements One Dozen Stood (heavy armor) +3 engagements max Scales with decreasing health Tactical Meld (Cipher ability), +3 engagements Barbaric shout, etc (barbarian abilities), +3 engagements Champion's boon (priest ability), +3 engagements to ally to ally Kapana Taga (weapon - club) +2 engagements Contender's Armor (medium armor) +1 engagement Reckless Brigandine (heavy armor) +1 engagement Blackened plate armor (heavy armor) +1 engagement Blackened Plate Helm (helm) +1 engagement Hold the line (fighter passive) +1 engagement Unbroken (fighter class) +1 engagement Persistent distraction (rogue passive) +1 engagement Spear modal (weapon, spear) +1 engagement spear only The silver knight.. (Chanter phrase) +1 engagement AOE Last Word (weapon, warhammer), +1 engagement Shield (shield, any) +1 engagement Maura's Grasping Belt (belt) +1 engagement Druid spiritshift bear/boar (druid ability), +1 engagement The King's Coffin Sailor's Berth (rest), +1 engagement Thick skinned (barbarian passive) +1 engagement Engagement mastery (paladin shieldbearer passive) +1 engagement Reduced damage (all sources): Take the hit (figher ability), 50% DR to allies - redirected to self Applies to allies only, at cost of self damage Defender stance (fighter modal) 5% DR per engaged target Scales with more engagements Forgetful Night (food/drink), 20% DR all sources Death's Maw (helm), 15% DR for 10s when nearly enemy killed Honey Wine Hen (food), 15% DR Furrante's Breastplate (medium armor), 10% DR to allies, at cost of self DR Apply to allies only, at cost of self DR Cadhu Scalth (large shield), 5% DR Scales with Metaphysics skill Pallegina's armor variations (medium armor), 5% DR Scales with decreasing health Mouth Char (drug), 5% DR Reduced damage (conditional): Large shield modal (large shield only), 50% against ranged or reflex targeting only large shield, and against ranged or reflex targeting only The Undying Burden (belt), 10-30% DR against weapon Scales with decreasing health Wahai Poraga (weapon, pollaxe), 20% DR against melee when launching attack every time when launching attack Nerian's Ward (medium shield), 15% DR against weapons Scales with decreasing health Saint's war armor (medium armor), 10% crush and slash DR Claim and Refusal (necklace), 10% DR against melee also -10% damage output Pukestabber (weapon, dagger), 10% DR against melee under effect of alcohol Garari Cuirass (light armor), 5% DR against weapon or spells Rekvu's scorched cloak (cloak), 100% fire DR - Iridescent Scale (medium armor), 10% corrode/shock & 10% burn/freeze DR Vampiric (% damage converted to heal): [2 different types, received damage vs attack damage] Unbending, etc (fighter ability), 25%-33% [received damage] converted to HP Steel Garrote (paladin steel garrote passive), 15% [attack damage] converted to HP flanked/afflicted targets Old siec... (chanter phrase), 12% [attack damage] converted to HP, AOE Resistance (or miss chance/evasion): Miscreant's leather (light armor) -5% chance ALL Uncanny Luck (passive - all classes) - 5% chance ALL Medium shield modal (medium shield only), 30% chance against weapons medium shield only Humility (cloth armor), 10% chance slash/pierce/crush Cabalist's Gambeson (light armor) -5% chance against ranged Aegor's Swift Touch (gloves) - 5% chance against ranged Spell resistance (passive, all) - 10% chance against spells Spell reflect (hostile spells): Arcane reflection, etc (wizard spells) - 100% chance for 15-50 spell levels - reflect up to 15-50 spell levels Potion of Arcane reflection, etc (potions), 50%-75% chance Wild Mare Konstanten's Massage (rest), 30% chance Cabalist's Gambeson (light armor) -10% chance Pearlescent Helstone Helm (helm) - 10% chance Collar of Eothas' Light (necklace) - 10% chance daytime only Mirrorback (cape) - 10% chance Hostile effect duration decrease (% or value): Clarity of agony (monk ability), -50% duration Ring of solitary Wanderer (ring), -35% duration no allies within 20m Mohora Wraps (food), -30% duration Svef (drug), -25% duration Potion of cleansing Purge (potion), -25% duration Tikawara Gentle Breeze (rest), -25% duration Orishia (necklace), -20% duration random effect per encounter Outworn Buckler (small shield) - 5% or 10% duration (Darcozzi Paladin) AOE Strand of Favor (necklace), -10% duration Cabalist's Gambeson (light armor) -10% duration Streetsweeper (weapon, quarterstaff), -10 seconds on hit Clarity of agony (monk ability), -5 seconds Minor Intercession (prirest ability) -5 seconds Beneficial effect duration increase (% or value): Luminous Bathhouse The Abyss (rest), +25% duration Mari Crudia (food), +15% duration Roe (food), +15% duration Cabalist's Gambeson (light armor) +10% duration Strand of Favor (necklace), +10% duration Effigy's Resentment - sacrifice Zahua, +5% duration Ooblit (pet), +3 seconds, self Salvation of time (priest ability), +10 seconds Wall of draining (wizard ability), +1 second per enemy drained effect
  2. Hi guys, I just start playing back PoE with my new White March after nearly 2 months break. Playing Cipher I'm a bit puzzled by some Immunities. It says that cipher powers base on manipulation of soul. So why animats or fampyrs or guls etc. which have, a bit roughen up, but otherwise normal soul that make their existence possible are immune to some of my powers(like charm or confusion)? I have feeling that idea of these immunities is blindly taken from other systems like dnd and incorporated here. Unfortunately some of them does not make sense here. I am a bit disappointed. What do you think? Thanks Aras
  3. I, personally, find this conceit of some games to be kind of . . . annoying. Resistances? Okay. Armor that reduces damage from some sources? Okay. But needing to have: The Bludgeon weapon The Piercing weapon The Slashing weapon The Adamantine sword The Silver sword The Cold Iron sword The Lawful sword The Chaotic sword The Good sword The Evil sword The Epic sword The Wood sword The Crystal sword The Adamantine and Good sword The Silver AND Good sword . . . Just to do reasonable damage to most monsters is kind of . . . insane. Not to mention the fact that you can't REALLY build that Fire Specialist mage because, like, 1/3 of the mobs in the game are FLAT OUT IMMUNE to fire. And if you do a fire/acid specialist, there's still always gonna be some that are immune to both. And PLAYERS never get IMMUNITY gear. Let's have resistances, sure. But I'd really prefer to ditch outright immunities unless they're extremely specific or only on unique boss mobs where it's pretty dang obvious. Let certain creatures be immune to Piercing weapons (and have weapons that do 2 or more damage types), maybe or have the Fire Dragon be immune to fire. But don't let's be crazy.
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