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  1. Trying this out as a Kind Wayfarer, paired with Pallegina using Ascaloth's "Tuono e Fulmine" build. I start combat against most mobs with two paladins sneaking up with dual-wielding blunderbusses, and get off a good seven blasts in the first few seconds. it's amazing. thanks for this build!
  2. [totally new to these forums so I apologize in advance if I'm missing any conventions about sharing builds or in the wrong forum with this post ] Out of the night when the full moon is bright comes the Watcher known as Zorro! The Huana huddle together in the center of their village, parents putting on brave faces as they hold whimpering children close. Cloaked figures with swords drawn advance on all sides, wicked intent written on their faces in the dim torchlight. Vailian mercenaries, Rauatai soldiers, Crookspur thugs - whoever they are, they mean to do evil on this night. But ju
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