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  1. Gamers are easily soothed with hype... I think the only way to fail as a game dev studio is to be unable to generate hype. : >
  2. Starship SN15 just landed and did not explode.
  3. Well he might not have been bullying, but apparently it was still enough for him to "apologize "for all the bad blood" he caused" - to quote the article. So I guess he just wasn't very good to work with.
  4. These awards mean nothing. They are given out like candy. What I remember from the days is that half of reddit gaming subs were full with that bs.
  5. I think the reason why that scene in Spec Ops works (for most people) is that they don't think about their actions when doing it. You know how it is... you're "in the zone" and you just do stuff, because you are told to do it. Not a second spared to question the action. On a second playthrough it then falls apart, though, because you know what's going on, but the game forces you to do it anyways. Now the whole emotional impact and "wa-- woops" is gone.
  6. Well, I don't see myself on either side, and I also thought the "where are the black people in Kingdom Come?" stuff was retarded.
  7. But is that really what happened? As far as I am aware, people called out like that were, in fact, writing homo/transphobic and misogynist ****. That reminds me of this one guy who stopped playing the game and destroyed the disc after , because apparently it reminded him of and people used that as argument why the story is bad. Now this is just top level retarded. Personally I think that most of the drama wouldn't have happened if Abby would have been designed with the looks of hot and young top-model.
  8. It's pretty on point, imo. Personally there was only one scene in the whole game that really pissed me off and that's how they designed the final confrontation between Ellie and Abby. Outside of that, I hate how the game got trashed so hard for stupid stuff. It was also disgusting how they went on about the Abby character - and the real life person who was the inspiration for the look (who got harassed on Twitter & Co. with of course the usual death threats and so on). Honestly, it really made me hate gamers again. Bunch of stupid manchildren. Because of all that stupid drama, we're likely never going to get DLC for the game, which is a huge loss, imo. Especially the last part of the game in Santa Barbara was awesome and had huge potential for more content.
  9. IMO Diablo 1 really didn't age very well. Played it a bit last year or so and made it till.. I think level 3 or 4 and then stopped, because it felt like I've seen it all again. : >
  10. lol, just got a mail that Netflix is increasing the prices again. From 15,99€ to 17,99€ now. Starting to wonder if it's still worth it for me.
  11. Yeh, not the same team, but it's like Blizzard looked at what made D2 successful and then came to the completely wrong conclusion about it. Unlike other people, I'm not convinced that the original team would have necessarily delivered a better game, though. Management would probably have forced them into similar money-making gameplay schemes.
  12. I'm playing Diablo 2 again recently, because of the Resurrected announcement and alpha test. It's so much better than Diablo 3. Like, Jesus, how could they f-up D3 so much, it's incredible. It's been years since I had touched D2, and I totally forgot how it felt like. Anyways. Usually the normal difficulty is reasonably easy (though D2 is still harder than D3, imo). It's picking up the pace in nightmare and hell difficulty. However, you will also get a lot better item drops to power up your character. This is pretty much where the fun-part comes in. Now that being said, I guess the reason why D3 just feels so unfun to me is that the item drops are just bad. The game is throwing so much stuff at you, it just doesn't feel as interesting and rewarding as in D2. It was even worse at release, when clearly the mechanics were tweaked with the auction house in mind - for example, monsters would more likely drop items for any but not the class you are currently playing with ... thus you are forced to shop in the auction house for better gear, etc. What a crap.
  13. I mean, you at least want to see how the story goes, no? And if that stuff is locked behind crappy unlocking features, etc.. then that is pretty garbage. : >
  14. That doesn't sound like a good idea. : x
  15. lol, it's 2021, console architecture is as close to the pc as never before, and they sill don't give a damn and throw out crappy ports. Incredible.
  16. Oh, ok. Thought it was ship combat related. Now that I'm thinking about it ... I think I never played the DLCs? Somehow this stuff went completely past me, even though I bought the season pass.
  17. Wait, there were battles against sea monsters?
  18. First half of PoE1 I can get along with, but then it turns into a slog for me. I'd rather replay Yoga Fire, which I find looks still beautiful. However, at the same time it always has this ... feeling of being too mechanically designed. No clue if it's because I'm so familiar with how these quests are developed, because I do that stuff myself, or if it's just the game ... The quest design feels just so predictable to me. Always the same different paths, 3 factions, every companion with a drama quest and two possible outcomes, etc.... It's just so... designed. It seems that on their quest to bugfree releases, all the heart got left out.
  19. Wait, they are working on Homeworld 3?!
  20. Isn't this happening everywhere? 10 years ago I paid ~450€ for 60m². Now I pay 550€ for 37m² (was forced to move some years ago). And I'm not even living in the most expensive area around here. It gets worse if you get into Berlin. The government is trying to mitigate this with rent-limits, so the prices can't creep even higher, but this isn't solving the issue - it just moves the price hikes to the outside areas of these rent-limit zones.
  21. *Yoga Fire Took me a while to recall that.
  22. Going to binge-watch the hell out of it. But ... may 2022? :(((((( /Edit: Oh lol, Volume 3 in 2022. Volume 2 next month.
  23. Am I the only one who doesn't like Joss Whedon stuff anymore? He was great 20 years ago, but now whenever I see something from him it just feels like... same old, same old?
  24. Continued with Warrior Nun. I'm in episode 5 or 6, and it is starting to get a bit cringe for me. I don't know... so far I just keep watching, because I have nothing else. But a part of me just wants to stop...
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