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  1. Two years of balancing POE1 resulted in a game where you could pick any number of Paladins and Chanters and kill everything with passive aura damage. But at least that one ranged weapon in WM2 was nerfed because it was too strong. LOL Yeah and to fix that in the second game have a look at what they did to self immolation for the paladin Instead of self immmolation killing enemies like POE1 you actually kill yourself now faster then the enemies can kill you . 43 raw damage every 3 seconds And lets not forget whispers of the endless paths. "I know lets just make the sword completely frickin useless by nerfing the base damage into irrelevance" (Obsidian) ohh and the best one would have to be unlabored blade from POE1 . " I know, because the barbarian can use the weapon really well with frenzy lets just completely nerf the blade to complete and utter uselessness with a 3% proc rate so know one can use it anymore" (Obsidian) NOW THATS CALLED BALANCING EVERYBODY!
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/owlcatgames/pathfinder-kingmaker officailly confirmed at 90 hours (80 hours base + 10 hours extra stretch goal content) wow thats huge wasnt expecting it to be that big. BG2 was 100 hours. Deadfire is 60 hours. really love that the main plot concentrates on you building your kingdom instead of chasing around a stupid statue
  3. Yep. The best thing is it uses the existing pathfinder rules set so no stupid balancing dramas. I also love playing big games like BG2 and kingmaker is that
  4. https://owlcatgames.com/forums/showthread.php?19-Information-known-about-the-game-so-far I have been reading alot of the forum comments. The game looks good. CRPG like Deadfire and you can build your own kingdom and raise an army. There are numerous reports it is far bigger then deadfire with the base game being over 100 hours of game play and they have expansions planned on top of that. Deadfires base was advertised as being around 50-60 hours from memory. Not as good as graphics as deadfire but to be honest the story plot and narrative and definitely the Balancing look far better.
  5. build looks really good can you possibly post a video of what happens when all the enemies are grouped together and you use it
  6. I wouldnt roll and assassin they are very weak. Assassinate doesn't work with dual wielding and you cop an extra 15% damage hit. To compensate for the 15% damage hit you will have to put an extra 3 points in con at character creation or you will be to squishy. You would be far better of to not roll an assassin and put an extra 3 points into Might for a permanent 10% passive damage bonus and have no penalty on the damage you take just another stupid balancing mistake from Obsidian
  7. Is your intention to copy and paste this as many times as you can? Is it your intention to moderate these forums when you are clearly not a moderater?
  8. someone please like the above comment for that guy so he can get the attention he is craving
  9. Just play all multiclass instead and use a mod that gets rid of the level cap.
  10. No. Why are you attempting to deflect away from what you started? You cant just change a subject when you are about to be proven wrong. So im going to give one more chance to retract your statement and admit you where wrong before i embarrass you with what will be very one sided poll results. Do you want to start the poll or do you want me to start if for you?
  11. Just because you prefer BG2 for those reasons, doesn't mean that other people are missing the point. Firstly, the plot and setting of BG2 being better is not by any means an incontrovertible fact; plenty of people (including myself) would disagree with you there. Secondly, how much that matters depends on how much weight is given to such factors in the first place, relative to such things as gameplay and mechanics, graphics and sound design, et cetera. A game can have the greatest setting and story in the world, but if it has godawful gameplay as well I'd consider it a crap game regardless (not that BG2 has either mind you; it's ok on both counts). Why dont you start a Poll then and find out. Ask people what game do they think had a better story, plot and narrative and a more immersive story. Either BG2 or Deadfire? Wish you good luck on that one bro.
  12. Made your point? Where? I mean, he's right that Disney deliberately chose a cast that would appeal to the widest possible audience. The fact that Force Awakens and Last Jedi have a cast that covers pretty much all of the major ethnic groups can't have been accidental - but whereas they seem to be implying this is bad, I think it's both good (because it means kids from all different ethnic and social backgrounds probably have at least one character in the show they can easily identify with) and it's smart from a financial perspective. I have no idea how any of this is "girly," though or what that even means in context to what seems to be their only point. Personally, I feel like the casting is the only thing that Disney got a slam dunk with in the new movies. Yeah they arguably got a slam dunk with appealing to the masses with the the gender and racial diversity. But by introducing these policies to appeal to the masses did they damage there brand? For example the little asian girl Rose in the Force awakens certainly didnt look like someone in real life who would take on evil head to head or engage in a hardened battle to the death. She was introduced because she would help appeal to the wider masses. But I think the cost of introducing her was that it made the movie feel " Less Real" .
