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  1. Thanks. As far as I can see, I could not even pick Blinding Strike without wasting a skill point, because if I skip Crippling Strike, there is nothing else to pick before level 4. Fast Runner is already something I picked because there is nothing else. Constant Recovery is actually really good in Turn Based, at the start of my turns I often get a good chunk of health back. That might mean Rapid Recovery is good, too?
  2. Thanks! I'll look into all of this. I'll definitely prioritize Unbending, then. If Arterial is not good, what do you suggest should be the main damaging skill I spend Guile on? Should it be just the basic Crippling Strike? Or should I somehow fit in Confounding Blind? Where do you suggest I should fit Rapid Recovery and Determination, what do I replace?
  3. Here is a build I am thinking about using for my MC in my next playthrough, on PotD difficulty with upscaling, Turn Based mode. I'd appreciate any constructive feedback! I also want to turn this into a proper build, since there are so few 5.0 Turn Based builds out there. So, I'll be editing this post as I (hopefully) get feedback. Fighter/Rogue (Swashbuckler) Subclasses: Devoted/Streetfighter Race: Human Background: Aedyr, Mercenary Weapon Proficiency: Greatsword (Alternative option: Morningstar) Attributes: 18 Mig - 10 Con - 12 Dex - 18 Per - 12 Int - 8 Res Skills: Mecha
  4. I just posted mine a few days ago to ask for help with it, but it is mostly done with the help of this forum. Maybe you are interested? Of course the Arquebus could be switched to a Warbow if you prefer that, and if you are playing Real Time With Pause, No Subclass Rogue could be switched to Assassin. The Ranger's subclass is not Sharpshooter, but Ghost Heart. But having a ghost wolf is very useful, because there is no penalty if it gets killed. Also, it is kinda cool
  5. Sounds great! So, with this, the abilities look good to me. I am confident in the attributes and weapon choices, too. What could be improved is the rest of the gear, especially the rings, waist and maybe hands. Any good upgrades?
  6. I see. So if I'm not blinding or hobbling with Rogue skills or interrupting with Concussive Tranq., would auto attacking be good enough? Oh and also, are Vicious Companion and Predator's Sense good replacements for the freed up ability points?
  7. I see. Anything else you would change, then? Skills, attributes, gear, or anything? For example, is there some accessory that gives engagement and would be worth using, so I can replace the Hold the Line skill? I insist on having at least one engagement. I do not want Reckless Brigandine though, and since the build is a Greatsword Devoted, I can't use shields for that either.
  8. Thanks! I edited the post. I removed Weapon Mastery, put Disintegration to lvl 18 and pushed Greater Focus to lvl 20. Also added the sword to the gear options and I'll try to find it in-game. Since I am now using a few damaging Cipher spells, do I need Penetrating Visions or Lingering Echoes? Anything else to improve? Probably a lot still, so I appreciate further suggestions.
  9. Does Concussive Tranquilizer do about the same damage for the same cost, while interrupting? I only used it to interrupt and never really compared the damage. Well, then it makes sense that I'll use that to damage, too. I can put the 2 freed up points to pet talents, which ones do you recommend? I am thinking Vicious Companion and Predator's Sense maybe. I don't see the point in taking any of the survivability perks, since the ghost pet disappears anyway if it manages to survive.
  10. Here is another build I am using in my current playthrough, as a custom companion. Tested in Veteran difficulty with upscaling, in Turn Based mode. I'd like some constructive feedback on what I can improve. I want to turn this into a proper build, since there are so few 5.0 Turn Based builds out there. Rogue/Ranger (Scout) Subclasses: No Subclass Rogue/Ghost Heart Race: Human Background: Deadfire Archipelago, Hunter Weapon Proficiency: Arquebus, War Bow, the rest does not matter Attributes: 10 Mig - 10 Con - 19 Dex - 14 Per - 18 Int - 7 Res Skills: Explosives, Surv
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I thought I had some idea what I was doing, seems I was wrong. But I'm glad to learn. I edited the skills with the ones you mentioned in my post above, also retrained to try it out. Since I now have more skills to use Discipline on, I also ditched Penetrating Strike, since I won't have enough Discipline to always attack with that. I have Mule Kick now instead, which is just more useful, I think. Is this better? Any thoughts on the gear, attributes. etc?
  12. I wanted to post the build I am using in my current playthrough. Tested in Veteran difficulty with upscaling, in Turn Based mode. I'd like some constructive feedback on what I can improve. I want to turn this into a proper build, since there are so few 5.0 Turn Based builds out there. Fighter/Cipher (Psyblade) Subclasses: Devoted/Soul Blade Race, background, skills and even attributes I chose mostly for Roleplay and dialogue reasons. Could be more optimized, any suggestions for that I'd appreciate. Race: Human Background: The Living Lands, Explorer Weapon Proficienc
  13. As I already said above, I already know the majority of the plot of this game, as I played it at release. In that save, I ****ed up nearly everything plot-wise. I just want the best outcome because of that.
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