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  1. Option to turn in quest to the robot on Gorgon is not available. Individuals have reported this to be a bad interaction with the new DLC. I am having the same issue.
  2. I think at some point the areas should scale with character level. I believe this could be possible even if they were to add this to TOW2 because as you said if you go back to Edgewater for any reason you can one punch anything at late game.
  3. I was reading a post on here this one to be exact. This got me thinking. The Outer Worlds Two is going to be a more refined version of the first game so it probably won't have the exact same tone. So I was thinking how could they improve on the already great game that they have. I would like to hear your guys opinions as well but I was thinking if they went with a We Happy Few mashed with Fallout New Vegas feel it could really work. The cooperate guards could really care if you are a "freelancer" and if you didn't have an actual job. There could be jobs you participate in game to earn a few bits as well. There could also be certain stipulations in certain situations where they expect you to be pumped full of Adrena-Time for example because you are a loyal worker. Also there is the idea that if you are caught colluding with other companies you could be considered a cooperate spy. Anyway that's my two cents.
  4. I don't think this is possible. I could be wrong but I believe that enemies reset after three days. So traveling to planets/ sleeping (if you sleep for 24 hours three times) etc. I do believe count as one day. I could be wrong as I haven't been able to test the whole traveling = a day theory. In simple terms no I do not believe there is any built in command nor a external mod that makes this possible. Though once again, I could be wrong as I haven't really looked into this a ton.
  5. I actually touched on this in my DLC idea forum. The random repeatable jobs are a really good idea. I also want to say that TOW-DLC POG got really dark that didn't really match the overall tone of the game as well. I won't get into specifics but I felt edgy the entire time. If you read the terminal messages in the base game the content is fairly dark though. But I do tend to agree with this post.
  6. Confirmed on Xbox One Digital Edition. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional. However, it doesn't make since to inform the player more than one time.
  7. The second in command of the Iconoclast snubs you for not getting her medical supplies then she precedes to wage war on MSI knowing that they have medical supplies and guns. I suggest the there be an option to let one of your companions be the middle man to negotiate as well as another option to apologize and rectify your mistake by getting medical supplies for her. This can patch the story up a bit as well as let the factions make peace. You could then make the punishment instead of all out war be that you don't get a unique weapon. Just food for thought.
  8. This could be fun I will try and see what I find when I get a chance!
  9. The mind control ray on Xbox one does not show the ammo casing being swapped out. Instead it shows a hand going to remove the spent ammo and replacing it with nothing. The ammo never gets removed etc it just stays attached.
  10. I can agree with this. However, content is something that the community is asking for and I know I am really grateful to receive a DLC like this. Its easier to sometimes reuse assets to rush/ push up a deadline instead of creating entirely new assets. One of the reasons that a modding community would be really nice if it were possible. There are alot of 3D assets that Obsidian could then take advantage of with the help of the community. In addition community made maps/ content are always charming. The issue with this is that the Unreal engine as I understand it is an Epic Games engine and enabling modding capabilities into a system like that is difficult without having an "unbaked project" allowing for raw files to be viewed as well as raw code. There are workarounds of course however those are third party. I digress, Obsidian has a ton on their plate with everything in the works in their studio at the moment. We can only hope that the reason for this is due to their focus being diverted to The Outer Worlds 2!
  11. I just wanted to elaborate. As I believe that this is an issue that has been in the game and the DLC has only exacerbated the issue. *Massive lag spike when large amounts of items move in/ out of inventory. *This is cleared when moving to another area. *Everything clears up for about 15 minutes and then like clockwork there is a crash. That's my two cents. Also there is another forum that I believe you are a part of discussing this. The devs are usually decently quick to resolve these issues.
  12. Not really sure but it feels like a memory leak dealing with the storage of items, I could be wrong though.
  13. There is a mod on Nexus mods that will remove this. I cant state for the effectiveness as I am on Xbox. However on PC you are able to do this using the mod. You have to realize that mods while fun can possibly corrupt your game files and/ or mess up game play. I hear the mods over there are decent and have decent reviews. Its funny because its actually one of the only mods available for the game sadly. You should be able to google Nexus Mods chromatic aberration Mod or look on YouTube for The Outer Worlds top mods and you will be able to go from there.
  14. Yes there is actually its under the load menu! I cant speak for PS however here is the general tip and I imagine there will be some sort of equivalent option. *Go to LOAD GAME *Hover over the file you would like to delete *Press the equivalent key to remove save file. (Xbox Y Delete Save) *Confirm Delete and there you go! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have attached three example files where you can see this option PS(X) Xbox as well as Windows PC
  15. Lie if you will.. Seems kinda sus though. Nah just kidding. As far as I can tell it helps you level up as this gentleman has stated. Unless there is some sort of super secret Easter egg or something you should be fine. Just don't get caught stealing as it seems if you do get caught two separate times then you reputation drops by 1% for that faction. If you get caught back to back (depending on the temperament of some NPC's seemingly)* they will become hostile. The best thing to do is if you are going to test something or do something blatant/ "stupid" save first.
  16. I didn't realize this was a thing. I might wait to see if they patch this. I was planning on getting the DLC on Thursday as I just completed the game and all paths/ side quests. Maybe make the enemies scale with you after you hit a certain level instead of hard capping it?
  17. I would like to propose three different DLC ideas that would make the game repayable and a ton of fun for end game. [1]- I propose that the player be allowed to upgrade rooms in their ship in order to recruit non companion NPC's *The player could recruit NPC's such as the Chef or Ex-Merc *These non-companion NPC's would be available to recruit after end game. *These non-companion NPC's would send the player on randomly generated quests (eg hit quests or material gathering). *These non-companion NPC's would also be able to be dropped off or sent out to gather certain resources. [2]- I propose that the player be allowed to own his own outpost (not unlike the Groundbreaker) where you would be able to go around finding vendors and people that are interested in running storefronts on your outpost. *Storefronts fill in (depending on the quest) with interactable NPC's when you find an NPC that is valid (Wing-ball idea here but the story could go something like a retired Sublite contractor is helping you gather a crew for the station you could go to her/him for the NPC locations) *The NPC vendors can send you on gathering quests such as supply refill / weapons cache recovery. *Work with the NPC's in order to gather data on derelict ships and raid them for supply's and parts. NOTE: All of these quests can be randomly generated and make the value of the dlc that much greater. For example NPC gives you Xtask -> takes you to Ytask or Ztask Then return to NPC at X Y or Z location this can also be done through a community cork board of such. (Also if you find a retired constable they could send you on bounties etc. ) [3]- I propose that the player be allowed to create his own faction. *The player would be able to use an area such as the waste disposal unit as a faction base on the Groundbreaker as there is a lot of space there that could be utilized. *The player would be able to run retrieval tasks for the faction as well as others under their faction banner and the actions grow or decrease reputation with other factions depending on the actions taken. *The player can salvage broken terminals and vending machines and have them repaired for further functionality in the faction. *Work with the NPC's in order to gather data on derelict ships and raid them for supply's and parts. *As the faction grows the rooms connected to the waste disposal unit on the Groundbreaker can be filled with recruited NPC's that have taken refuge under your banner. (Maybe have some sort of alliance with the under decker's as well? and expand on that story) Nonetheless, I appreciate any time anyone has spent on reading this. I believe that any one of these ideas could bring a lot of value to the game. As I see it since modding will be unlikely if they give it that modded feel it could shine even further! Let me know what you guys think. I took a lot of time thinking about the easier ways of doing things so that the devs wouldn't have to slave over code for hours.
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