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  1. What's a global mod? Why is it great?
  2. I know! One of my brothers actually thought he would never see me again when I met Ace for the first time, lol! Probably disappointed when I eventually showed up again.
  3. Oh cool, I used to love love LOVE those games.
  4. I'm glad you did too. Who knows, maybe we'll get that Blackisle reunion eventually afterall!
  5. I'm thinking more of it building pressure from excessive juggling. I guess it's possible. The bubble wrap is a must though!
  6. Lol, now to figure out how to transport it without it bursting open! I've seen how those packages are tossed about!
  7. Well breweries do it all the time, lol! We haven't bottled in a couple years, just kegging. We're just little people, brewing in the garage. Next batch, bottling. Then I'll send you some!
  8. Don't know if Iron Horse distributes in your area, (they're local for us) but this is one of the best stouts we've tried that isn't our own. Very smooth. They make a seasonal stout too, Cozy Sweater, that's even smoother.
  9. You guys look good. Lyra's adorable! Hard to believe she's that big now.
  10. I love Grim Dawn. I don't have the Forgotten Gods expansion though. My last playthrough I played an Occultist/Demolitionist. So far my favorite combo. The last game I bought was Red Dead Redemption2.
  11. What was Aces brothel, do tell ? Well, lol, it all started out with Ace, Amentep, and moriveth adopting girl avatars and became "working girls". Eventually a few others joined, me included. Had some ridiculous shenanigans going on. Lots of opposition from some of the bis members, but Overseer allowed it. I still have some of the thread on file. LC saved as much as he could before BIS closed its doors for good. Saucy. Tell us more. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ...wouldna do it justice, lad...not ta mention it'd prolly be a bannable offence these days...more's the pity... ...WHO LUVS YA, BABY!!... Exactly! I found some of the pages, and truthfully, I highly doubt the contents within would be acceptable here. I wouldn't know how to post any of it even if it were allowable.
  12. Ace is doing good. Works a lot. Likes to spend his free time brewing beer or working on his truck. We take a lot road trips on the weekends. Always fun to do, checking out cool places.
  13. Yeah, he subtitled it "Beer, women and song... what could be better" Crazy goof.
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