  13. I have made my point. Im not going to argue with someone who has clearly taken offence to another person being open and honest. Have a good day. Thankyou
  14. It can and it is. Anyhow, wtf does it even mean for a narrative to be "girly"? Hey I love girls dont take it personally what I am getting at is this: May i respectfully show the difference between the old starwars movies that where made in the 80's and the new starwars movies made now in the last few years: So for example in the last starwars movie " The force awakens" Disney attempted to appeal to the masses by doing stuff like this: - having a female jedi (Rey) instead of a male jedi like luke skywalker - they had a very mixed race and mixed gender cast eg one white male cast member, one black female cast member , one asian female cast member, one latino male cast member but never did they do a majority of each. - they also wrote a script and story where they attempted to appeal to everyone not just one type of audience like they did in the first star wars movies years ago. For example there moments in the movie for children and there where parts that where extremely girly and some parts that where appealing to men. After watching the movie i got the impression that Disney where not actually trying to make a good movie. They where trying to make a politically correct revenue raising tool to appeal to the masses and the corporations that paid for advertising during starwars adds. I get the same feeling with Deadfires writing and narrative. Its not as bad as The force awakens but you can tell they implemented the same kind off thinking here.
  15. Something else really nice about BG2 is that the game takes you to a bunch of extraordinary locations - planar prison, Spellhold asylum, sahuagin city, the Underdark, the lower planes, Suldanessellar, and Hell. You also encounter equally bizarre and intriguing monsters as you progress. The contexts of your getting to all these places and why are well written too, so to me the whole ride feels quite smooth and I never have to feel like I'm forced to go somewhere remote without any good reason. Basically the game does a really good job of letting you explore many major locations within its scope, with a smooth flow throughout. I'm trying to recall my playthrough with Deadfire and it seems most of the time it's kith, xaurip, spirit, walking dead, then back to kith. There's a bunch of vampires (ok, fampyrs) at two or three locations, I believe? Then there's the occasional animated armors. As for locales, mostly you just travel back and forth among a few islands. I might have missed a few things that are more interesting, though. Only played through it once. I don't deny that some places look very beautiful though. Yeah this is what i meant when i mentioned tapping into Forgotten Realms lore. I definitely did not find any of Deadfires locations, monsters ect interesting similar to the way i experienced when i played BG2. What i did enjoy in Deadfire was the combat, bounties and treasure hunting and like i said the lore was just a boring distraction for me. For example in Deadfire when the narrator screens came up with the gods who started talking my thoughts where like " cant wait for this crap to finish so i can get back to playing the game"
  16. After reading this thread I personally think alot of you guys are missing the point here. There is a reason that Bg2 is a better game then Deadfire even though it uses technology that is nearly 20 years older. That reason is the story in Bg2 is interesting, the plot is immersive, the narrative is great and the writing is well done. Being able to tap into Forgotten realms lore was also a huge boon. Deadfire absolutely cannot lay claim to being anywhere near as well written. Deadfires narrative is to girly and instead of concentrating on letting the player character build power and influence the world around him/ her it concentrates on a bizare and boring quest line that seems nothing more then a distraction from the more fun things to do in the game like take on bounties or kill dragons and go treasure hunting. To summarize BG2 had an awesome Dungeon Master and Deadfire has a Terrible Dungeon master
  17. The problem with caster/ caster multis is that casters dont have many good passives. So all you are achieving is substituting one spell for another
  18. Well there is the trickster subclass and it has mirror image and displaced image. They dont stack though. Tekehu has a good buff called natures vigor. It is the same as the ciphers pain block but AOE and is very useful. If you want to you could go and get the legendary plate mail on crookspur beach pretty much straight away if you use blessings for skill (mechanics) points. The armour is really powerful. I would suggest you dont do this though as it will make the game to easy. You will do better now that you have played a playthrough. You would have learnt alot from that. Just play u will be fine.
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