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  1. I too hope to live long enough to see the day. Imo, its legit and will be a true turning point.
  2. Iter: World's largest nuclear fusion project begins assembly.
  3. You can also l-click and highlight a particular section. At the end of the highlight a "quote" box will appear.
  4. Washington will go by 'Washington Football Team' until further notice.
  5. No need to Mind the Gap: Astrophysicists fill in 11 billion years of our universe’s expansion history.
  6. I havent done a single one of those suggestions. But I do (re)wear one of those blue disposable face masks if I go into any public place. I wonder how long the disposable masks last.
  7. That reminds me, I replaced our over-range microwave on Saturday. Now 3 of 4 appliances are stainless steel. Just the dishwasher is left.
  8. In a first, astronomers watch a black hole’s corona disappear, then reappear.
  9. ^Flood insurance is shockingly high too.
  10. For The First Time, Scientists Have Completely Sequenced a Human Chromosome. We really need to institute a national DNA database.
  11. One of my favorites was the US born, college educated, white male lecturing the Hispanic immigrant about how it just isnt possible to succeed simply by their own efforts.
  12. Im not sure how I feel about the digital renders. I think I miss the pen drawn versions.
  13. ‘The Far Side’ Cartoonist Shares First New Comics in 25 Years. Unfortunately, they arent very funny.
  14. I know; right, left and stop. Whats the other 7?
  15. 3D-Printed Fractal Cubes Proven to Be Five Times Better for High-Tech Armor. Another material that should help reduce our rampant TBI's.
  16. ...$503 million extension...includes $477 million in guarantee mechanisms.
  17. Maybe for QB's. Most NFL players dont have a career length anywhere near 10 years.
  18. Report: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs Agree to 10-Year Contract Through 2031 Season. Holy moly! It will be interesting to see the numbers.
  19. ‘Fallout’ Series From ‘Westworld’ Creators in the Works at Amazon.
  20. I do too, but I also love to see screaking morons get their comeuppance.
  21. Calls to defund the Denver Police Department continue during contentious council meeting. This should help the situation. My doggo used to be scared of fireworks, and thunder, too.
  22. Your soaked bra made me actually laugh out loud, but Im laughing with you, not at you. Ive sincerely got my fingers crossed that the meds get you blood pressure under control.
  23. See ‘The Last Supper’ in a New High-Resolution Scan Online.
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