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  1. This is on point, really. A perfect outline of a lot of the issues with DC and the superhero genre in general, as well as a lot of the hardcore fanbase.
  2. Maradona just died. RIP to an absolute legend.
  3. New list is here! My top albums of 1981: https://rateyourmusic.com/list/algroth_89/top-25-1981/
  4. New list! Starting off a new decade with my favorite albums of 1980: https://rateyourmusic.com/list/algroth_89/top-25-1980/
  5. You say this, but all throughout the year we've been seeing how easy it is for his flock to "ease" on their belief of freedom so long as it aids their Trumpist views. Right now they seem very eager to veto the election altogether so long as they win and the libs are owned.
  6. There's also this assumption going on by people calling for media bias to the left that there aren't also several outlets and large mainstream media channels that skew squarely conservative and Republican, chief of them Fox News. This fearmongering about the one-sidedness of the press and the erosion of freedom of speech is completely baseless.
  7. On the subject of those alleged "red flags", is it so crazy to think that one of the most polarizing presidents in recent memory in the midst of a national crisis would prompt a far greater turnout than usual? And is it so hard to believe that a candidate that has done his utmost to undermine and discourage mail-in and early voting see mail-in and early votes squarely favouring the opposition? This whole thin argument for fraud is by design. Trump was actively creating the condition for these discrepancies so he could call fraud where there was none. The barest application of common sense
  8. What concerns me is that Trump Jr. is already going out and calling for violence over the election. Even if Trump is kicked out, a single message condoning a violent reprisal from his behalf against the Dems could be the spark to provoke several Kyle Rittenhouses all over the country.
  9. Since I'm done with the decade, here's also a top 100 of the 70s:
  10. Just finished a new list! Here's my top albums for 1979: https://rateyourmusic.com/list/algroth_89/top-25-1979/
  11. Alright, another list is finished! My top albums from 1978: https://rateyourmusic.com/list/algroth_89/top-25-1978/
  12. Lemme know what you make of the album!
  13. I somewhat like Low but I still am not finding in it what so many others are. "Warszawa" is a lovely track but the rest is sort of interesting but unmemorable to me. I feel "Heroes" not only has some absolutely killer and eternal tracks in it (title track of course, but also the likes of "Beauty and the Beast" and "Blackout"), but it also feels rawer and livelier when it is going for that rockier mood. Either way I think Eno outdoes both albums with Before and After Science, also somewhat in the style.
  14. @injurai Here's one for you: Uganda's got such a great musical scene right now.
  15. Speaking of which, here's a new list! Top albums from 1977, again with some Bowie: https://rateyourmusic.com/list/algroth_89/top-25-1977/
  16. Might've made the following ten, I'm afraid. Still a very good album! Have you listened to any of the others?
  17. Insane. Not just Fallout, also the rights to Doom, Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein... Nuts. But yeah, first thing I thought was "does this mean Obsidian can do a new Fallout". Man, this is massive.
  18. Finished a new list! My favorite albums from 1976: https://rateyourmusic.com/list/algroth_89/top-25-1976/
  19. For a more earnest defense of Minsc, I think he's a really well-executed comic relief myself. I think he's a great Quixotic inversion of the heroic fantasy adventurer, is filled with great lines and puns, and is superbly performed by Jim Cummings. He's not a character to be taken seriously, he's literally there to poke fun at the dogooders by offering a counterpoint that seems to exacerbate all of the boistering, righteousness and epic ambition to absurd and risible heights. If you don't vibe with his style of comedy, that's one thing, but I for one think there's plenty of wit at play with his
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