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Found 2 results

  1. I thought i'd open a thread here for the lighter and better side of humanity to be demonstrated as opposed to all of the war, migrants and demonisation of ones fellow man that are currently in vogue. Nothing controversial or negative, just simple examples of some good being done. To open I thought i'd start with a little story my good lady wife pointed out to me the other day, a potential rapist in Sheffield (the wifes home town) was left beaten and battered by his intended victim and shortly after picked up by police. The lesson learned, one should probably not try it on too much with northern women, from personal experience I believe there is still a little Shieldmaiden within the meekest. http://metro.co.uk/2015/12/02/would-be-rapist-left-battered-and-bruised-by-victim-5538914/ It left a nice taste of some good being left in the world, as opposed to the 24hr news networks constant alarmism and overblown reporting on what are at the end of the day rare events. Of course this thread does not have to be merely news posts, personal stories of positivity and goodness affecting posters would be even more welcome I think. If the mods feel this should be merged with another thread i've not found, please feel free.
  2. ................... You need to up the difficulty, simple as that. The best way to experience the story of the game is with the following difficulty and game mode, TRUST ME. Difficulty: Path of the Damned Mode: Trial of Iron The game is too easy unless you play on path of the damned in trial of iron mode. After playing in the above mode for about an hour, I have to admit, the game is ten times better. I find myself far more engrossed in every part of the games story now. Every decision you make in the game is life or death. But, I don't recommend playing this way lightly, it's HARD, but highly rewarding. Example: In the beginning of the game you have a chance to save Heodan or leave him behind. On Path of the Damned difficulty, the decision to save him actually made sense. I sat there and thought to myself, if I let Heodan die, then my chances for survival shoot way down. I need Heodan. But the only option I had was to throw my weapon and lose that weapon. I love my spear, for POTD difficulty the spear provided me with accuracy so I can actually land hits on my enemies. I had to choose between my spear and Heodan since I didn't have high enough dexterity. Guess what I did? I threw the spear and saved Heodan knowing that his extra damage would help me in the long run. But now instead of a spear I'm using a dagger since it gives me that accuracy I need to land hits. Conclusion I now feel what these characters are going through. When Heodan talks about how difficult it is to move forward, I understand completely. Path of the Damned difficulty matches the same intensity of the story. SUMMARY: If the intensity of the story does not match the difficulty of the game, then you won't feel challenged, therefore you will become bored. The only problem is POTD is difficult and Trial of Iron is unforgiving. But now I find myself highly interested in every single part of the game, hanging upon every word muttered (almost every word). Update... I DIED TO A THRONG OF BOARS AT MAGRANS AREA. POTD TRIAL OF IRON. I learned what I did wrong though. Basically when there are too many enemies, I need to lay down that healing circle that Durance has, then buff the parties damage reduction with his other spell. This base tactic will ensure that I have enough time to deal damage.
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