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  1. Ive never played Borderlands but the longer I watched the trailer the more I liked it. By the ending "keep looking at me" I was quite amused.
  2. Watch Live: US Private Lander Odysseus Attempts Touchdown on The Moon Tomorrow! : ScienceAlert Experts welded first full-sized SMR nuclear vessel in 24 hrs (interestingengineering.com)
  3. Are you trying to tell me that if I were single Id have no chance with Sidney Sweeny?
  4. US nuke-capable missile passes critical shroud shedding, vibration test (interestingengineering.com)
  5. I made it through True Detective S4 and I dont know what the hell happened. I could also have gone the rest of my life without seeing 61yo Jodie Foster getting banged on a desk.
  6. Biden Administration Cancels $1.2 Billion in Student Loan Debt for 150,000 Borrowers | Education News | U.S. News (usnews.com) Aww, yeah! Now lets get that UHC, UBI and UFH rolling! w00tw00t!
  7. Ffs, why did I watch that entire thing? Also, who pours a beer like that!?
  8. @madmexican 1) The Armored Warfare forums are hosted on another site: Armored Warfare - Obsidian Forum Community 2) For new members, the first five posts are moderated to ensure youre not a bot. After that you can post freely in any forum.
  9. I watched the trailer and suffered a crit to Int:
  10. My sister visited the USSR back in the early 80's and has told me the same story as @Gorth, jeans were like gold, they would try to buy them off her body.
  11. Lost Castle free on Epic: Lost Castle | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store
  12. Funny you should say that because in the beginning of the trailer where they escape the car just before the twister snatches it and then run under a highway overpass for safety totally reminded me of the first movie.
  13. Minesto's first megawatt-scale tidal kite powerplant begins production (interestingengineering.com)
  14. Dont leave me hanging, what happened when you drove into the gateway?
  15. Baltic nations prepare 600-strong bunker defensive line, with Russian threat in mind - Breaking Defense Hmm, where have I see this before?
  16. Massive Explosion Hits Russian Plant Making Nuclear Capable ICBMs (msn.com) They really need to institute a no smoking policy in these type environments.
  17. Trump does not have presidential immunity in January 6 case, federal appeals court rules | CNN Politics Huzzah!
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