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  1. I dunno. If a civilization is still dirt farming after 5k years then maybe they need to adjust their "culture" a bit. Which makes me think about Africa...why is the cradle of life still one of the most backward locations on Earth? Im convinced theres got to be a Wakanda hiding in there somewhere.
  2. That was fun to watch: 1) Throttle: Set to 11 2) Brake: Removed from the motorcycle 3) Use of two wheels: Optional
  3. The pilot on your water heater uses a push button igniter (do you hear a click when you push it), like a gas BBQ grill, right? So no electricity necessary.
  4. Eh, 120V wont kill you (unless youre standing in water). Feels like a tickle/vibration in your hand.
  5. I feel like Ive asked you this, and I even searched for the conversation to no avail, but was your house built before ~1972? If you take the wall plate off the microwave plug, do you see copper or aluminum wiring attached to the plugs terminals?
  6. Tesla Owners, Say ‘Open Butthole’ and Get a Little Surprise.
  7. I know, right! I traced my paternal heritage back to 409AD and it turns out we were fabulously wealthy patricians and the invasion changed the entire arc of my family lineage. Imo, the Romanians owe me restitution.
  8. I guess I cant talk too much smack, Im still a little bitter about the Visigoths sacking of Rome back in aught 410AD.
  9. I wonder whats the lifespan of qq-ing about being conquered? Are those that carry Mesopotamian DNA still butthurt about the Assyrian defeat?
  10. I got my first dose yesterday (Moderna) and my wife gets her first dose today. It was a total nothingburger. Theyre giving out doses around here like unregistered handguns and it was ridiculously easy to get an appointment. I was in and out in 20 minutes, and thats with them asking me to hang around for 10 minutes afterwards to make sure I didnt get dizzy.
  11. Somehow my kid finagled an appointment at a local pharmacy on next Tuesday. When I asked how she managed to get an appointment early she said "they gave me the appointment and I didnt ask any questions".
  12. Ive got to eventually start looking into that. I think were still going to try to take a vacation and stimulate Mexico but we dont want to go until we get vaccinated. My state opens up a free-for-all (everyone 16 and up is eligible) on 16 Apr.
  13. Are you the Fonz? Loose connection seems like the culprit?
  14. Could you imagine if we had legal meth here! I bet our crime rates would plummet.
  15. Here you go: MLB moving All-Star Game from Georgia after state passes new restrictive voting laws. exas Gov. Greg Abbott declines to throw Rangers first pitch, citing MLB's stance against Georgia voting law.
  16. Valkyrie drone launches even smaller drone from inside payload bay.
  17. Wow I cant believe your son is already 2!
  18. NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity touches down on the Red Planet.
  19. A long time ago I heard a saying (paraphrased): "The Marines take the beaches, the Army holds them". It articles seems to me to be a structural and technological pivot. Smaller forces but more highly armed with missiles and (as yet non-existent) unmanned vehicles. Since China will be our next war it makes sense to plan accordingly. Or we could wait for global warming to sink all their manmade islands. According to the experts, that amount of sea level rise will happen in our lifetimes.
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