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  1. Hello, I've encountered a pretty serious bug that could be potentially "game breaking". Upon entering Tikawara, my game almost instantly crashes (between 5-10 steps off the dock). What is curious is that I had no problems with the area when completing quests related to Poko Kohara (I resolved the quest by destroying the adra) or speaking to the Lagufaeth. However, upon returning to complete Maia Rua's quest, the Couriers Calling, I've found the game crashing almost as soon as I step off the docks. I have all my settings geared for optimizing, but my theory is that there are too many NPC's or a
  2. is there a good place to post bug reports for the ps4 version of the game? is there a separate company that obsidian hired to make the console port that i could report it to? also wondering if anyone has actually gotten feedback on bug reports recently or if im wasting my time. much as i completely adore this game, it wouldnt surprise me at all if they abandoned bug fixing it given the poor sales. the console release is so buggy it almost feels like a lost cause but iv noticed a few particular areas that the game has a very hard time with (tikawara is completely inaccessible in my game due to
  3. im 3 years late here and i think the release of deadfire has maybe made some of this more obvious but i only just put it together looking at this so im sharing it with you. I believe maegfolc could be a term referring various species created by different gods, the eyeless being just one example, created by Abydon. We also encounter the Rathun in Deadfire, which are far more like kith than the eyeless but still distinct from Godlike. The reference to the culture of maegfolc in the Living Lands is most interesting, as it hints at a larger society. Wheras the Eyeless and Rathun only seem to inter
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