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  1. Microsoft will own Fallout franchise after March 2021 so my GUESS that Josh will be working for Obsidian's Fallout (may be New Vegas 2) because internally they knew MS is going to acquire ZeniMax.
  2. I believe Avowed is 1st/3rd person game like Grounded. As initially grounded was showed as 1st person on XO19 trailer and later it has the option of playing it also as 3rd person. The only reason it will only be a 1st person if 3rd person gameplay affects the game design which at the moment it doesn't looks a main reason
  3. For me both 1st and 3rd person camera is fine but a game which could be heavily based on armor modification make no sense to be 1st person.
  4. Mate I have an Xbox and to be very honest Xbox Game pass is a must have subscription service.
  5. Tyranny is an amended version of XBOX ONE launch title Stormlands which got cancelled. So we could expect that Obsidian will be making a spiritual successor for Tyranny and it could be multi platform (XBOX & PC). But I don't think it could be isometric as it didn't do well, a 1st/3rd person game could be a possibility.
  6. To be honest I was really disappointed at first but considering its a project from a small team and the majority of Obsidian is cooking something else. We recently have The Outer Worlds so Obsidian has done their job till next whole year. As the game is coming to game pass so I'll try it at least.
  7. I thinks its not only melee focused there will be some sort of ranged weapons
  8. To be honest I didn't like these Co-op games but looking at the Artwork from Craig I'll try this game as it is coming to Xbox game pass.
  9. Tyranny was released on 10th of NOV, 2016 so it could be Brain Heins project and the post suggest release in 2020. It doesn't mean JAN 2020 it could be NOV 2020 or also a launch title of XBOX Scarlet.
  10. The isometric view only appeals to likes of us who had played the crpgs in the 90's. People who started playing RPG from Fallout 3 to onward like 3rd person or 1st person games. Its not bad to bring a change to the series as first two Fallout games were isometric and Fallout 3 was a full 3D with both 1st and 3rd person camera. I could be wrong but in my view games like POE will do great in 3rd person camera prospective gameplay.
  11. Well we spent more or less than 30 mins to create our character for these games and love to see the player move in 3rd person camera prospect. Fallout and TES has the option of both 1st and 3rd person camera and recently RDR2 also have the same option. I know that THE OUTER WORLDS is a low budget game so the production cost might exceeds the allocated budget but now Obsidian is owned by Micro$oft so we hope that the next iteration of the game is a true AAA RPG game.
  12. I give the reference for RDR2 as its a great game else horse shi* game Fallout 4 & 76 also have same feature.
  13. An RPG game which is focused on character creation, armor and weapons look great in 3rd person playstyle prospective. It didn't that mean 1st person doesn't look good but if they can provide both 1st and 3rd person camera like Red Dead Redemption 2 then the gameplay will suit huge number of players.
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