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  1. Copyprotect mechanics causing bad performance in games? I have never heard of such a thing before!
  2. That anyways. Truth told, I never liked the whole Ciri, etc. stuff. In fact, I had to force myself through most of it, because it felt boring to me. The short stories on the other hand, I've reread them all multiple times.
  3. I just hope they won't be rushing through all the small storylines again. For me, the biggest issue with s1 is that everything goes by so fast. There is not a moment of breathing in it.
  4. Was there any reason for the "witchercon" right now? I thought that season 2 would run soon, but at the end of the trailer they announced it for december .. which is still months away. So why all this stuff now?
  5. I think the main character dude in that Vampire Swansong game looks stupid.
  6. I can never read this thread, because you people keep writing novellas in here and who the heck has the time to read all that. And it reminds me of just how awful this forum design is. The old theme was so much easier to read than whatever someone thought this is supposed to be here. That being said, I currently watch Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senapi on Netflix and it's cringe as hell. I can't watch more than one episode per day or else I'm done for. However, the intro song is kinda catchy.
  7. Yeah, no. Not gonna spend 80 bucks on that.
  8. Nice. I don't mind a season 2 if he can keep up the quality.
  9. Wait, what cuts? Are there multiple versions of JoJo?
  10. ^ that video above is exactly the kind of anime that made me not look at anime for years. Horrible stuff.
  11. It's the 3 players coop shooter thingy. Something like Left4Dead etc.
  12. By the way, I'm in Overlord season 3 now ... and jeez, it went from incel anime to really f'ing dark. Guess it's a pretty good metaphor(?) for how little we think about the moral consequences of the actions we do in video games. Like, we kill hundreds of people and don't care, because our goal is right behind them. Overlord is the same... he has no feelings towards the people he kills. And he suddenly kills a lot. At this point I'm not even sure why exactly he is doing that ... with his powers he could easily do lots of good in the world, but instead he does whatever. What's infuriating about it is that the other critters in the world have no way of fighting against him. They have no chance. There is seemingly nothing that can stop him from doing what he does.
  13. I don't really understand what the issue with the last season of Attack on Titan is. Yeah, I also found it slow and dragging for the first few episodes, because it was all about characters who were new ... but this was necessary for the plot development. You needed to know these characters in order to feel anything about them in later episodes, once the perspective changes again. Also while I didn't suspect the story to go the way it did ... I'm not mad about it. At least it's something new and not just more of the same old. tl,dr - while not being my preferred plot continuation, I'm still ok with it.
  14. Watched it yesterday. Was a good movie. Basically chinese Aladeen. Though I'd probably not watch it again. Felt a bit empty in the end when the whole story was about their old friendship but then the girl is suddenly out of the picture and nobody cares anymore?
  15. Added it to me list. The trailer looked interesting and I'm kinda in the mood to watch something like that currently.
  16. I started watching Overlord season 2 and by god, it really IS incel anime. Season 1 felt much more normal in comparison. Now we have reptile sexytime and stuff like that ...
  17. Binge watched Horimiya two weeks ago. It's ... well .. it's ... you know, it's not what I usually watch. But man. When it was over, I kinda wanted more. So I checked out the manga and ... This is the first time ever that I bought a manga. I'm in chapter 14 now, I think. (also, jeez, this stuff is expensive) Seems Covid-19 lockdown turned me into a real weeb.
  18. Invincible had some nice twists and stuff, which is also why I kept watching it. Though I kinda doubt they can keep up with shocking like that in s2.
  19. I watched some of One Piece years ago. It was actually not bad. I stopped with it later because they didn't show new episodes in TV and then I forgot about it. Now there's so much .... One thing, though, is that lots of stuff is *very* drawn out at times. A simple fight can take multiple episodes and it just keeps dragging on. But other than that... I'd watch it again, I guess.
  20. I finished watching JoJo's - Golden Wind a few days ago. Good again, but IMO Diamond Is Unbreakable was better. Bit of a shame that there weren't more cameos of old characters. Still, pretty hype for Stone Ocean now. Hope it won't take forever to come out here. /Edit: One thing I didn't like about Golden Wind was this whole "mafioso are noble and help the common folk"-thing. It's just so... ugh. Reminds me of One Piece where the pirates are doing everything but pirate stuff.
  21. These supermodel-esque photoshop examples by other people to show what would be better... always creep me out more than the original.
  22. I found out that there is a 2 season anime of Berserk that continues after the 3 egg movies. So I binge watched the first season yesterday, and ... ... I think the animation style is bad. Everything looks so ugh. I already had some troubles with the 3 movies before, but compared to this now... even bigger decline. Still, I soldiered on and went through it. Liked how heavy Guts' sword felt, and the metal plonks, etc. Generally it was not bad, but then I thought the middle part is way too long and nothing of importance is ever happening, which in hindsight I find really boring. Now I'm not sure what to think of it. I like it, but also I never want to ever watch it again, because there's boredom creeping out of every corner. Guess.. in the end, the only reason why I made it through season 1 is because I thought something epic will happen "any minute now" ... I'm starting season 2 now ... for exactly the same reason.
  23. I didn't even know it was possible to make mods for Mass Effect.
  24. https://www.axios.com/age-killer-robots-begun-8e8813d9-0fa1-4529-baf9-3358c1703bee.html The future looks bad. Only thing we can hope for is that war will be anyhwere but here.
  25. Damn, so they were serious with new Dexter episodes. I'm kinda curious how this will work out.
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