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  1. I doubt its a 32bit issue because people managed it to run. It seems to be more permission related. Try the solution from the thread or try to refund the game. I doubt you will receive support from Obsidian, there will be no further patches etc imho.
  2. How it is written can make a big difference. I have books where I read half a page and forgot what I read or didn't understand.... Stanislaw Lem: Fiasco is one of those books. Terry Goodking: The Sword of Truth books, on the other hand, are easy to read. My brother usually took months to read books. Theses ones he read in less than a week. I have been working on the German translation mods
  3. Reading a good book where you are familiar with the story might help. Teenage books, maybe something by Enid Blyton. Reading a good book, where you are familiar with the story, could help. Teenager books, maybe something from Enid Blyton. Or watch Sesame Street, Die Sendung mit der Maus ( The show with the mouse). But to really learn the language, you need a teacher and a way to speak the language regularly.
  4. If you want to play it in German, I recommend to install the German translation mod which fixes a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. It also corrects bad or incorrect translations. I'm not sure if playing Pillars is a good way to learn German and how good your German skills are now. Maybe try something easier like LucasArts Adventures?
  5. MaxQuest does not seem to be very active anymore. I sent him a PM, but no reply yet. If you are interested into a german translation of the basic and extended community mod, then you can grab the files from here: https://github.com/AurelioSilver/pillarsofeternity-2-german-patch/tree/master/Community_Patch_Mod
  6. Great! Notepad++ is a very good tool and yet free. When creating the german translation mod for steam I also used the "XML Tool" Plugin for Notepad++ alot. With the "Validate now" option and this file, you can check for syntax errors of the XMLfile or for duplicated IDs. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AurelioSilver/pillarsofeternity-2-german-patch/master/translation_helper/stringtable.xsd This was pretty handy because e.g. I had to copy all IDs from the various gui.stringtable files in the laxx subfolders into one huge gui.stringtable file. With the foll
  7. I always use notepad++ and the "search in files" option with subdirectories. If you know the text you are looking for it should be easy to find all spots where the text is used.
  8. Do you have an example? An ID in the text file which is easy to test? So you have only the type addon activated and it still does not work?
  9. The improved UI Mod also replaces text. In fact that's how this mod works. It adds symbols and additional text to the existing text lines. If there is a spelling error in the text and is loaded last, then this text will be displayed.
  10. There could be many reason. Loading order, wrong directory layout. Other mods overwriting the changes, etc. How many mods do you have and how are they installed. Steam, override folder?
  11. Yes, but this post above about: Not there at character creation for hired adventurer. If there is no text in the typo patch files.... no wonder it does not work. Also please note that some text at char creation is used from abilities.stringtable and some from gui.stringtable. The are duplicated but only take sometimes from one file or from the other.
  12. Which files do you download? CommunityPatch - Typos Version 1.0.1 ? I don't see any text changes for the Magran text in this patch.
  13. Well, I'm not sure if Obsidian devs are really responsible for these bugs, because the console port was done by another company grip-digital. But I really wonder how this game go through Sonys certification process... They used to be pretty strict on bugs like crashes, etc.
  14. There are people who can start it on Catalina. It just needs several tries. Maybe related to the privacy entitlements of Catalina. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/dhr3cd/are_poe_i_ii_macos_1016_catalina_compatible/
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