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  1. Just got tower of time for free on GOG, plus former wasteland 2 and postal 2 giveaway, a pretty great Christmas/ new year gift for me.
  2. Well,before I could actually see the true gameplay,I would hardly say OLE ! But still the name made me bit blood-boiled.
  3. At least the trailer told nothing, but I remember long long time ago, there's a picture indicated the era of IV should be around WW I / WW II
  4. AOE IV ? Well, I never expect that would happen....
  5. A Dawn of the Civilization period setting (early Sumerian Culture Style,The 'Creator' still could be contacted, mix with some Cthulhu elements maybe...) and Also a Dune like setting (Sand-covered planet, several space noble houses , Galaxy Empire/emperor, and of course not forget the sandworm ) last I would say is the Planet of Apes setting (Yep, the protagonists must be those apes)
  6. Dunno whether the Halo War count or not, but there will be a new sudden strike which exactly is a RTS. As for the whole genre, still can't say anymore...
  7. Skill based. Well actually I really like skill proficiency based system, so what the players got depends on what they've done, as for classes, I much like what have done in Heroes of M&M 4 's heroes development system, so it is the skills decided the classes, not skills based on classes, so you became a class because you choose the actual skill path. Further more the Divinity OS also made another sample that the class only mean initial skill set, late on in game it's up to you.
  8. Tarant of Arcanum for sure, a modern city, really modern; and I feel the power of the science! Well, really like the steamrail (underrail), kind of reflection of real life cities; and I'd like take bates' mansion as my own Sigil of Planescape, it's just amazing, such a huge city filled up with so many bizarre stuff. And every districts got their own special charming part.
  9. Like to see sequels of both Arcanum & VTM, but .........
  10. These armor looks nice, I hope in game it will look more shinning. And the compass looks amazing!
  11. Normally, I would like to pick companion to getting better involved in the story. But things always happen like that: 1. I don't like that guy. 2. I really want a character that I knew from elsewhere to go with me.
  12. Weak story lines are a consequence of developing for a "larger audience" and not necessarily a result of developing a sandbox / open world RPG. (See below...) http://youtu.be/JweTAhyR4o0?t=4m30s Edit: The Might & Magic series was essentially open world and had some good story lines. No, I'm not talking about since they were bought by 3DO and whoever owns them now. I'm talking way back to MM2: Gates to Another World and the two Xeen installments. And it's not just about the story, what stuck with me is puzzles like this: Well...I never played the M&M 2, but I do know how open the world was in M&M series. Even you can use some magic like " walk through the fire"(sorry I forgot the name...) to get some place blocked by the lava. And I also have played RPG like Arcanum and VTM:Bloodlines, they've also got some open world/sandbox things.And I loving that, too. But all of the games have a difference from totally open world/sand box games, most of they are story-driven, and they are RPG first, than the open world/sandbox. So what I am trying to say is not object the open world issues, but never put that as the first. At last we need a RPG, not a Minecraft or GTA.
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